Earwitness Rumor: Ballot Soup?

Oh my goodness, it can't be true!

GA was shocked at the news that Roman 'Da Horsey' Brice was assaulted by Beth Mason political operative James Barracato on Saturday in front of 1200 Washington Street- now the headquarters of the School Board slate, Move Forward (MF).

Da Horsey was simply photographing the MF campaign posters hanging in the windows of the tax-exempt 501(c)(3)-sponsored Gallery1200 (did you know that's not kosher?  Non-profits are prohibited by law from engaging in political activities).

Mason Civic League, Inc. non-profit hosting a political campaign?  Looks like it. credit: MSV

What happened next? A crazed Barracato came running out of 1200 Washington and delivered "repeated blows to the chest" to Horsey- in his words they were "very hard and violent". One can see in this photo of Horsey's assailant taken at the scene of the assault, those beady, rage-filled eyes darting insanely from side-to-side:

Note beady rage-filled eyes.  credit: MSV
Well, that part is NOT a rumor; GA heard it straight from Da Horsey's mouth.  Here's the RUMOR part.

WHY was Mason operative Barracato as off-balance as an intoxicated anchovy?

  • Mason operatives expected Move Forward to win on a tidal wave of VBMs.
  • Mason operatives successfully harvested a tidal wave of VBMs.
  • The designated Ballot Bearers did NOT return the ballots to the Board of Elections.  Instead, they STORED them at an undisclosed location and... 
  • MFs ballot stockpile got DROWNED in a tidal wave of storm water which (according to rumor) turned them into BALLOT SOUP!  Oh the humanity!

So, my EARWITNESS tells me the hapless Barracato directed his soggy-ballot rage at  poor Horsey and physically assaulted him in front of many witnesses.  Unfortunately, they are mostly Mason-allies and expected to have collective amnesia on the details of the assault.

Barracato's version of his unprovoked attack has been told to sources at the Hoboken Reporter, which  they surely will publish as gospel.


  1. At an alleged average of $40 a pop, that's an expensive mess of pulp fiction.

    With our recent power outages, there were a lot of worthwhile things you could still do in the dark; voting shouldn't be one of them. Two thirds of the Move Forward team have never attended a school board meeting.

    With their alliances to characters who have no healthy reason to be involved in our school board election and with their propensity to lie, voters should not even consider their ticket.

    Their motivation is wrestling back control of Hoboken, the city the Old Guard raped and pilaged. Some are on a phucked up power trip, others are seeking ego gratification and a stepping stone to a corrupt political career, but make no mistake - the one thing they and their supporters all have in common is control of our 63 million dollar school budget. That our kids' educations and futures are lost in the gamble doesn't matter a whit to them.

    Vote KIDS FIRST and send the Move Forward candidates looking for another gig. We hear there's at least one recently vacated job opening at the Art Gallery/Civic Association/501(c)(3)violating store "front" run by public enema # 1.


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