Fake 'Zimmer' Sign Epidemic

About 50 of these 18" x 24" signs were found hanging (illegally) around our city this morning, until somehow they ALL fell OFF.  Coincidentally.  Now you see them, now you don't.  Isn't it amazing how that happens?

Well these signs borrow Zimmer colors and graphics to deliver a Russo-Mason-Castellano-Occhipinti messages, expensively-produced trickery to manipulate voters into thinking this is the popular mayor's position.


FAKE 'Zimmer' sign has no 'paid for' verbiage, akin to a midnight flyer

Dawn Zimmer and the Reform City Council majority want you to vote YES on Public Questions 1 and 2.

That means ONE election in November, and NO run-off.  The REAL machine wants scattered elections because they are EASIER to BUY.

Speaking of 'buying'... a PAC called Let the People Decide is asking voters to vote 'No' on Public Questions 1 and 3.

Oct. 15, 2012 ELEC for Let the People Decide PAC.  All small donors?

Well, folks.  By all means if you haven't voted yet then DO.  And when you get to the bottom of the screen VOTE KIDS FIRST:  K--L--M.


  1. Let the People decide is most likely big bad landlord Hugh Hothem.


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