Venice on the Hudson

View from my third-floor window

Don't Nazi Trucks, midnight fliers and frivolous law suits seem a million miles away now?   Our filthy political season washed out with a brackish tide.  Under normal circumstances, a cause for celebration.

But the cleansing of Nazi trucks came at a very high price. Ruined artifacts of our lives, memories and keepsakes sit curbside in bags almost everywhere you look.  It is sad to see.

You learn about yourself, when you see what you can let go of and what they you don't.  For me, if it's cleanable, it stays.

GA's Cablevision service and internet just came back.  Power returned yesterday.  We took about 15 inches of water on our first floor. As for my boiler and hot water heater, they were submerged for 3 days.  Beneath this:

Storm water to top of basement stair- note floating crap


Is that the biggest pump you ever saw?

Well folks, my heart goes out to all those in our city (and elsewhere) who've suffered loss of any kind.  Though cliche, it will be a long road back to normal.  (Governor Christie called this the "new normal").

No thanks, Gov.  I'll take regular-normal.

And for GA it starts with hot water and heat.  My plumber will probably install a hot water heater  tomorrow, the boiler will take longer...

If any kind soul can spare a space heater (or 2), please contact

Now, people.  If you have damages including your automobile, do not forget to call FEMA: