Thank you, Phil...

...For fighting the good fight, for running a good positive campaign, and congratulations to Anthony Romano.  
Words from Phil, tonight:
In case you haven't heard, I wanted to tell you the news: we fell a little short tonight. While I hoped that we would win, we have a lot to be proud of.
Our campaign spoke to thousands of voters, and engaged hundreds of supporters here in Hoboken and Jersey City. Many of you gave donations, time, tweets, and phone calls.  I am grateful for all that you have done to support our campaign.
Even though we fell short, we were a campaign with powerful ideas and a vision for a County that is more accountable to Hoboken and Jersey City residents. We stood up for fairer taxes, for fiscal responsibility, and for a County Government that works for us. I will not stop fighting; I hope you won't either.
A few moments ago, I spoke with Anthony Romano, congratulated him on a hard-fought campaign, and conceded defeat. I look forward to working with Freeholder Romano to ensure that Hudson County works for us all.
Thank you for standing with me; I can't tell you how grateful I am for your support.



  1. Nice job Phil. Many thanks for running.

  2. Thank you for the effort, Phil.


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