Parking Lot Birthday

Hey folks, are  you ready to party?

Woo hoo! Snacks... dancing... a rollicking game of pin-the-tail-on-the-hubcap, and the winner doesn't get busted for trespassing.

Yep, it's about that time- ONE YEAR since those 'new model' generators started arriving in Hoboken.

It looks like one got installed last June.  

FM Generator, the contractor who placed the order with BlueStar the manufacterer and coordinated with HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia, met with Garcia in November 2012
FM owner Michael Molway and president Julie Mitchell  attended an emergency meeting in November with Carmelo Garcia, the housing authority director, to study short- and long-term solutions.  Molway determined that repairing the damaged generators would be far less expensive than renting temporary generators. FM technicians were able to get all but one generator working again, though Molway made clear that the saltwater damage left the sets with very limited lifespans. On June 3, the first of the new Blue Star generators arrived. It was installed on the roof atop the 15-story building at 311 13th Street, far beyond the reach of any storm surge. On June 5 the generator set came on line. The remaining generators will arrive in July and will be installed at various locations throughout Hoboken.
That's what some HHA residents have told GA:  generators started arriving in the parking lot last summer.

Why could a generator be installed at 311 13th Street last June 2013, but the ones slated for the HHA are turning one-year old in a parking lot? 

Didn't the Hoboken Reporter tell us:

The 'word on the street' is that the generators were ordered for Vision 20/20- not the existing buildings. That's rumor.

The following is not: the developer's contract for Vision 20/20 did not include generators.  Mayor Zimmer cited that as one of the reasons she could not support the project:
May 1, 2013 Letter from Mayor Zimmer to HHA Executive Director  Garcia
So, if this so-called "Sandy-proof" building design did not include backup generators, and there are 14 "Sandy-proof" generators mouldering in a parking lot, preparing for their first birthday party... and Spring has come and gone (in 5 more days)... what do YOU think?

Well... here is the 'latest' word on the street:
(redacted) is misinforming and strong-arming residents into signing a petition to get rid of the commissioners. (redacted) has been discussing with Carmelo and others the possibility of maneuvering a recall election against Dawn.  If Carmelo is gone (redacted) is afraid the milk ticket will dry up and is threatening anyone who gets between him/her and the $.
Petition!  Recall election!  Parking lot birthday party!  Boy, it's getting meshuga over there. 

The HHA finally applied for permits  to install the "sandy-proof" generators with sub-panels in building basements...  


  1. I just can't help undressing those generators with my eyes. I feel their power.... Watt are we waiting for? We need to be plugged (in). No need to be angry or pissed-off when you can be pissed-on.

  2. who do you call to complain to?


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