Voter on the 34th Floor

So, our FBI friends sat this one out.   From reports trickling in to GA, this was an election with massive voter fraud perhaps on a scale our city's never seen.

You know the saying about cockroaches: for every one you see there are thousands you don't.

Same goes for funky VBMs: for every one you hear about there are hundreds you don't.

A source tells GA:
some one said he lives on the 34 floor of marine view and his vote still counts. Some one says he lives in my friends apartment and he doesn't (and never did) and the vote still counts - this is crazy.
The 34th Floor of Marine View?

You mean, the building that's got 25 Floors?
1 Marine View Plaza
I guess in Hoboken anything's possible.

We've got dead people voting  with Ouija Boards, even ones that didn't die in Hoboken  (which would have made them eligible to vote in our 4th ward)... Hoboken's got invisible voters, voters living on imaginary floors,  voters with imaginary voting spouses, even pets get to vote in Hoboken.

The unanswered question is how many of these VBMs escaped The Great Citadel Drowning?

The scuttlebutt is that hundreds of absentee ballots warehoused at 450 7th Street ( the Citadel) went to a watery grave called Sandy.  As you know, these ballots are supposed to remain in the custody of their respective ballot bearers whose job it is to bring them to the Board of Elections.  They aren't supposed to be stored by the bushel in someone's basement.  Oops.

So more scuttlebutt is that these soggy VBMs were placed in mailboxes all over town to coverup the mass-drowning.  And the official story is that the ballots got wet inside the mailboxes.  (You know, those fearsome mailbox rain storms.)

GA is not sure what the Post Office thought when they retrieved a pile of soggy VBMs amidst a heap of dry letters.

Ah well, this is Hoboken.  I call it the' Land of No Consequences' because it is.  The Feds sat on their hands and let a tainted  election Move Forward. Boo hiss.

While the people who waved red flags and dared to discuss this and other corruption about Hoboken got hit with Nazi Trucks, midnight flyers and frivolous, politically-motivated law suits.

 The Feds hit Union City yesterday.  When is it our turn?  Until then, the voter on the 34th floor is having a good laugh. 

Let's hope the cheating isn't decisive.  We'll know in 5 days.


  1. If the story of the pulp-fiction that is the mucky mess of those drowned ballots is true, the Old Guard has a new problem. By utilizing the U.S. Postal Service, they've now elevated their crime and its punishment to a federal offense. It would appear as though the crime of mail fraud carries with it some serious fines and prison sentences - per incident - that would be per ballot in this case.

    Oh goody!

  2. what i felt was dangerous the marine view one building: there was one table saying if your last name is l thru z come to this table....on the same side was A thru K. Now that is logical and goes by last name. But when i got there I wasnt on that list but on another table by building????? Listen you cant have both,either its by last name or by building not both...that alone could cause voter fraud.


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