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It's that time again, folks.

Time to wax nostalgic about what would-a, should-a, could-a been:  a free floating pool offered to Hoboken by the Neptune Foundation in 2000 that floated to Brooklyn in 2004,  a developer's promise to build a pool and community center in Hoboken in 2007...

left: URSA-Tarragon's Pool & Community center proposal, right: floating pool first offered to Hoboken, docked in Brooklyn, now the Bronx

...and what have we got today?

A backyard tin bucket of summer fun!  For all ages between 5 -12.

Not to disparage the over-sized tin bucket at the Boys and Girls Club- I had one like it in my backyard in Queens, but does it suffice for a city with a population of 50,000?    And GA hears the tin bucket may be endangered should the City allow the Boy's and Girls Club to build the HoLa expansion into the open, green space there now.

GA can't believe the City would pull the backyard bucket away from Hoboken's kids- without providing them with a beautiful public swimming facility like our Hudson County neighbors enjoy.

You don't know what I mean?  OK, let's play: match the pool with the Hudson County municipality it serves:

1. North Bergen
2. Union City
3. Jersey City
4. West New York
5. Secaucus
6. Hoboken
(answers below)

Here are the answers: (1-E, 2-D, 3-A, 4-B, 5-C, F-6)

Aren't you proud, Hoboken- peeps?   NOT.

Can someone tell me why Hoboken has one endangered-species tin bucket for kids age 5-12, and zip for its adults?  Can't our fractured governing body get in a swim suit?   Heat is something we can all agree on.   How about it?

In the meantime, pack up your bags for the drive to Secaucus.  Bring your wallet- last year's entry fee was $13/person.  


  1. Well I hate to be crass, but if the pool at marineview had to be permanently closed, Ms. Protector of the First Ward would be screaming for a pool.

  2. we go to the north bergen pool...price is steep but gotta the kids somewhere...i always have scratched my head how north bergen can afford such a nice facility (when their residents don't really have much money) but hoboken (where there is alot of residents with a ton of money) doesnt have a similar facility?

    1. Never been. Do you have to join or can you just drop in and pay for the day?

      How does it compare to Secaucus' pool? Thx.

  3. The story with the floating pool is that Mayor Roberts gave the pool away, because he felt a public pool would encourage the long-standing black tenants of public housing to use them and rather than share a pool, he decided to have no pool. Of course 2 pools could have been built at the time, because there was enough empty lots to have done so, but why waste precious real estate on building a public pool in the 4th ward neighborhood when you can enrich yourself under the table by building more luxury towers? After all, its not like the Residents of the 4th ward are human beings, right?

  4. http://www.secaucusnj.org/Departments/Recreation/

    "The Mayor and Town Council invite you to the Open House at the Pool on Friday, June 27, 2014 from 6:00 - 7:30 p.m. Come see the newly renovated Swim Club now open for Secaucus Residents only."


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