Markevitch To Ask For a Recount

GA hears that Liz Markevitch of the Move Forward Nazi-Truck campaigners is asking for a recount.

I would probably do the same. After all, a mere 78 votes separate Markevitch from Jean Marie Mitchell and guess what?   In any other place, that would be an insurmountable lead.  But.... this is Hoboken!

All Markevitch needs is a box with 79 VBMs to turn up at the Board of Elections, maybe under a desk....  it happens all the time.   Remember the June 2009 runoff between Peter Cammarano and Dawn Zimmer:
During the week, a box of 79 absentee ballots was found under a desk at the County Board of Elections office. With those votes and some provisional ballots still to be counted, the candidates and their lawyers met at the county offices Friday for a final count.
79!  Maybe Markevitch will find one, too.

GA hears she has obtained the services of Steve Kleinman, and if true, that's nothing to shake a stick at.

Kleinman, Hoboken's former Corporation Counsel, is an excellent attorney.   And requesting a recount in a tight election is valid.  It's certainly not the kind of case that would be rejected by every respectable lawyer in the state of New Jersey, though I hear there's a dumpster filled with ambulance chasers in Ohio.  Nope, no need for out-of-state dumpster-diving and certainly Kleinman will do his best for Markevitch.

But is he versed in black magic?  Voo-doo, potions, incantations or spells?   GA's pretty sure that's the only way to recover those 79 votes... except for finding that box under the table.  

So, it appears the earliest the recount can began is December 5, 2012, the day the hearing is scheduled.

Well, we live in a democracy and GA has the  highest respect for our courts, so we all await the outcome.

Go, Jean Marie!