Pass the Guaca- MOLEy

Holy MOLEy!  The election may be over and rhetoric cooled, but the dish is hot as ever.

GA  heard from sources Hoboken politicos were on the ground in Bayonne, helping the Smith campaign.   Carmelo Garcia was one, working the streets for him, handing out palm cards.  "Carmelo is tight with Rudy Garcia, former Mayor of Union City who is one of Smith's close advisers."  said one source.

GA was told that Garcia (Rudy) was influential in Smith's decision to switch utility companies- a decision which angered many of Smith's constituents and turned them against him.  Apparently Hoboken's "Old Guard" was solidly behind Smith. One source said "the OG needed them to win for some reason." and added: "All the bad guys wound up on Smith's side."

Speaking of 'bad guys' what about Beth Mason 

GA hears she was with Smith for the first election, then told everyone after that and up until the runoff she was still with Smith.   A source: "She held back until it was clear Davis people were on the move." 

Then, suddenly a day before the election, she  dumped $25K into the Davis campaign- $5K to each candidate.

Hence, Mason's appearance at the Davis headquarters on Tuesday night.  Like Sally Field sweeping onstage at the Oscars, Mason swept into the Davis celebration, sprinkling cash like fairy-dust, believing her loot buys the 'friendship' of a campaign she tried to wreck with her MOLE.

"You like me, you really like me!"  ka-ching ka-ching

Um, no they don't.  They like your money.

Speaking of the MOLE... he showed up, too at the Davis celebration on Tuesday!  Imagine the nerve. MOLE even got someone to file a lawsuit (his M.O.) against the Davis campaign, but doesn't have the balls to put his own name on as Plaintiff.  Coward.

GA's source told me, "He was shunned.  A couple of people refused to shake his hand."

Hand?  Don't you mean fin ?

 What about Steve Fulop?  He did endorse Smith.

"Fulop endorsed Smith in the first round-  but refused to help in the second round.  Lesniak came in to help Davis, and Lesniak is a Fulop guy.  Fulop actually helped Davis. Zimmer was there, solid for Davis."

 There you have it, folks.

I hope Davis, who seems like an honest chap, is not unduly influenced by all of his new "friends." 



  1. Why did the Old Guard need Smith to win, and why would Mason, a reviled ward councilperson and nothing more, insinuate herself into that race?

  2. cant believe that piece of crap- his business partner Joe Lauro is suing the Davis people- showed his fat rat face at the victory party. Piece of sh#t did everything he could to wreck Davis and he shows his rat face at the party.

  3. If Rudy & Carmelo are working the streets in Bayonne, you know Smith is no good and they are all upto something evil. Perhaps Beth is trying to angle one of them on the Bayonne Housing Authority Board to try to get Vision $/$ passed there instead, since the opportunity here was lost. There are all these beautiful public housing buildings that could be sold off to developers for the right ch-king. I just want to know how these evil people have any voice in politics?

  4. So wait, the fishy character wasn't well received in Bayonne in the Mayor-elect's camp?But I thought if Bit Mazon opens up the checkbook then they have to show love for the stank fish, Mongo and her whole crew of asshole hanger ons?

    The stink travels really far and fast. Maybe James can start a new gig somewhere to go with his Weehawken dive bar. Guess it won't be Bayonne.


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