Earwitness: Show us the Cash, Anthony!

Oh, dear!

Some folks over at the HHA are getting restless...

Here's what just came in from an Earwitness:
Many people still haven't been paid the $25 they were promised for wearing the Romano t-shirts Tuesday!!  Romano promised the HHA residents they'd get $25 for wearing a t-shirt.  They had to give their ballot # to be eligible.  They were supposed to get paid on Wednesday but Wednesday came and went. Then today at 12:30 PM but that came and went. Now I hear they'll be paying people tonight.
GA asked: did these folks wear their Romano t-shirts to the polls- to vote?
Can you picture it?  Voters intercepted on their way to the polls, handed a t-shirt and an offer of $25... um, that's electioneering.

From the New Jersey Voter's Bill of Rights:
Electioneering —It is a crime under State law to electioneer within 100 feet of the outside entrance of the polling place upto and including the polling room. There can be no campaign signs or material in this area and no one cancampaign onbehalfof any candidate or public question. 
 Crime?  Nah, this is Hoboken.


  1. Hey, how do I sign on?

    1. We don't want you to sign on, we don't want you to talk about this.
      No one is getting paid. Suckas!


  2. The ballot number requirement is crazy. You can't pay folks to vote and if you only pay if they vote, that is the same thing me thinks.

  3. I voted for Phil. Can I still get the 25 bucks?

  4. It's almost as if there's vote buying going on, like people being paid to vote a particular way.

    Oh, wait a minute...

  5. Funny I was told they didn't have that much money, so again HHA got fooled, smh

  6. Isn't it fascinating how Carmelo always manages to find lucrative side jobs?

  7. I can't remember any other place I lived where they keep such careful records for your ballot number.

  8. Hey, GA thanks for writing the article. It made them pay up what they owed.

  9. i just luv the facebook picture of romano with a smiling mike russo....sure anthony your not with that corrupt crowd...what a bunch of bs


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