Reward up to $700

Thanks to the kind folks out there moved to kick in to the kitty announced here on Friday; it all started with this generous offer of $300 to identify the person(s) who sabotaged Jessica Coco's car battery.

I had encouraged others to 'kick in' to the kitty:  

Well, some of you out there did, and brought Monday's total to $700.  Thank you!

The reward will be exchanged for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator(s).

 Thanks again to the generous donors, and if anyone else wishes to add to the kitty, meeee-ow!

wrong kitty


  1. Jessica Coco-I would like to thank everyone for their support. You give me the courage to continue on. I will be distributing flyers and hopefully this reward will be helpful in making the difference.

  2. I will provide a matching gift of up to $150.00, meaning that additional gifts are worth twice the donated amount. This will bring the total up to $ 1,000.00. Sorry, no tote bag.

  3. hope you had a nice 4th, GA. we miss your posts, hurry back

  4. come back soon! :)


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