Minutillo: Stuff It

You'll never guess who got a Thanksgiving Greeting Card from "the Mason's".

Here are some hints:
  • She was the victim of bullying and harassment by "Mason Civic" employee Matt Calicchio- so agreed Judge Sixto Macias.
  • The harassment occurred while with her 5 year-old daughter at Wallace School while Calicchio was on 'Mason Civic" payroll. 
The harassment trial of 'Mason Civic' employee Matt Calicchio
  • She has been an ongoing target of extremely vicious anonymous online attacks by Mason-aligned political operatives mocking her years of service to Hoboken School District and have recently called her "litigious" in the face of prosecuting Calicchio.  Here is one constant antagonist-political operative in a standard hateful rant against Minutillo (who does not blog nor defend herself from this unrelenting, unprovoked online character assassination):
OBSESSION- all because she wasn't invited to a campaign meeting years ago.

  •  Mason wheeled over $7,000 of in-kind money to Minutillo's opposition, Move Forward, and allowed them to use her Gallery 1200 for their headquarters.
  •  Mason operative James Barracato and Move Forward's Joe Branco orchestrated a 'Nazi Truck' smearing a former KF campaign worker with swastikas and demanding that Minutillo and the KF coalition denounce her(me).   Who paid for the Nazi Truck ($100/hour), the photography and video production?
OK... did you guess yet?  (Hint: read post title)

Here's what Minutillo told me:
I did ask to be taken off her mailing list about 4-6 weeks ago..
I walked into gallery 1200 wrote down my name and my address and asked to be removed immediately..
Now, GA's seen some chutzpah, but this takes the cake.  After this litany of abuses to Ms. Minutillo and her FAMILY, Beth Mason sends her this.

I guess you're off her list now, Theresa.