Take a Shower, Jim!

First off, congratulations to Mayor-elect Jim Davis for his upset-victory yesterday in Bayonne!

Yep, lots of folks are upset today in Bayonne and at 1400 Washington Street

Because there's nothing like putting all one's eggs in one basket, dropping the basket, then everyone sees your eggs were rotten to begin with.

Based on what GA's been reading in PolitickerNJ, the co-opting of Hoboken's local media by a political 'sponsor' is what's been going on in Bayonne (familiar story).

Only what's different in Bayonne is, the paper got caught.

In a nutshell,  PolitickerNJ broke the story that a woman who signed an affidavit alleging voter fraud by the Davis campaign was identified as a long term manager at The Hudson Reporter.
 Two Hudson County-based sources who requested anonymity told PolitickerNJ.com that the Hudson Reporter signed a contract with the City of Bayonne administration last year in order to at least partially pay for the production of a new Hudson Reporter magazine, Bayonne - Life on the Peninsula. The magazine's first issue was published in the spring of 2014, a few weeks before the May 13 Bayonne municipal election.
Sources have told GA that the Bayonne magazine and the Bayonne edition of the Hudson Reporter were big, gooey valentines to the Smith administration. 

Sound familiar?
Hoboken's Mason Reporter
More details from PolitickerNJ:

PolitickerNJ.com reported on June 5 that a copy of a signed and notarized witness statement provided to the website by the Smith campaign outlines an alleged voter fraud incident that took place less than three weeks ago. The woman allegedly involved in voter fraud with the help of a Davis campaign worker was subsequently stricken from Bayonne voting rolls following an investigation by the Hudson County Superintendent of Elections Office. The signer of the statement was identified as Tricia Kraszyk. Kraszyk is the advertising manager of the Hudson Reporter.

...As for which entity paid to fund the publication of Bayonne - Life on the Peninsula, Kraszyk deferred the question to David Unger, co-publisher of the Hudson Reporter. Unger subsequently deferred the funding question to Bayonne city authorities.

Well folks, I can't speak for Bayonne, but as a Hoboken resident, I can tell you that our Hoboken Reporter is as tainted as a 5-day old fish left out in the sun.  If you have any doubt, ask a victim;  that's someone who fell onto the shit-list of heavy ad-buyer Councilwoman Beth Mason.  It could be  a critic or political opponent.  That person is the guaranteed lucky winner of a planted story or hatchet job courtesy of our local press- or a lawsuit rigged by political operatives.

Why did Bhalla forget his sandwich?
Here's a classic: a Mason operative fed a doctored web page from this blog to the Hoboken Reporter in a political operation to plant a very ugly story about GA and Da Horsey.  Until GA found the dimwit had left his name as the author of the doctored screen shot.  GA broke the story, then the HR skulked off into the night.

That's one way our paper has been weaponized and used to destroy Mason's enemies, in this case Reform bloggers.

Another is to get slanted, hit pieces on political opponents during election time, like the carpet bombing of Ravi Bhalla's reputation in 2013.

Then, of course you get the warm and fuzzy cover-up of  'problems' like 14 generators bought for the Hoboken Housing Authority with federal grant money, that are still sitting, shrink-wrapped, in a parking lot at the HHA.  Didn't you know they were delivered "on purpose" last Fall and left out all winter long to show how they could withstand the elements?

Well, folks.  We in Hoboken KNOW how far in the tank our Fourth Estate is for its political patrons.

It appears that PolitickerNJ has sniffed out another friendly arrangement between the same media organization and a political patron.

 Now, that their political patron has fallen, will this media group try to play footsie with Jim Davis?


GA hears that Davis is that rare HONEST politician.  I've looked at his ELECs, and boy, I haven't seen anything that clean since I unloaded my dishwasher. Squeaky!

Which is why I say to you, Mr. Mayor-Elect.... STAY AWAY FROM HER!

A few short months ago, this woman tried to WRECK your campaign by slipping  you a MOLE in exchange for the DOLE- remember?
Multiple sources claim that Hoboken Councilwoman Beth Mason is trying to sabotage the mayoral campaign of Bayonne's Jimmy Davis. How?The same way the Occhipinti campaign was destroyed- from within by a mole.Sources say that Mason has promised the Davis campaign big bundles of loot if (and only if) they hire a certain employee of hers as a consultant. Can you guess who?Sources say that Mason is shopping a lie to the Davis camp that she is "very angry" with his opponent, Mayor Mark Smith, hence the offer to "help" the Davis campaign.What kind of "help"?A Trojan MOLE. This mole comes bearing cash for the Davis campaign coffers. Once inside the gates, he spies and wrecks the campaign from within. (And no, Beth Mason is not "angry" with Mark Smith. That's a ruse.)GA speculates this cash-for-mole swap is a favor to Mayor Mark Smith and his ally (and gubernatorial aspirant) Steve Sweeney. Hey, Bayonne peeps: beware of MOLES bearing Mason-MOOLA. 
Like I said, she tried to slip you the same one that wrecked Tim Occhipinti's mayoral campaign in Hoboken.

Thank goodness, you didn't fall for that dirty trick.  

By the way, Mason is extremely hostile toward public schools in Hoboken.   She's publicly attacked our Board of Education repeatedly in dishonest and inaccurate remarks. 

GA is a proud public school parent.  Our teachers are terrific. 

Mason does not support public schools and her paid political operatives have been attacking public schools, our students and teachers online for years. 



  1. Slam. This woman is toxic and a perennial political loser, hopefully Davis isn't naive.

  2. Notice our fine new Mayor-elect Davis is not smiling.
    He knows the deal, trust me.

    1. I'm glad to hear it. Mason's money is an aphrodiasiac within and without Hoboken, most seem to succumb. But it comes with a huge price, and sometimes her nasty mole.

      Liking what I see with your guy. Stay straight, Jim!

  3. WTF is she even doing there? Doesn't she have a life, outside interests, hobbies, maybe chill at home and read a book or watch something on Netflix? Politics is NOT her strong suit, she needs to find other interests.

  4. Summer hasn't yet begun and yet "Mason Civic" is on its second round of attempts to beautify their front - I mean headquarters. In an appropriate metaphor and as with everything she touches, rose bushes tortured into topiaries and their forlorn under-plantings have been neglected and allowed to wither and die. Four dead sentinels. All thorns. No roses

    1. the PERFECT metaphor. now if only a certain "political career" would be next to die on the vine.


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