Friday, November 30, 2012

Night of Stars

credit: MSV

Luminaries of the political world, star-bartenders, video stars, stars big and small- everyone was twinkling last night at the Kids First Victory Celebration!

Stars, stars, stars!  

It was a blinding evening of mega-watt cheer at the packed Wicked Wolf bar... smiles, hugs, some kissing (no tongues)... what a night it was!  The mood was electric; not only did Kids First survive a pummeling with Mason loot, but the public resoundingly endorsed the leadership of Kids First, Mayor Zimmer and the Council Reformers by electing Ruth McAllister, Tim Kluepfel and Jean Marie Mitchell on November 6, 2012.

Further, by co-opting Move Forward's campaign with her hefty 'in-kind' contributions, donating the Mason Civic League, Inc.'s offices for their use, and dispatching her operative James Barracato to run Move Forward's political strategy (how did that work out?), Beth Mason was to rise or fall with the People's Choice.

The People's Choice was Kids First.

And like heat tempers steel to make it stronger; the heat of this nasty, bitter battle has strengthened Zimmer and her allies while taking a wrecking ball to Mason's influence in Hoboken politics.  The   message sent was loud and clear: with all of her dough, there is too much crazy to deal with.  But not for the 'crazy'- campaigning with a Nazi Truck and making bloggers a central campaign theme, Move Forward had a chance.   But Mason cannot (and will not) control her operatives nor her obsessions.

The Old Guard must have figured this out: Mason not only repeats her mistakes again and again with the same operatives and the same scorched earth tactics, she is not that interested in political outcomes.

Amazing, no?  Mason is vendetta-driven.  Hatred for the mayor, hatred for her City Council allies, hatred for Reform bloggers.   But that hasn't stopped the Old Guard.

Nope, the Old Guard repeats their mistakes again and again: lunging for her checkbook then letting her drive the bus.  Did you like the view on the way down?


GA has every confidence in Old Guard GREED, to keep taking her dough, and failing.

For example, this law suit against Jim Doyle is a LOSER.

After Sandy hit, the politically-smart thing to do would have been for the Council minority to pull the lawsuit and vow to show up to re-appoint Doyle. Now, that would have sent the kind of message that people want to hear in a time of crisis; that their government cares more about them than playing partisan political games.

People want bipartisanship and cooperation in times of insecurity. The Old Guard could have gotten some favorable press in the days before the election, and you know what?  That would have gotten them votes.

But, like always, the checkbook is driving the bus. 

Paralyzing the City Council with partisan games in the aftermath of a disaster- one where the Zimmer is perceived as 'doing the right thing' for Hoboken, is the message they've sent.  And continue to send.   At the rate they're going we'll be looking at an all-Reform Council when their clock runs out.  (Pssssst... Timmy: for every Facebook friend  you've got, 10 more in your ward think you're doing a rotten job.)

So back to last night's STARS...

The Wicked Wolf's bartender was lovely and charming.... serving up $3 drafts with a smile, in spite of the crowd and the noise.  Does Hoboken have a Bartender's Walk of Fame?  I nominate her.

Some (not all)  Nazi Truck video stars were twinkling brightly at the Kids First Victory Party.  
  • Nazi Truck Video Stars PRESENT last night were: me, Roman Brice,  Peter Cunningham (Nazi Truck cameo appearance) and Jen Giattino (Nazi Truck cameo appearance).  
  •  Nazi Truck Video Stars ABSENT were: Liz Markevitch, Anthony Oland, and Felice Vasquez .
It's theNazi Truck- they popped out the swastikas and popped in Move Forward
Who else glittered up the place?

So many fabulous campaign volunteers and supporters who gave of themselves to elect Kids First- thank you, from GA.

Oh yeah, and Mayor Zimmer was there.  So were Councilman Bhalla, Councilman Cunningham, BoE Trustees Theresa Minutillo, Rose Markle, Leon Gold, Irene Sobolov and Ruth McAllister.

What happened to the rest of the BoE?

Remember: sour grapes make sour wine.   Oh, one more thing.

GA understands the mastermind of the Nazi Truck who is publicly recognized as committing career suicide for himself and his boss might be looking for new work.  GA recommends this time he look for a job for which he is suited.    

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Markevitch To Ask For a Recount

GA hears that Liz Markevitch of the Move Forward Nazi-Truck campaigners is asking for a recount.

I would probably do the same. After all, a mere 78 votes separate Markevitch from Jean Marie Mitchell and guess what?   In any other place, that would be an insurmountable lead.  But.... this is Hoboken!

All Markevitch needs is a box with 79 VBMs to turn up at the Board of Elections, maybe under a desk....  it happens all the time.   Remember the June 2009 runoff between Peter Cammarano and Dawn Zimmer:
During the week, a box of 79 absentee ballots was found under a desk at the County Board of Elections office. With those votes and some provisional ballots still to be counted, the candidates and their lawyers met at the county offices Friday for a final count.
79!  Maybe Markevitch will find one, too.

GA hears she has obtained the services of Steve Kleinman, and if true, that's nothing to shake a stick at.

Kleinman, Hoboken's former Corporation Counsel, is an excellent attorney.   And requesting a recount in a tight election is valid.  It's certainly not the kind of case that would be rejected by every respectable lawyer in the state of New Jersey, though I hear there's a dumpster filled with ambulance chasers in Ohio.  Nope, no need for out-of-state dumpster-diving and certainly Kleinman will do his best for Markevitch.

But is he versed in black magic?  Voo-doo, potions, incantations or spells?   GA's pretty sure that's the only way to recover those 79 votes... except for finding that box under the table.  

So, it appears the earliest the recount can began is December 5, 2012, the day the hearing is scheduled.

Well, we live in a democracy and GA has the  highest respect for our courts, so we all await the outcome.

Go, Jean Marie!

Silence of the Patch

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Move Forward Resubmits ELEC

Move Forward's revised ELEC:

BoE Election Winners and Losers

Now that the election has been certified, GA will muse on some of the winners and losers- including, but not limited to, the obvious.


1.  Kids First- of course!  Three parents with children in Hoboken public schools: Ruthy McAllister, Tom Kluepfel and Jean Marie Mitchell won our BoE election with a volunteer, grassroots campaign dwarfed by the financial and political resources of their opponents, Move Forward.

The local politicos backing Move Forward- who campaigned with SWASTIKAS- include Tim Occhipinti, Theresa Castellano, Ruben Ramos, Jamie Cryan and of course, Hoboken's own Cruella DeVille, Beth Mason (or 'CAAB' for short-  that's 'crazy as a bedbug').

Unlike their opponents, Kids First ran honest and clean, and were able to articulate issues and objectives on the campaign trail.   Their quiet campaign treated our electorate like intelligent beings, not Pavlovian morons who drool at midnight flyers and Nazi Trucks.  Intelligent, honest, sincere people campaign like intelligent, honest, sincere people.  Mean-spirited, small-minded morons campaign like mean-spirited, small-minded morons.  And on November 6, 2012 the public chose intelligent, honest, sincere people making decisions for our district and not that other kind.   Thank G-d. 

2. Mayor Dawn Zimmer.  The fact that so many voters asked,  "Who does the mayor support for School Board?" tells you all you need to know about the confidence the public has in her judgment  and in the direction she's led the City.  Also...

City Council  Reformers Ravi Bhalla, Peter Cunningham, Jen Giattino, Dave Mello, and Jim Doyle (he'll be back).


3. Neil Torres- owner of World Media Entertainment.  Neil  lucked out when Move Forward hired him to thrill the adults and children of Hoboken with hours of looping swastikas  for 5 days in October.

According to Patch, "Renting the truck costs $100 an hour and there's a minimum of four hours."  So at a minimum, Torres' earned $2,000  for driving voters away from Move Forward  to Kids First  and offending Hoboken's entire Jewish community.

GA believes Torres earned at least $3,000 based on eyewitness sightings, but you can ask his friend Joe Branco.  Branco booked him in April 201l to play Russo's FBI surveillance tape at City Hall then this October to attack Kids First using swastikas-making Hoboken political history.  (The Nazi Truck campaign was orchestrated by Beth Mason operative James Barracato.)   Perhaps  another Move Forward backer like Tim Occhipinti, Terry Castellano or Ruben Ramos could tell you how  many hours the Nazi Truck rode the streets of Hoboken.   None of them ever denounced it, right?  So if hey weren't against it, they were for it. (The guy sitting next to the driver looks familiar... Timmy, is that you?)

Anyway, Torres made out like a bandit  just for popping in Beth Mason videogrpaher Tim Brendel's video that he produced and driving his truck. 

Hey, I know how we solve the mystery of how many hours the Nazi truck drove around Hoboken.... we check Move Forward's next ELEC report.


4. Tim Brendel- Beth Mason's videographer.  Here he is filming me at the Zoning Board last April for the Nazi Truck. (I wore a black dress that night.)

One hopes Tim makes great money for such tough assignments. Like this one: bringing Dad Barry 'Not-Perry' Brendel  (another Mason operative) to ZBA meetings where Brendel Sr. naps while Brendel Jr. takes stock footage of citizens performing volunteer, public service to deploy on video trucks and midnight flyers.  


5. Celebrity Generator.  Incredible, but the red monster that appeared outside Move Forwards's 1200 Washington Street offices right before Election Day became a local celebrity.

The press gushed:  "A generator was brought in from Georgia and set up in front of Mason’s Civic League office where people came to charge their phones, computers, and get warm. In addition, a coffee stand was installed and continues to operate. 

Most people couldn’t brew a cup of coffee. People were so grateful,” said Felice Vazquez, one of the first volunteers to help after the storm hit.

 “A lot of employers are opening up, so people are trying to figure out how to get to work and how to work with children out of school,” said Anthony Oland, one of the 10 percent who did not lose power.

Hey,  Vasquez and Oland were Move Forward candidates!  What a coincidence.  I guess they were there to gawk at the famous generator or get an autograph.  Is the red monster still there?



1. James 'Finboy' Barracato- Beth Mason operative. GA is told that if one wants to deal with Mason, they have to go through Barracato first.

Judging from the trash talk GA's been hearing about this guy and WHO it's come from, he may never get his fins on a political campaign in Hudson County again. Barracato is getting the blame from his own people for Move Forward's loss.  Why?  He masterminded the Nazi Truck, the midnight flyers and the entire brainless focus on bloggers- wasting valuable resources, grossing out voters, and forgetting his job is to win elections not expend capital and time on personal vendettas.

 GA can tell you this: Barracato's Nazi Truck shtick ties into ANOTHER scheme which he planned well over a year ago and coordinated with others. You'll hear about it eventually-- from them, and one is an elected official.

Yep, his unseemly obsession with me and my blog (as any observer of Hoboken politics since 2010 can tell you) has caused heaps trouble for himself, his boss and those who counted on Move Forward to win the election. Somebody clean up the fish tank.

2. John Castellano- Move Forward campaign manager.  One of the fresh, young faces trotted out by the Old Guard to succeed them as they inevitably 'move forward' into eternity, Castellano was more 'air' than 'heir' in his debut running a political campaign.

He seemed just a figurehead, allowing Barracato to run amok and hijack what was supposed to be HIS campaign- hijack it for a weird personal vendetta.   Castellano's leadership was incredibly weak, and had he dressed down Barracato, and taken control over the campaign's direction, it wouldn't have veered off into the realm of Nazi Trucks and irrelevant personal issues.

Unless... Castellano actually ENDORSED such a politically toxic strategy, in which case he should be kept far away from engagement in politics until the end of time.  How many strikes does being Terry's son get John Castellano before he's called 'out'?   Russo for Hoboken's Treasurer couldn't tell us (or ELEC) where the $18K deposit went.  And this election he walked in the shadow of the Mason operative, whose horrible judgment and mania over bloggers destroyed his campaign.

3. Joe Branco- Move Forward campaign co-manager.   GA had no idea that Joe had such animus toward me that he would have participated in Move Forward's Nazi Truck and midnight flyer attacks.  Well, you reap what you sow is all I can say.


4.  Beth Mason- Read this blog.


5. Move Forward candidates.  Yes,  GA has heard that they knew about the Nazi Truck and allowed it to 'move forward' under their name.

Their disgusting midnight flyers were left in the Boys and Girls Club for G-d's sake.

And their Nazi Truck flashed swastikas outside of Wallace School.   Such people do not belong on our Board of Education.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


 (Updated- 4:30 pm)
The final counts are in!


(Original post)
The election has not been certified, but Da Horsey has confirmed that Kids First has SWEPT the BoE race!

GA has to run, and will have much more laer but... the two words that come to mind are: VALIDATION and REPUDIATION.

Kids Frst Sweep was VALIDATION of the job  that Reformers Kids First has done so far to advance and improve Hoboken public schools. And validation that people support and approve of the job Mayor Zimmer and the City Council majority are doing for Hoboken.

Move Forward's loss was REPUDIATION of the politics of personal destruction: nasty, vile attack-style campaigning using Nazi Trucks and midnight flyers.   Move Forward's loss was repudiation for the City Council minority's obstructing government operations in the aftermath of a hurricane with a frivolous,  Mason-moola fueled lawsuit.  (Come to think of it, Mason's political operative James Barracato masterminded the vile Nazi Truck... Beth Mason's fingerprints are ALL OVER Move Forward's defeat)

Gott a run, but a big congratulations to Kids First and its campaign.  Today you reap a sweet victory for great leadership of our district and for running a positive, clean campaign.


Sexiest Man Alive?

And you thought that Beth Mason, Tim Occhipinti and their operative, um... what's-his-name, were the only ones who confused satire and reality?

GA busted a gut on this one: the daily newspaper in the People's Republic of China (and the Communist Party's official paper) republished an article from America's satirical The Onion- but didn't get the joke. No, they proudly trumpeted that North Korea's leader, Kim Jong Un, was named the 'Sexiest Man Alive." Unlike GA, with it's 1,200 or so hits a day, The People's Daily has a circulation 3 or 4 million. Here it is, from the People's Daily website:

Edited and translated by Zhang Qian, People's Daily Online 

U.S. website The Onion has named North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong Un as the "Sexiest Man Alive for the year 2012". 

"With his devastatingly handsome, round face, his boyish charm, and his strong, sturdy frame, this Pyongyang-bred heartthrob is every woman's dream come true. Blessed with an air of power that masks an unmistakable cute, cuddly side, Kim made this newspaper's editorial board swoon with his impeccable fashion sense, chic short hairstyle, and, of course, that famous smile," it said. "He has that rare ability to somehow be completely adorable and completely macho at the same time," said Marissa Blake-Zweiber, editor of The Onion Style and Entertainment. 

Now, GA understands how humor gets lost in cross-cultural translation; I lived in Japan for a few years and had my share of those misunderstandings.

But what's the excuse for this idiot's Shakespearean soliloquy of  GA's Dear FBI  Letter No. 4? 

BoE Race Results....

Go Kids First!

...are expected today.  GA heard yesterday:
Just spoke to Brian Cardeno (works with Harper). He thinks we'll know tomorrow midday/afternoon. 
That's Michael Harper, Clerk of the Hudson County Board of Elections.

The "Unofficial Results"  for Hoboken School Board last updated on November 20th,2012 looked like this:

Later that day, word came down that VBMs were counted;  Kids First was still in the lead, but the margin was 6 votes between Jean Marie Mitchell and Elizabeth Markevitch.

GA has heard an unconfirmed rumor that an astronomical number of VBMs were thrown out- somewhere in the neighborhood of 600.  (Were those the rumored soggy, barely-legible ballots that were warehoused at The Citadel?  Double-votes? Under-aged dead people?)

That sounds awfully high to me, but... this is Hoboken.

The Hoboken Reporter had this update yesterday:
It's just about three weeks after the Nov. 6 elections, and still there are no final results on three public questions or three victors for the three Board of Education seats. Hudson County Board of Elections clerk Michael Harper said Monday, "I have Hoboken's provisional ballots in front of me as we speak. I'm shooting for Wednesday." The hold-up to produce final numbers was due to a few things.

Presidential elections generally see higher numbers in turnout, for one. "People come out of the woodwork," said Harper.

This was the first election where vacant seats on the nine member Board of Education were voted on in November rather than April.

Also, due to Hurricane Sandy, more people were able to vote electronically, and the deadline was extended to the Friday after the election. The Hudson County Board of Elections office was able to receive mail-in ballots up until Nov 19, so long as they were postmarked by Nov 5.

Due to Sandy-induced interruption in mail service, the office was still receiving ballots by the bins as late as Nov. 14.

"The only thing outstanding now are the provisional ballots," Harper said. "There are probably 1,500 to 1,600, definitely the most provisionals I have ever dealt with."
There you go.

Another unconfirmed rumor is The Dark Side expects to be trounced and will drag this to court.. because that's the Dark Side mantra: if you can't beat 'em, sue 'em. 

Well, GA will keep you posted, and our four-legged friend, Da Horsey.

Fingers (and hooves) crossed for a Kids First sweep!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Was Mayor Richard Turner Set Up?

The ineptitude of Beth Mason's political operative, James Barracato, has reached legendary status in Hudson County.  First, he made a blogger the center of the Move Forward School Board campaign then deployed a swastika-flashing Nazi Truck on Washington Street and at a primary school. 

Not only did his choice to make a personal vendetta the center of a political campaign galvanize Reform voters to an anticipated Kids First sweep (final results expected tomorrow mid-day or afternoon), but it did something else.

This Nazi Truck strategy revealed that Barracato uses Beth Mason's checkbook to execute vendettas   for purely vindictive purposes when it makes no political sense.

And now it seeems possible that no one is safe- including his former employer, Mayor Richard Turner of Weehawken.  A source who knows 'the players' sent me this:
James knows Weehawken and You is a PAC.  Calling it a charity was no accident.  Hes making trouble.
Wow.  Is that true?

GA has no idea under what the circumstances the Mason operative was asked to leave Weehawken City Hall.  GA had heard he was an aide to Turner.

What political sense does it make to get Turner's 527, 'Weehawken and You' in trouble with ELEC or the IRS?

Maybe as much political sense as campaigning for a School Board election with a Nazi Truck.

In any case, money donated to goes directly to the 501(c)(3) The Mason Civic League, Inc. to disburse, though Mason told the Jersey Journal it was a "non-profit" and advertises it in the Hoboken reporter as a "fund."

Look who is on the Board of Mason's 501(3)(c), The Mason Civic League, Inc:

501(c)(3) Mason Civic League, Inc.- Certificate of Incorporation- created July 21, 2010

Look where donations to 'charity' go:

Now,  you  see how Mayor Richard Turner's 527 Weehawken And You Civic Association is being funded by the Mason Civic League, Inc charity, and advertised as a charity on her website.

GA believes this is highly problematic for Weehawken Mayor Richard Turner.   As our neighbor to the North, GA hopes a friend will apprise him of this so he can correct the problem before the IRS takes action.  Listing the Weehawken mayor's political organization among charities like the Liberty Humane Society and The Hoboken Shelter begs the question:

Why did Beth Mason (and her operative James Barracato) do this to Mayor Turner?  Was it stupidity or malice?  

In the case of The Nazi Truck, both. 

counter-clockwise: top left: Weehawken Mayor Richard Turner, bottom- left:Hoboken City Councilwoman Beth Mason, bottom-right: BoE slate Move Forward Nazi Truck video flashes swastikas at Wallace School on October 16, 2012.  Multiple sources (including one at The Hoboken Reporter) identify Mason operative James Barracato as orchestrating the Nazi Truck. The offensive video was shot and produced by Beth Mason  videographer Tim Brendel, son of Mason operative Barry Brendel. Barracato coordinated the Nazi Truck with a citywide distribution of midnight flyers.  Barracato is on the Board of Directors of the Mason Civic League, Inc., the 'charity' sponsoring, top-right: The Nazi Truck rides up and down Washington Street on October 17, 2012

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sully Gets it (Almost) Half-Right

GA just read Al Sullivan's take on The ZEROES' latest stunt: the surgical removal of the 5th Reform vote on the City Council, Jim Doyle.  (The ZEROES are: Beth Mason, Mike Russo, Tim Occhipinti and Terry Castellano- because all 4 voted to Zero-out our budget surplus last year- which funds   disaster operations, like hurricanes. )

While Sully reads the stunt correctly, the equivalency he  strikes between the behavior of The ZEROES and the Reform majority is WRONG.  

Trust me, it's a big step for The Hoboken Reporter to acknowledge any bad behavior by weekly ad-buyer Beth Mason, which he sorta does here:
For some reason, Doyle-opponent Councilwoman Beth Mason was conveniently absent when the vote was cast in October...
So it seems in order to do that, the other side (Reform) must be portrayed as either provoking or participating in equally bad behavior.
Normally, a four-four vote would allow Mayor Dawn Zimmer to step in and cast the deciding and thus fifth vote. But normal is not a word frequently used in Hoboken, where political maneuvering is treated like sport, and scoring points on the opposition is more important than actually running the city.
Really, Al?  You wrote yourself in your November 11th column:
“The lady worked hard,” said political figure normally associated with the Old Hoboken crowd, noting that hatred of Zimmer may have hurt the anti-Zimmer coalition. “Zimmer wasn’t even paying attention to the election. She was working to get the city restored. 
Not only Zimmer- but Reform majority Council members and the Kids First campaign dropped all election activities to focus on resident needs post-Sandy.

In fact, one Kids First candidate was delivering food to Marne View and helping a resident there obtain medication when she witnessed a petulant, inert Theresa Castellano hanging around in the building lobby complaining about Mayor Zimmer's "communication" during the storm.  Get the picture?  In a state of emergency, others dropped election politics and rushed about Hoboken to care for resident victims, while ZERO Theresa Castellano stands around and jawbones about the mayor.  

Maybe Castellano could have stopped bitching about Zimmer for 5 minutes  to make lunches at City Halll for her constituents at Marine View?   Then of course, there's the ZERO who uses Hoboken's disaster to raise her political profile in Hudson County with an alleged "non-profit" that is actually fundraising for Weehawken Mayor Richard Turner's 527 Political Organization, Weehawken and You Civic Association.

Al, do you see the Mayor or her allies pulling any of that crap? So when you said:
You have to love Hoboken, where the political hacks rant while the rest of the city drowns in the foul waters of Hurricane Sandy. 
What you should have said was:

"You have to love Hoboken where political hacks like Theresa Castellano rant about Mayor Zimmer  and disaster-opportunists like Beth Mason self-promote charities that front her Hudson County aspirations, and obstructionists like Tim Occhipinti and Mike Russo  paralyze City Council operations with Mason-funded frivolous lawsuits while the rest of the city drowns."

Pssst...  Al, you know that giant generator that Mason had at 1200 Washington?  Someone told GA she needed it for her copy machine.   Was Move Forward considering a late round of midnight flyers- perhaps a Nazi Truck sequel?

Who knows.     

One thing is not in dispute. A member of the Old Guard was overheard saying this: "That guy Barracato is completely obsessed with Nancy."

We know.  Somebody tell his wife.

Back to Sully's column, one more thing he got wrong:
...some insiders must have known that she (Carol Marsh) intended to resign, yet she waited until after the legal deadline that would have required a special election...
"Some insiders must have known...?" Yeah, the "insiders" were her husband and her son.  It was a terribly difficult decision Marsh made for personal reasons and came as a surprise to all.

Better watch out, Al.  I hear one can get sued for expressing opinions in print these days.

Friday, November 23, 2012

What did Mason Tell Mayor Turner?

counter-clockwise: top left: Weehawken Mayor Richard Turner, bottom- left:Hoboken City Councilwoman Beth Mason, bottom-right: BoE slate Move Forward Nazi Truck video flashes swastikas at Wallace School on October 16, 2012.  Multiple sources (including one at The Hoboken Reporter) identify Mason operative James Barracato as orchestrating the Nazi Truck. The offensive video was shot and produced by Beth Mason  videographer Tim Brendel, son of Mason operative Barry Brendel. Barracato coordinated the Nazi Truck with a citywide distribution of midnight flyers.  Barracato is on the Board of Directors of the Mason Civic League, Inc., the 'charity' sponsoring, top-right: The Nazi Truck rides up and down Washington Street on October 17, 2012

Yesterday GA heard that The Jubilee Center wasn't told they were a sponsored charity for the Beth Mason initiative,

On November 14, 2012  (HCR) was rolled-out to the Jersey Journal as a "non-profit" then advertised in The Hoboken Reporter as a "fund".  In either case it purports itself to "help victims of Hurricane Sandy" in Hudson County.

Looking further, GA noticed the Mason charity was only helping victims in Ruben Ramos' District 33 and one in District 31, whose mayor, Mark Smith, is the Chairman of the HCDO.   And Hoboken had suffered 97% of the damage (according to a FEMA survey) while others had suffered a fraction of 1 percent.

And when one donates online to via PayPal, you discover your money is not going to a dedicated account or a HCR non-profit, it's going into the coffers of The Mason Civic League, Inc. 

"Hudson County Charities that will benefit from your donations"

 Above are the 'charities' that will receive money donated to

So, GA has a question: Does Mayor Richard Turner know that Beth Mason is advertising his '527' Political Committee "Weehawken and Your Civic Association" as a charity that will receive proceeds to help Hurrican Sandy victims?

The Jubilee Center wasn't notified, I suspect Turner wasn't either.  If not, he should have been.

GA believes that contributions to '527' are taxable income.  But more importantly, non-profits are prohibited from participating in political activities or contributing to political organizations.  Which means Mason's 501(c)(3) should not be funneling money to a '527' political organization.  (I imagine   '527's would be prohibited from accepting donations from a 501(c)(3) but am not sure about that.)

GA hopes that someone lets Turner know about this, before he comes under IRS scrutiny or even that of the NJ Attorney General.  He seems to be an affable guy, and is our neighbor, after all.

With respect to taking gifts from The Mason Civic League, Inc., does Mayor Turner know that Mason operative James Barracato who sits on their Board has been identified as responsible for the Nazi Truck?

Never heard of it?

The Nazi Truck rode around Hoboken on 2 consecutive nights flashing swastikas and other gross imagery to discourage voters from supporting the mayor's allies, Kids First. Mason had Barracato working on the Move Forward campaign; Move forward opposed   Kids First.  Barracato unleashed The Nazi Truck on our city; it was the first time in Hoboken political history that swastikas were used to elect a slate of candidates. The Nazi Truck outraged all decent people of Hoboken, and is now being credited with losing the election. On October 19, 2012, two rabbis condemned it in the Hoboken Reporter:
Rabbi Moshe Schapiro of Chabad in Hoboken said he hadn’t seen the truck himself, but “I’ve seen pictures and I think it’s despicable. I’m appalled and shocked that anyone can use an image of such hatred and bigotry. I don’t know whose side, what side, if they’re repeating something, but how can one be so insensitive to Holocaust survivors who will walk by, or people who had grandparents who survived the camps, and have to witness such an image driving around the city?”

He added, “Whoever is responsible should immediately remove it and apologize. I am shocked this could happen in this day and age. In other countries it’s a crime to use that image. We have freedom of speech, but a million and a half Jewish babies were killed…this is not something that should be used for some political gain.”
Rabbi Scheinberg of Hoboken United Synagogue said this:
"Using Nazi imagery in a local Hoboken election, trivializing the cataclysmic events of World War II, is completely inexcusable. I would urge whoever is responsible for these projected images to follow the example of the local blogger who, two years ago, publicly apologized for her use of such images on her blog and immediately removed them.”
Anybody taking money from the Mason Civic League, Inc.  might be interested to know about the extremely offensive behavior of a member of its Board.   The Jubilee Center had no idea they were partnered with them.

GA wonders if Mayor Turner had any idea his '527', Weehawken and You Civic Association is, too. 

Mason 'HudsonCountyRecovers' Ruse- UPDATED

Donation to the advertised 'Hudson County Recovers Fund' is a donation to the Mason Civic League

(Updated, 11/23/12, 11:00 am)
A source with contacts in the administration of Hoboken's Jubilee Center reports the Jubilee Center was not contacted by the Mason Civic League, Inc about participating in Beth Mason's  Nor have they received a penny from the Mason Civic League, Inc.

Non-profits are accountable to report all donations to the IRS with a line item entry for the source of the contribution. Participating in a 'county-wide' fundraising drive would have to be reported.   The Mason Civic League, Inc is soliciting donations directly from donors, so the are the funding source.

The Mason Civic League, Inc, which filed an E-Postcard federal tax return in 2010 and 2011 (for non-profits with $50K or less in annual gross receipts), even though they employ at least 2 full-time  political operatives (Matt Calicchio, Tanya Garcia), sponsor Gallery 1200 (rent estimated $36-48K/ annually) is now funding county-wide charities!

Or are they?  We know they are funding Weehawken Mayor Turner's '527' PAC, "Weehawken and You Civic Association"  with donations solicited for use by "charities". 

If the Jubilee Center wasn't notified about the partnership with Mason, was Mayor Turner?


(Original post)

Yesterday we discovered that Beth Mason's operative Barry Brendel (formerly known as 'Not-Perry') was the former spokesman for convicted crook Joe Vas, now serving 14 1/2 years in federal prison for corruption.
Vas pleaded guilty on Nov. 18 to two counts of official misconduct and one count each of theft by unlawful taking and money laundering. Vas admitted that he engaged in a series of corrupt schemes charged in two indictments obtained by the state Division of Criminal Justice in early 2009, including one scheme in which he and Ramos solicited an illicit payment of $58,000 from a city vendor, and a second in which they illegally funneled money into Vas’ congressional campaign via straw donors to evade campaign funding and reporting rules.

Time after time, former mayor Vas demonstrated his propensity to engage in corrupt schemes,” Attorney General Paula T. Dow said. “He took an oath to serve the public, but instead he unlawfully exploited the power entrusted to him.” 
Mason and Brendel are thisclose.  His son Tim is Mason's personal videographer;  Brendel Jr. shot and produced that notorious Nazi Tuck video.  Proud Poppa Brendel  dropped by my Zoning Board meeting last night, stayed a few minutes, then left.

Now that we all know the Mason-Vas connection the following should come as no surprise.

On November 14, Mason, who aspires to County Executive (or U.S. Congress) announced the creation of a non-profit' called "Hudson County Recovers".  As told to the Jersey Journal:
 Hoboken Councilwoman Beth Mason's civic association has created a county-wide non-profit organization dedicated to raising donations for local charities providing assistance for Hurricane Sandy victims.
County-wide non-profit?  Or  fund?

Out of Hudson County's 12 municipalities, Mason's  ad in this week's Hoboken Reporter reads "The Hudson County Recovers fund is dedicated to assisting diverse charities in Hoboken, Jersey City, Union City, Weehawken and Bayonne".  Those municipalities are all in Ruben Ramos' District 33,   except for Bayonne;  Bayonne Mayor Mark Smith is the HCDO Chairman.  A FEMA survey of Hudson County shows Hoboken  sustained 97% of the the county's flood damages, next was North Bergen at 1.3%.  The other municipalities each sustained less than 1% of the total damage to the county (Jersey City had 0.4%, Bayonne had 0.008%).

Now why would a Hoboken Councilwoman trumpet a county-wide non-profit which is actually just for her District- plus the HCDO Chairman's city, when her own city suffered 97% of the damage?

Well, GA discovered your donations do not go to a 'fund' or a dedicated non-profit, they go directly to The Mason Civic League, Inc.

Folks, that's just not kosher.  Opening up a non-profit is not rocket science.  Nor is setting up a dedicated PayPal account linked to a dedicated bank account (the 'fund').  It took more time to write that press release to Charles Hack.

It gets worse.  On the list of  Mason's 'Hudson County Charities' is 'Weehawken And You Civic Association.'

Guess what?

The "Weehawken and You Civic Association" is a '527' Political Organization.  

Back in January, Weehawken Mayor Richard Turner received an ELEC complaint for past excess contributions to his PAC.
Mayor Richard Turner and members of the Township Council recently received a complaint from the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission for allegedly making $32,000 in excess contributions to a continuing political committee in 2006.

The complaint which cites council members Robert Zucconi, Rosemary Lavagnino, Carmela Silvestri-Ehret, Robert Sosa and township/campaign manager James Marchetti, Jr. states that three different political committees were utilized to create excess funds.

The “Weehawken and You 2006 Re-Election Fund” made an $8,000 contribution to the “Weehawken & You Civic Association” in September 2006 and then a $60,000 donation to the “Weehawken & You Action Committee” in November 2006, according to ELEC reports.

 The complaint also indicates that each candidate can face penalties of up to $150,000 for knowingly making the excess contributions
Now, once again.... under the guise of humanitarian need, Mason is soliciting donations (as a non profit) for a PAC in Weehawken- a city with a fraction of the damages sustained in Hoboken, her city.  Or look at it this way, every dollar donated to this PAC in Weehawken, could be contributed directly to a Hoboken-based Charity.

And did you know the Nazi-Truck Guy, Mason operative James Barracato, used to work for Mayor Turner?

Folks, by all means donate directly to any legitimate charity to help our recovery effort. 

Shame on Mason for using our disaster to advance her political career.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Meat Turkey

GA's got the answer for folks who don't like turkey but want to preserve the Thanksgiving tradition... make a  meat turkey!   

GA used ground beef, but you can use sirloin, pork, lamb, chicken, veal, or any combination...    we stuffed ours with a spinach-ricotta blend, then  rubbed it with our homemade cranberry sauce - yum, yum.   Who wants a drumstick?

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

Done! Mmmmm... can't wait to carve this buzzard.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

VBMs Counted

Those of us closely watching as ballots are counted have been anxiously waiting for that barometer of Hoboken election outcomes: VBMs.

Because this election has been interesting on many levels.

In a strange twist, the Kids First incumbents backed by our popular mayor were underdogs against an alignment of powerful, wealthy politicos supporting Move Forward.  Here is Jamie Cryan gushing at the turn-out of political luminaries for Move Forward on the night of their kick-off:

How many Hoboken BoE candidates have their campaign lit written by the Chief of Staff to a NJ Assemblyman?  Move Forward had theirs written by Ramos' aide, Alex Habib.

And while Move Forward's coffers were brimming with cash for Craig's List workers, t-shirts, tv commercials, print ads, posters, midnight flyers and Nazi Trucks (the  Washington Street digs courtesy of Beth Mason),   Kids First was the true grassroots campaign, running on a handful of volunteers and a bare-bones budget.

Move Forward seemed to be everywhere;  one day there were 2 youths in Move Forward t-shirts on the corner of my street and 10 yards away, another four at a table in front of A&P.   I saw posters in storefronts along Washington Street. And a TV commercial on A&E.   (GA was watching "Hoarders")  Strangely, there were no mailers -they must have blown the cash on the Nazi Truck.

So, if the metrics of a winning campaign are its wealthy, powerful benefactors  and bags of cash,  Kids First should have been walloped on November 6.

But they weren't.  Not on the machines.

And the provisional ballots will likely reflect the machine vote.  GA suspects that many provisional  may be those newly-registered by Hoboken Votes, a bipartisan Reform initiative.  Do you know who was on the street registering voters?  Hint: Not Move Forward.

That's why everybody's had their eye on the VBMs.   Those are the Move Forward votes- signed, sealed and delivered at $40 (or more) a pop.   Except...

WHY would Move Forward have done so poorly on the machines that VBMs would need to bridge such a wide margin of Kids First votes?

Because of James Barracato and his obsession with bloggers

Instead of a ground game in the 3rd and 4th Wards and a real GOTV effort, not just buying stuff with Beth Mason's money, Barracato ran amok.   The midnight flyers and Nazi Truck were bizarre.   And monumentally bad politics. They grossed people out, motivated Reform.  And by using Nazi imagery as a weapon, he and Beth Mason are now tied to it forever.  Barracato and Mason are the first to use swastikas in a Hoboken campaign- they've made history together.

Barracato's destroyed Mason's political future- she's forever the Nazi Truck Lady.  

And his unprovoked assault on Roman Brice a few weeks ago shows the degree of his derangement. Now his own people are throwing Barracato under the bus.  So far I've heard that 2 elected officials- one at the County level- are blaming Move Forward's unimpressive results on Barracato and his Nazi Truck.  A lesson for Barracato: the bigger you think you are, the harder you fall.

Well folks, the VBMs have been counted.  Kids First still leads-- all 3 candidates, Jean Marie Mitchell  by 6 votes.

Up against a Goliath, Kids First is the tiny campaign that could. Let's hope they did

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mason Operatives Identified

Mason operatives behind shooting of Nazi-truck video.

Here we go!

GA's got a new source: I call him The Dish.  Trust me gals, this man is no paper-plate.  No, The Dish is machine washable and dries in a rack. Yep, he's dishy alright.  (Know what I mean, ladies?  *wink*)

But that's not why I call him The Dish.  It's because of what he does- dish.  (Maybe I should call him Sir Dish-a-lot?)

Well, today's dish from The Dish solves a GA mystery: who are the duo of Mason operatives that travel together- to the city council, the BoE and the ZBA?    You know, Beth Mason's videographer, who created the infamous Nazi Truck video. And Perry Belfiore's decoy (if he had one), a guy I've nick-named 'Not-Perry'.

Thanks to the Dish dishing some dish they now have names- and a relationship: father and son!

That's right- they're related.  They're not from Hoboken, so Dad and son travel together.  Like they say, the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.

And folks, this tree is rotten.  So is the apple.  In my opinion.

The tree's name is Barry Brendel, former spokesman for jailbird Joe Vas.
Former Perth Amboy mayor Joseph Vas has pleaded guilty to corruption charges, including an accusation that he solicited an illicit payment of $58,000 from a city vendor and illegally funneled money into his unsuccessful congressional campaign via straw donors to evade campaign funding and reporting rules.

Under a plea agreement, Vas, 55, is facing eight years in state prison, including five years without the chance of parole.

Vas pleaded guilty Thursday evening to two counts of second-degree official misconduct, and one count each of theft by unlawful taking and money laundering, both in the third degree, before state Superior Court Judge Anthony J. Mellaci Jr. in Freehold.

In pleading guilty, Vas admitted that he engaged in a series of corrupt schemes charged in two state grand jury indictments obtained by the state Division of Criminal Justice in 2009.
Back in 1999, State Senator John Lynch sued the Brendel-tree, alleging defamation for some very dirty campaign tricks.
Defendant Barry Brendel, a political consultant, was hired by the Tiller campaign organization. Five years earlier, Lynch had retained Brendel, of defendant Barry Brendel Associates, as a political consultant during Lynch's 1986 campaign for mayor of New Brunswick. 

Brendel drafted most of the material reviewed by Dibofsky and Joseph. Tiller gave final approval to all published material. The campaign was marked on both sides by invective.

Senator Lynch issued advertisements claiming that Tiller had lied about his military service, educational background, business experience, and qualifications. In his complaint, Senator Lynch alleges that the Tiller organization's campaign materials, specifically a newspaper advertisement, a mailer, and a flier, defamed him.

The advertisement described Senator Lynch as "THE BOSS OF BOSSES," and claimed he was a partner or officer of "mob-owned companies fined for illegal toxic dumping." Further, it described the people with whom the Senator keeps company: "Mobsters as business partners. Mobsters as clients." The Tiller campaign also distributed a postcard mailer, repeating many of the allegations of the "Boss of Bosses" advertisement. It also quoted from a book by Alan A. Block and Frank R. Scarpitti, Poisoning for Profit: The Mafia and Toxic Waste in America (1985), describing "John A. Lynch, Jr., the Mayor of New Brunswick" as being an owner of a mob-run company that was illegally disposing of toxic waste.

The flier was not identified as originating with the Tiller organization, and defendants deny any responsibility for it. This flier stated that, "John Lynch is CONNECTED to the UNDERWORLD," and attached a photo of an article from a local newspaper. The article described a suspect in a "mob hit" as a member of the Genovese crime family and Lynch's brother-in-law. It concluded: "Our County and State Deserve Better than a MOB-CONNECTED POLITICIAN.""
Lynch lost the case on appeal.

But does this ring a bell- slime-filled invective to assassinate a  target's character in a flyer which is not attributable to the campaign.

And the apple?

His name is Tim Brendel.  He photographed and assembled the Nazi Truck video. 

Like father, like son. 

The Dish let me know that these two show up to harass me at the request of James Barracato.  As you know, Barracato works for Beth Mason.  The Dish tells me that Barracato believes he's "got me on the run."

Really?  I'm not going anywhere.   But we haven't see him lately.  Not since everyone's talking about how Barracato "blew the election" with his Nazi Truck.  I'd be in hiding, too.

Yep, Barracato's Nazi Truck sank Mason from rising to County Executive or U.S. Congress.   The Nazi Truck, Barracato's brilliant political strategy, is an anchor around her political aspirations from now until forever. 

Well, back to the apple and the tree.  It doesn't get more fitting than this: these two live on 'Shady Lane'.

Thank you, Dish.

Minutillo: Stuff It

You'll never guess who got a Thanksgiving Greeting Card from "the Mason's".

Here are some hints:
  • She was the victim of bullying and harassment by "Mason Civic" employee Matt Calicchio- so agreed Judge Sixto Macias.
  • The harassment occurred while with her 5 year-old daughter at Wallace School while Calicchio was on 'Mason Civic" payroll. 
The harassment trial of 'Mason Civic' employee Matt Calicchio
  • She has been an ongoing target of extremely vicious anonymous online attacks by Mason-aligned political operatives mocking her years of service to Hoboken School District and have recently called her "litigious" in the face of prosecuting Calicchio.  Here is one constant antagonist-political operative in a standard hateful rant against Minutillo (who does not blog nor defend herself from this unrelenting, unprovoked online character assassination):
OBSESSION- all because she wasn't invited to a campaign meeting years ago.

  •  Mason wheeled over $7,000 of in-kind money to Minutillo's opposition, Move Forward, and allowed them to use her Gallery 1200 for their headquarters.
  •  Mason operative James Barracato and Move Forward's Joe Branco orchestrated a 'Nazi Truck' smearing a former KF campaign worker with swastikas and demanding that Minutillo and the KF coalition denounce her(me).   Who paid for the Nazi Truck ($100/hour), the photography and video production?
OK... did you guess yet?  (Hint: read post title)

Here's what Minutillo told me:
I did ask to be taken off her mailing list about 4-6 weeks ago..
I walked into gallery 1200 wrote down my name and my address and asked to be removed immediately..
Now, GA's seen some chutzpah, but this takes the cake.  After this litany of abuses to Ms. Minutillo and her FAMILY, Beth Mason sends her this.

I guess you're off her list now, Theresa.


Chat with Pat

Did GA forget to mention my nice chat with NBC News Anchor Pat Battle?

What a nice lady. She was in town a couple of weeks ago on assignment for NBC News.  Well, GA gave her a truckload of information.  Yep, enough to carry back to the news studio in a big truck.  The kind with 5 video screens.  I hope she follows up.

Nice to meet you, Pat!

Monday, November 19, 2012

New Design for 2013

Available today at the Recall Beth Mason Gift Shop!  (Do not accept cheap imitations.)

Be in style for a 2013 Recall Beth Mason Initiative, sponsored by citizens tired of Beth Mason's  obstruction and dirty tricks.  Her latest:  in the aftermath of a devastating hurricane she stopped the wheels of government with a lawsuit against City Councilman Doyle and the Reform majority, paralyzing the City Council in a time of disaster.

Not grossed-out yet?  Mason and her henchmen attacked members of our community with midnight flyers and Nazi Trucks, defaming them for no actual purpose other than because Mason is loaded and she can. 

That's right; Beth Mason bullies others with her wealth; disrupting government after a hurricane,  executing ugly vendettas against citizen-activists.  It's well past time to recall her so you might as well do it in style.  Why be stuck wearing last year's Recall fashions when you can be wearing the latest new design in our Recall Beth Mason Collection? 

Our new design features Beth Mason on her own Nazi truck (that's what the media calls it) with the caption "Recall Beth Mason 2013."

Here is our lovely spokes model Ricky Mason, wearing our latest design.  Ricky loves it so much, he's wearing it over his jacket.


Well, folks, if you'd like your own, please visit GA's Recall Beth Mason Giftshop. It's available in Men's and Ladies sizes.

And, we've got buttons, too!  They're big- 2 1/4" diameter, and for sale right now at GA's Recall Beth Mason Gift Shop!   Wow!

Stylish on your jacket or handbag

Look for new products as we expand our offerings... in the meantime, get your friends and neighbors to hop aboard that Recall Train.  Chooo-choooo.

Stay tuned...

How About It?

Anybody else sick of frivolous lawsuits and Nazi Trucks? 

Truckin' to Hudson County

Truckin' got my chips cashed in
Keep truckin' like the doodah man
Together, more or less in line
Just keep truckin' on

What does the average person do if he/she messes the bed?   Washes the sheets and blankets, then makes it again. If you're Beth Mason?  You move to Hudson County.

Yep folks, she's truckin' outta here, fundraising for 'Hudson County Recovery.'

You know, GA's heart goes out to everyone who's suffered storm-losses in ll of Hudson County. But just take a look at how the storm has impacted Hudson County.  Then you'll see what I mean.  These facts from yesterday's Jersey Journal tell us the enormity of the damage suffered here in Hoboken relative to our neighbors in Hudson County.  
An analysis of aerial imagery by FEMA shows that Sandy damaged 2,316 structures in Hudson County; 1,011 of those structures sustained major damage.

The overwhelming number of the affected structures in Hudson County -- 2,248 -- are in Hoboken, according to the analysis.
Got that?  GA did the math: 97% of the damaged structures in Hudson County were in Hoboken.

97% Hoboken

Of those 2,248 damaged buildings in Hoboken, 974 of those buildings sustained major damage, according to the report.
Again,  96% of the major damage sustained occured in Hoboken.

96%  Hoboken

The next highest total of buildings that sustained major damage in Hudson County was in North Bergen, where out of 31 structures affected by the storm, 24 sustained major damage, according to the aerial analysis as reported by The Star-Ledger.
After Hoboken, the municipality that received the 2nd-most damage was North Bergen: 1.3% damages,  2.3% major damages.

1.3%  North Bergen (damages in HC) 
 2.3% North Bergen (major damages in HC)

 In Jersey City, 10 buildings were affected, according to the aerial assessment, three of them sustaining major damage; and in Bayonne two buildings were affected.
0.4%  (4-tenths of 1 percent) of the damages that occured in Hudson County were in Jersey City:

0.4% Jersey City (damages)
0.3% Jersey City (major damages)

0.08% (8-hundredths of 1 percent) of the damages that occured in Hudson COunty occured in Bayonne.

0.08% Bayonne
Hudson County contains 12 municipalities (ones that Mason is fundraising for in pink font):
1. Bayonne (city)--  31 Legislative District
2. Jersey City (city)-- 33 / 31
3. Hoboken (city)--  33 
4. Union City (city)-- 33
5. West New York (town)--  32
6. Guttenberg (town)--  32
7. Secaucus (town)--  32
8. Kearny (town)-- 32
9. Harrison (town)--  32
10. East Newark (borough)--  32
11. North Bergen (township)-- 32
12. Weehawken (township)--  33
With 97% of the property losses to businesses and residents here in Hoboken, why is Mason fundraising for far more populous Jersey City, Weehawken and Union City- which (according to FEMA surveys) have each have sustained less than one percent of property damage in all of Hudson County?

According to her 'charity', she is fundraising for 4 Hudson County municipalities in the 33rd District: Hoboken, Weehawken, Union City and Jersey City- Ramos' Assembly District.  And Bayonne- Mayor Mark Smith is also HCDO Chairman.

You're sick of hanging around, you'd like to travel
Get tired of travelling you want to settle down
I guess they can't revoke your soul for trying
Get out of the door, light out and look all around

Here's the truth.  Hoboken is a wrecked city.    Larger, more populous cities than Hoboken that suffered fractions of 1-percent of the hurricane damage do not need Beth Mason's charity as much as she needs their votes.

Sometimes the lights all shining on me
Other times I can barely see
Lately it occurs to me
What a long strange trip it's been


Sunday, November 18, 2012


First they ZEROED out the budget surplus for disaster relief.  Then they STOPPED government after the disaster hit.

On one side, we've got the petty, mean-spirited antics of the City Council  ZEROES: who tried to ZERO-out Hoboken's budget surplus last year, the one the Mayor tried to save for emergencies, like hurricanes.

The ZEROES also voted 'NO' on bonding for life-safety renovations to Hoboken Police headquarters: fixing faulty wiring, providing heat, repairing plumbing to stop second floor toilets from leaking on first-floor heads, among many other critical changes needed to protect the public and our police force- read here.

The ZEROES tried to kill our hospital sale, which would have doubled (or tripled) municipal taxes to pay off the $52M bond default, devastated 1,200 families of  unemployed hospital workers at Christmas, destroyed our City's Bond rating making bonding to fund City operations extremely expensive, likely resulting in mssive layoffs of municipal workers.

The ZEROES voted against bonding for a traffic light at very dangerous Hoboken corner required for the opening of a new park, 1600 Park. 

In 2011, the ZEROES voted 'NO' to a traffic light at this deadly corner- 16th and Park
The ZEROES voted AGAINST the acquisition of space for Hoboken Southwest park in the 4th Ward, after ZERO Tim Occhipinti campaigned on creating a park there. 

The ZEROES supported the Move Forward slate of candidates, who campaigned with  Nazi Truck-  a video truck that rode about Hoboken and parked at a public school flashing swastikas. The Nazi Truck was condemned by Hoboken rabbis who asked those responsible to apologize. None did.  (ZEROES are cowards)   Instead, Move Forward donor-ZEROES Theresa Castellano and Beth Mason did not repudiate the Nazi Truck. Not one ZERO did.   A source revealed the Nazi truck was orchestrated by Mason political operative James Barracato and Move Forward co-manager Joe Branco. Conclusion: Beth Mason, member of United Synagogue of Hoboken and the rest of the ZEROES endorse campaigning with swastikas.

Here's their latest attack on Hoboken and it's residents.

The ZEROES have stopped government dead in it's tracks in the aftermath of a historic DISASTER, Hurricane Sandy.  People are suffering- GA is one of them, so is our business community, trying to get back to where we were B.S. (Before Sandy).  The people of Hoboken, and our business community NEED the wheels of government to turn NOW.

But what have the ZEROES done in this historic crisis?

The ZEROES are suing the HEROES: City Council members who collectively saved Hoboken from the destructive efforts of the ZEROES.

The ZEROES are suing the HEROES because the 2 ZEROES (Mason and Russo) rigged an absence and abstention from the vote to fill Carol Marsh's vacancy on the City Council.   So when the Mayor cast a 5th vote to seat Councilman Doyle, guess what?  The Mason Brinks truck rolled in to finance a lawsuit against the Council in order to invalidate Doyle's appointment.  As MSV reported:
According to well placed sources attending the legal proceedings Friday, Judge Bariso followed the limited ruling saying he anticipated an application to see the City Council members reconvene as a body of the whole and vote on the open at-large seat.

The expectation of an application from the City seeing all eight members of the City Council voting on the open at-large council seat may lead to a potential fifth and deciding vote placed by Mayor Dawn Zimmer.

Failure for members to attend and or vote by teleconference if a ruling is made to see a vote of the full body in the same session could see that council member held in contempt of court.
So what does that mean?

The ZEROES are forcing the HEROES to expend their personal finances, time and energy in a Court room instead of GOVERNING during a CRISIS.

The ZEROES are forcing the City to spend money NEEDED to help residents and businesses recover from this DISASTER.

The ZEROES know they will LOSE when the judge approves the City's application to require their attendance for a vote to fill the vacancy.

So why are they doing this?

Because they are ZEROES.  The people will not forget this.

Meanwhile, a well-known (former) virulent opponent of Zimmer and (former) Beth Mason-supporter, the feisty Margaret O'Brien has seen for herself which side really represents the interests of the people, which side is NOT about Facebook photo-ops or politically-motivated charities created to get elected in Hudson County (while campaigning with Nazi Trucks)...

And lights are going on all over the City, from seniors to singles, business owners to retirees, as people see the partnership between Mayor Zimmer and Governor Christie to HELP HOBOKEN while the ZEROES stop government and waste our tax money on cheap political stunts.
Dear Editor:

Nearing the pinnacle of the storm, as the worst possible scenario loomed I approached our busy mayor with the plea that many of us Seniors needed life sustaining medicines and were unable to acquire our meds because of the flooding. She reopened several drugstores, called pharmacies to open and meds became available at no cost, low cost and pay me later cost for many of us, including several children that I know about, and many that I don’t. Lines were long at drugstores…..and they complied.

I would like to thank Rite Aid, Tuckers, CVS, Health Fair Pharmacy and others who waded with the mayor right through their own personal flooding and emergency issues to keep us alive.

An emergency number for meds was immediately set up and passed along on our charged cell phones and word of mouth to those in need. (732) 685-2091 thank you cell chargers and Mayor Zimmer….

I wonder how many casualties would have resulted if this issue was not addressed for all involved in the same. I am humbled in gratitude by so many who rose to the occasion and did so much….a simple Thank you for my life doesn’t seem to be enough…..

Margaret O’Brien-diabetic and Citizen of a great city
You go, Margaret O'Brien. 

Did you know Mayor Zimmer and President Obama had a 20-minute conference call?

Our Mayor has been thrust into the national spotlight, and has been working 24/7 for us during this disaster.   The City Council cannot do the same, because the ZEROES have forced it to Court.  If they can't govern, NOBODY CAN.

Elections have consequences.  Somebody tell that to the ZEROES.

The ZEROES drag Doyle to Court and stop Government during Hurricane Recovery