Sully Gets it (Almost) Half-Right

GA just read Al Sullivan's take on The ZEROES' latest stunt: the surgical removal of the 5th Reform vote on the City Council, Jim Doyle.  (The ZEROES are: Beth Mason, Mike Russo, Tim Occhipinti and Terry Castellano- because all 4 voted to Zero-out our budget surplus last year- which funds   disaster operations, like hurricanes. )

While Sully reads the stunt correctly, the equivalency he  strikes between the behavior of The ZEROES and the Reform majority is WRONG.  

Trust me, it's a big step for The Hoboken Reporter to acknowledge any bad behavior by weekly ad-buyer Beth Mason, which he sorta does here:
For some reason, Doyle-opponent Councilwoman Beth Mason was conveniently absent when the vote was cast in October...
So it seems in order to do that, the other side (Reform) must be portrayed as either provoking or participating in equally bad behavior.
Normally, a four-four vote would allow Mayor Dawn Zimmer to step in and cast the deciding and thus fifth vote. But normal is not a word frequently used in Hoboken, where political maneuvering is treated like sport, and scoring points on the opposition is more important than actually running the city.
Really, Al?  You wrote yourself in your November 11th column:
“The lady worked hard,” said political figure normally associated with the Old Hoboken crowd, noting that hatred of Zimmer may have hurt the anti-Zimmer coalition. “Zimmer wasn’t even paying attention to the election. She was working to get the city restored. 
Not only Zimmer- but Reform majority Council members and the Kids First campaign dropped all election activities to focus on resident needs post-Sandy.

In fact, one Kids First candidate was delivering food to Marne View and helping a resident there obtain medication when she witnessed a petulant, inert Theresa Castellano hanging around in the building lobby complaining about Mayor Zimmer's "communication" during the storm.  Get the picture?  In a state of emergency, others dropped election politics and rushed about Hoboken to care for resident victims, while ZERO Theresa Castellano stands around and jawbones about the mayor.  

Maybe Castellano could have stopped bitching about Zimmer for 5 minutes  to make lunches at City Halll for her constituents at Marine View?   Then of course, there's the ZERO who uses Hoboken's disaster to raise her political profile in Hudson County with an alleged "non-profit" that is actually fundraising for Weehawken Mayor Richard Turner's 527 Political Organization, Weehawken and You Civic Association.

Al, do you see the Mayor or her allies pulling any of that crap? So when you said:
You have to love Hoboken, where the political hacks rant while the rest of the city drowns in the foul waters of Hurricane Sandy. 
What you should have said was:

"You have to love Hoboken where political hacks like Theresa Castellano rant about Mayor Zimmer  and disaster-opportunists like Beth Mason self-promote charities that front her Hudson County aspirations, and obstructionists like Tim Occhipinti and Mike Russo  paralyze City Council operations with Mason-funded frivolous lawsuits while the rest of the city drowns."

Pssst...  Al, you know that giant generator that Mason had at 1200 Washington?  Someone told GA she needed it for her copy machine.   Was Move Forward considering a late round of midnight flyers- perhaps a Nazi Truck sequel?

Who knows.     

One thing is not in dispute. A member of the Old Guard was overheard saying this: "That guy Barracato is completely obsessed with Nancy."

We know.  Somebody tell his wife.

Back to Sully's column, one more thing he got wrong:
...some insiders must have known that she (Carol Marsh) intended to resign, yet she waited until after the legal deadline that would have required a special election...
"Some insiders must have known...?" Yeah, the "insiders" were her husband and her son.  It was a terribly difficult decision Marsh made for personal reasons and came as a surprise to all.

Better watch out, Al.  I hear one can get sued for expressing opinions in print these days.