Party Pooper

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HHA Chairwoman Dana Wefer  sure is a... you know. 

Imagine, all the planning gone into a perfectly good stunt:  (1) stiffing HHA staff/vendors of their paychecks (2) telling the Teamsters Local 97 that Wefer is "holding" the paychecks  (3) splitting for vacation.

POW!  Take that, Ms. Wefer.

Of course any good stunt needs a good set-up.  

Here it is: Executive Director Carmelo Garcia did not make Ms. Wefer the signatory on the HHA's Bank account at PNC when she became chairwoman in May.  Nor did  Mr. Garcia provide the name of PNC bank's account executive for the HHA to Ms. Wefer until June 20, 2014- the same day "someone" pitched the story to the Hoboken Reporter.

Concurrently, GA hears a petition is floating around the HHA to have Wefer removed, and other Reform commissioners "removed" while harassment of Jessica Coco has reached new heights of depravity. 

So Wefer's gotta go ruin it with her statement published yesterday on MSV.   

Well, look.  After the paycheck-problem is cleared up (assuming HHA Counsel Charles Daglian remembers he works for the BOARD and not as the Executive Director's personal attorney), which means Daglian drafts the resolution as he has been asked by Wefer (no authorization for the Director to use  facsimile signatures on  checks) there is something the Board may wish to consider.

Wefer requested all "prior HHA resolutions concerning bank signatories."   Those have not been furnished.  


GA's got a suggestion.

If the resolutions are not furnished, why not audit all bank checks paid from the PNC account since 2009.   That means PNC provides copies of all checks paid from the HHA's account- thousands, for sure. It will be clear, not only who is signing checks but who got paid and how much.   GA doesn't know if a subpoena and/or Court Order is required to obtain such a volume of copies.  You guys figure it out.

Well, that's what I would do.  

In the meantime,  how about that Dana?  She sure knows how to spoil a mean-spirited political stunt.   

Party pooper!


  1. she is a only causing herself to look bad by not paying venders and workers.

    1. huh? "she" isn't doing anything but trying to fix the situation so hha workers and vendors DO get paid. if you have a problem with not being paid, take it up with carmelo.

    2. NO.

      Wefer had the workers/vendors checks signed on Thursday, June 19, 2014.

      Wefer contacted Carmelo on Thursday, June 19 to let him know that checks were signed, and he didn't respond. Nope, instead Garcia went on VACATION knowing his workers/vendors were NOT paid!

      Carmelo KNOWS Wefer needs to be made the signatory on the PNC account or the bank will NOT accept the checks.... but instead of resolving this, Garcia left ON VACATION.

      Holding up the paychecks of one's staff and vendors to score political points is about as LOW as it gets.

    3. You're an idiot, pal.

  2. I know people waiting for their checks for over two weeks. Not fair at all.

    1. tell it to carmelo.

  3. Carmelo doesn't care. He's on a beach sipping a Mai Tai.


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