$300 Cash Reward to ID Criminals


Last Tuesday night, a reader volunteered a generous $300 cash reward to whomever can identify the perpetrators who sabotaged HHA Tenant activist Jessica Coco's car, so that it would 'stop' while in operation:

GA has authenticated this offer.  It's real. I would also like to encourage any one out there to add to the kitty: grafixavenger666@gmail.com  

The reward will be exchanged for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator(s).

Speaking of Ms. Coco, she attended last night's HHA meeting, where "two or three" police officers warned residents approaching Ms. Coco in a menacing fashion to to "stay away."  Coco spoke, and here's the text of her speech:
Mr. Carmelo did you have a nice vacation, because the HHA workers didn’t and in fact neither neither did I? As you are aware my person, my apt, and my vehicles were repeatedly threatened, vandalized, and burglarized during this time. I have repeatedly sent letters, but nothing has been done. I don’t even get a reply. Why is that?

Is it to curtail my freedom of speech & using the race card to do it with. 1st because of my opposition to Vision 20/20 which you Mr. Garcia supported and NOT this Board? Vision 20/20 would have Evicted All of of Us from our homes! 2nd my recent support for a public audit of the Housing Authority? Because after all if someone is stealing money, it’s we the tenants who suffer. We’ve heard stories of directors stealing for years. If it’s going on, it needs to stop.

I want to know what is going to be done to stop this pattern of harassment and terrorism for practicing my freedom of speech. By the way, anyone not know what Vision 20/20 is, they should check out on Facebook Save the Hoboken Projects 2013. I just hope that something is going to be done, because this is ridiculous. Dissenting tenants cannot come to a Board meeting? This is ridiculous and I have the right to be protected and feel safe in my house. I should feel safe enough to come here.
GA is told that a commotion followed her mention of Vision 20/20. 

Well, 'good news' to come out of the meeting is that ( I am told) Executive Director Garcia, just back from vacation, promised to have Chairwoman Dana Wefer made a signatory for the PNC account so "everyone" would get paid today.  

That's good news. 


  1. And he was unable to do it before he went on vacation because of what? And he couldn't have taken care of this while on vacation because of what? It isn't like PNC bank branches don't exist all over the place or he can't fedex whatever document he needs to fill out.

  2. It was all a public relations stunt to put the blame on Dana Wafer well strategized beforehand. He used his well-oiled PR machine to tell all the workers, they weren't getting paid because of Ms. Wafer. He equally sent letters at the same time to all the tenants then followed up the letters verbally by blaming the "white" mayor & "her" commissioners for not allowing him to install the generators. Really he's in the wrong career. Should have been a PR man or one of those ministers that fleece old ladies out of their meager social security checks.

  3. Jessica Coco-I want to thank everyone for their support. Sometimes it feels like a lonely battle, when you are fighting uphill.

  4. Jessica Coco-By the way anonymous, I believe your analysis is correct. The letters and the verbal PR about the generators and the non-payment of the salaries didn't coincidentally take place at the same time. Just like my apt being burglarized & my car being damaged, which was meant to seriously injure or kill me, didn't just coincidentally take place during the time he was on vacation.

  5. Mister Carmelo FanJune 28, 2014 at 12:34 AM

    Some people are saying some terrible things about Mister Carmelo. I think they are all wrong. I think Vision 20/20 is for the good of the people and all the residents of the HHA will get to sleep in brand new bedrooms with new modern kitchens because Mister Carmelo would never sell us out for himself. Okay, maybe that one time with Applied but hey how do you get ahead of all the other Puerto Ricans if you don't sell them out?

    C'mon who's looking out for us, I mean number one? It's Mister Carmelo.

    There's a special place in hell for this scumbag. Before they get to him, someone else will with a badge and a gun.

    You hear me Mister Carmelo? You lowlife scumbag. Mark my words, your days of shucking and jiving are coming to an end. Keep the vaseline handy or as they say R#%l's little biyatch. Someone else will be making you their new girl.


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