Breaking: VOTER SUPPRESSION in Hoboken

Location: 10 Church Towers.

It's November 6, Election Day and the dirty tricks to steal the election for Raia-Castellano-Russo-Mason slate Move Forward begin.  GA reported an Earwitness Rumor yesterday of a massive stockpile of VBMs ruined by storm water.

So it looks like 'Plan B' is turning away selected voters at the polling stations.

This came in from a 10 Church Towers voter early this morning:

GA called the nearly-disenfranchised voter for details.

This voter does not live at 10 Church Towers, home of Mama Russo, but that's her polling location.

As she waited to vote, the man ahead of her was turned away because they "couldn't find his name."  The man was wearing a business suit and on the way to work.  He was a young guy, from the neighborhood but not a Church tower resident.  He left without voting.

Next, she gave her name to the woman working the polls.  And spied a Russo endorsement letter for Move forward in her hand.  The poll worker told this voter "I can't find your name". Instead of leaving, the voter argued with the poll worker until her name was "found".  Then this voter took the Move Forward endorsement letter from the poll worker and told her "you're not allowed to have this."

The flustered poll worker said she "found it on the floor."

Unbelievable.  GA will post the Russo letter when I get it. 


If you are told you "can't be found" but you KNOW you are registered to vote at that location DO NOT LEAVE WITHOUT VOTING.

These are the authors of the dirtiest political campaign in memory.  Attacking citizens whose political discourse they don't like, now they are attacking the fundamental American right to elect the government we want by this systematic purge of voters 'likely' to support Kids First.

Please tell your neighbors to VOTE.  And DON'T be turned away.

Please VOTE for the CLEAN School Board slate:

And if you experience or witness any such funny business, contact:


  1. Poll workers I spoke with at Fox Hill and the 13th Street firehouse told me of a lot of confusion, people's names not being in the register, unhappy voters who had to vote by provisional ballot (some did / some didn't), a lot of anger expressed.

    Soon, VBM will come to mean "Victim of Beth Mason" and the Old Guard and that list keeps getting longer...


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