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HOBOKEN's Rebuild by Design effort wins $230,000,000 in federal funding
Folks,  it is important to support the team that has led our City through a historic disaster, advocated  for FEMA aid, raised money and provided grants for flood-afflicted residents, lobbied for lower flood insurance rates, lobbied U.S. Senators to compel flood insurance industry guidelines, and now has secured an unprecedented $230 million dollars of federal funding to protect Hoboken's from future flooding disaster...

This is the team that does not say "NO" or "IMPOSSIBLE!"

This is the team that says "We CAN" and "WE WILL."  And you  know what?  They DO.

Does anyone believe that a RebuildByDesign proposal would have ever happened under an Occhipinti, Russo, Mason or Castellano administration?

We need a representative at the County who supports our local initiatives, holds the line on taxes,  will push for improved, more cost-effective County services and will champion  parks, active recreation and open space. So... please


Let's continue the progress, because we believe in the POSSIBLE:
A comprehensive water management project that will protect Hoboken, Weehawken and northern Jersey City has won $230 million of federal funding as part of the Rebuild by Design resiliency competition. This unprecedented level of funding will enable Hoboken and its neighbors to finally solve the flooding problem that has plagued the region for so long.

“I have been advocating for a comprehensive solution to Hoboken's flooding problems since I first ran for City Council in 2007,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “This project will implement a water management strategy that will comprehensively protect all of our residents, businesses, and the critical assets we share like the PATH, transit stations, and hospital. One of the elements of the plan will use parks as flood protection, creating more open space for our residents to enjoy.”

The comprehensive strategy was developed by an international team of experts led by the firm OMA. The proposal titled "Resist, Delay, Store, Discharge: a Comprehensive Urban Water Strategy" employs a multi-pronged approach to address Hoboken’s historic flooding challenges. Details of the proposal can be found at


  1. This federal grant helps protect three cities in the county, why didn't our current freeholder Anthony Romano lead this charge on this submission? Did he even know it was happening?

  2. you have to wonder how pissed off the Russo family is right now at Tim O. etc for running against their candidate Ruben Ramos and possibly taking votes away from them...think about it, they were the money backers to Ruben (he has admitted to others that he needed them as he did not have the funding), if he won, they would have been in control of how the $230m would be spent...gosh they must be so pissed at how this missed out on getting in on this action, they would have been set for life. why do i get the feeling that Tim O. will have an even bigger target on his back now...

  3. Almost 36 hours later, still NOTHING on about a $230 million grant to protect three local towns...but they have enough editorial manpower to post a handful of articles and polls about how parking in Hoboken sucks. Nitwits.


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