BoE Race Results....

Go Kids First!

...are expected today.  GA heard yesterday:
Just spoke to Brian Cardeno (works with Harper). He thinks we'll know tomorrow midday/afternoon. 
That's Michael Harper, Clerk of the Hudson County Board of Elections.

The "Unofficial Results"  for Hoboken School Board last updated on November 20th,2012 looked like this:

Later that day, word came down that VBMs were counted;  Kids First was still in the lead, but the margin was 6 votes between Jean Marie Mitchell and Elizabeth Markevitch.

GA has heard an unconfirmed rumor that an astronomical number of VBMs were thrown out- somewhere in the neighborhood of 600.  (Were those the rumored soggy, barely-legible ballots that were warehoused at The Citadel?  Double-votes? Under-aged dead people?)

That sounds awfully high to me, but... this is Hoboken.

The Hoboken Reporter had this update yesterday:
It's just about three weeks after the Nov. 6 elections, and still there are no final results on three public questions or three victors for the three Board of Education seats. Hudson County Board of Elections clerk Michael Harper said Monday, "I have Hoboken's provisional ballots in front of me as we speak. I'm shooting for Wednesday." The hold-up to produce final numbers was due to a few things.

Presidential elections generally see higher numbers in turnout, for one. "People come out of the woodwork," said Harper.

This was the first election where vacant seats on the nine member Board of Education were voted on in November rather than April.

Also, due to Hurricane Sandy, more people were able to vote electronically, and the deadline was extended to the Friday after the election. The Hudson County Board of Elections office was able to receive mail-in ballots up until Nov 19, so long as they were postmarked by Nov 5.

Due to Sandy-induced interruption in mail service, the office was still receiving ballots by the bins as late as Nov. 14.

"The only thing outstanding now are the provisional ballots," Harper said. "There are probably 1,500 to 1,600, definitely the most provisionals I have ever dealt with."
There you go.

Another unconfirmed rumor is The Dark Side expects to be trounced and will drag this to court.. because that's the Dark Side mantra: if you can't beat 'em, sue 'em. 

Well, GA will keep you posted, and our four-legged friend, Da Horsey.

Fingers (and hooves) crossed for a Kids First sweep!