Carmelo Generates Update (on Generators)

Today, these notices were placed on every HHA tenant's doors and in the mailroom:


  1. I'm not sure I want someone who can't proof a communication to a maximum of 5 severe errors installing generators.

  2. I can only conclude that Carmelo was drunk when he wrote that.

    The quote about "I wanted to keep you informed so that there is no confusion or misinformation..." made me snork. From the letter, he is obviously confused. And he is the king of misinformation. But, nope, none of that in the letter. Nope. None at all.

  3. By the way, the only thing worse than this English version is the Spanish one printed on the reverse. Spanish is my third language and he should have hired me, I could have done a better job.

  4. Just like Carmelo to blame the mayor & board of commissioners rather than take responsibility for his own actions. What would have been the point of installing new generators with subpanels in the basements-the same basements that were flooded during Hurricane Sandy that caused the Projects not to have electricity for over 2 weeks. I'm equally sure he will blame the spelling & grammatical errors on his secretary, who's probably more literate than him. By the way, can someone tell me how much Carmelo paid for his diplomas? This letter provides proof he did not get his degrees in any honest fashion.

  5. Synopsis:
    - We screwed around for months and months and still only came up with an inherently flawed design which would likely result in loss of power in the next flood anyway.
    - Big meanie mayor said she would bail us out of our mess (literally and figuratively), but instead of just handing us a pile of cash to fix our screw-up, the Council only wants to give us a loan. F'n bastards.
    - I asked the Board for permission to go ahead with the broken plan. This way I can blame everything on them if it doesn't get installed, and if they do I can still blame them when the power fails for pushing me to implement a flawed design.
    - These times, they are uncertain indeed.

    1. Hobojoe, you are a great translator. If a translating gig comes up, I now know who to call.


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