Mason Operatives Identified

Mason operatives behind shooting of Nazi-truck video.

Here we go!

GA's got a new source: I call him The Dish.  Trust me gals, this man is no paper-plate.  No, The Dish is machine washable and dries in a rack. Yep, he's dishy alright.  (Know what I mean, ladies?  *wink*)

But that's not why I call him The Dish.  It's because of what he does- dish.  (Maybe I should call him Sir Dish-a-lot?)

Well, today's dish from The Dish solves a GA mystery: who are the duo of Mason operatives that travel together- to the city council, the BoE and the ZBA?    You know, Beth Mason's videographer, who created the infamous Nazi Truck video. And Perry Belfiore's decoy (if he had one), a guy I've nick-named 'Not-Perry'.

Thanks to the Dish dishing some dish they now have names- and a relationship: father and son!

That's right- they're related.  They're not from Hoboken, so Dad and son travel together.  Like they say, the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.

And folks, this tree is rotten.  So is the apple.  In my opinion.

The tree's name is Barry Brendel, former spokesman for jailbird Joe Vas.
Former Perth Amboy mayor Joseph Vas has pleaded guilty to corruption charges, including an accusation that he solicited an illicit payment of $58,000 from a city vendor and illegally funneled money into his unsuccessful congressional campaign via straw donors to evade campaign funding and reporting rules.

Under a plea agreement, Vas, 55, is facing eight years in state prison, including five years without the chance of parole.

Vas pleaded guilty Thursday evening to two counts of second-degree official misconduct, and one count each of theft by unlawful taking and money laundering, both in the third degree, before state Superior Court Judge Anthony J. Mellaci Jr. in Freehold.

In pleading guilty, Vas admitted that he engaged in a series of corrupt schemes charged in two state grand jury indictments obtained by the state Division of Criminal Justice in 2009.
Back in 1999, State Senator John Lynch sued the Brendel-tree, alleging defamation for some very dirty campaign tricks.
Defendant Barry Brendel, a political consultant, was hired by the Tiller campaign organization. Five years earlier, Lynch had retained Brendel, of defendant Barry Brendel Associates, as a political consultant during Lynch's 1986 campaign for mayor of New Brunswick. 

Brendel drafted most of the material reviewed by Dibofsky and Joseph. Tiller gave final approval to all published material. The campaign was marked on both sides by invective.

Senator Lynch issued advertisements claiming that Tiller had lied about his military service, educational background, business experience, and qualifications. In his complaint, Senator Lynch alleges that the Tiller organization's campaign materials, specifically a newspaper advertisement, a mailer, and a flier, defamed him.

The advertisement described Senator Lynch as "THE BOSS OF BOSSES," and claimed he was a partner or officer of "mob-owned companies fined for illegal toxic dumping." Further, it described the people with whom the Senator keeps company: "Mobsters as business partners. Mobsters as clients." The Tiller campaign also distributed a postcard mailer, repeating many of the allegations of the "Boss of Bosses" advertisement. It also quoted from a book by Alan A. Block and Frank R. Scarpitti, Poisoning for Profit: The Mafia and Toxic Waste in America (1985), describing "John A. Lynch, Jr., the Mayor of New Brunswick" as being an owner of a mob-run company that was illegally disposing of toxic waste.

The flier was not identified as originating with the Tiller organization, and defendants deny any responsibility for it. This flier stated that, "John Lynch is CONNECTED to the UNDERWORLD," and attached a photo of an article from a local newspaper. The article described a suspect in a "mob hit" as a member of the Genovese crime family and Lynch's brother-in-law. It concluded: "Our County and State Deserve Better than a MOB-CONNECTED POLITICIAN.""
Lynch lost the case on appeal.

But does this ring a bell- slime-filled invective to assassinate a  target's character in a flyer which is not attributable to the campaign.

And the apple?

His name is Tim Brendel.  He photographed and assembled the Nazi Truck video. 

Like father, like son. 

The Dish let me know that these two show up to harass me at the request of James Barracato.  As you know, Barracato works for Beth Mason.  The Dish tells me that Barracato believes he's "got me on the run."

Really?  I'm not going anywhere.   But we haven't see him lately.  Not since everyone's talking about how Barracato "blew the election" with his Nazi Truck.  I'd be in hiding, too.

Yep, Barracato's Nazi Truck sank Mason from rising to County Executive or U.S. Congress.   The Nazi Truck, Barracato's brilliant political strategy, is an anchor around her political aspirations from now until forever. 

Well, back to the apple and the tree.  It doesn't get more fitting than this: these two live on 'Shady Lane'.

Thank you, Dish.


  1. Bottom-Dwelling Parasites, both of them, along with James "Fin-Boy" Barracato. These folks are like common criminals who, if they applied themselves to legitimate activities, might be quite successful. Instead, they plot and scheme to cause personal damage to others. This is why they will always ultimately fail, like that Pariah, Beth Mason.


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