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Coco's battery wires cut yesterday

The ongoing harassment campaign against HHA Tenant activist Jessica Coco took a dangerous turn yesterday.

Instead of the usual garden-variety vandalism like a scratched car window, or broken door lock, it appears someone meant to hurt her.  

Somebody cut the wires to her battery, but rigged it so the car would run- at first.  Which it did.  Ms. Coco was driving then suddenly, her car stopped. If she were on a highway or going at a faster speed with another car behind her, there could have been an accident. Not only might she have been hurt, but passenger(s) in other car(s).

Of course, this on top of her apartment being illegally entered yesterday (the second time since last Friday); the contents of a drawer dumped out on the floor, all copies of police complaints stolen, with an OPRA request.

The renewed campaign to terrorize Ms. Coco seems to be in retaliation for her recent appearance at the City Council. The goal appears to be to remove her from the HHA- one way or the other.

With the sabotage of  Coco's car, it appears they are trying "the other."

This is happening to a resident of federally-subsidized housing, run by NJ's 33rd District Assemblyman.

In the meantime, two police officers were called to Ms. Coco's apartment yesterday.  As they were leaving, with her door closing, she heard laughter.

WHO will condemn violence against residents of Hoboken's federally funded housing?


  1. Anyone want pool our money to get some covert security cameras for her?

    1. Anyone who wishes to help Ms. Coco may contact me offline:

      All communications will remain confidential.

  2. If anything happens to that woman everybody knows who is to blame.

  3. This is life threatening and serious. I am offering $300 cash for the identity of the perpetrators. You can contact me through this thread and/ or through The Avenger. This has to stop and we need to step up to the plate before there is a fatality. Otherwise there is blood on all our hands. This is wrong.


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