Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Dark Side's BoE Ticket

 It's official!

Oops, forgot one!  Look who took the photo:

BUSTED- Anthony "War Stick" Romano, Dark Side photographer and Warlord

Oh, boy.   

Ms. Kauffman and Ms. Montgomery, did you know that Mr. Madigan has a colorful record of 'alleged' profanity-laced outbursts at various Reform School Board Trustees in public, on the street with their children present.  

GA was told of one 'alleged' incident several years ago (2010, I think) at a local Italian street festival.  According to a parent-witness, Madigan yelled "bitch!" at a Kids First Trustee who was at the fair with her young child.  Around that same time, another 'alleged' outburst on Washington Street occurred prompting another Kids First Trustee to file a complaint. As reported in The Jersey Journal.
"Minutillo told police Thursday that she was walking her 3-year-old daughter to school that morning when an SUV pulled alongside them, a police report said. The report stated that Minutillo said that Madigan shouted obscenities at her from the SUV. The police generated a summons complaint for harassment, and the case will recommence at later date in court, police said."
Here is another 'alleged' incident as told to GA: 
Madigan screamed at two Parents for Progress candidates,  calling them “____ bitches" in front of their children and other families at the Sinatra little league field during the 2014 board of education campaign.
Madigan has had profane outbursts at School Board meetings as well.

A former School Board Trustee told GA:
He called us 'c*nts' at a boe meeting. He was sitting in the audience behind the interim super mr carter when he belted it out.
Okay...  Politics makes strange bedfellows, as the saying goes.  Does it get any stranger?

Yeah, it does.

Ask Britney Montgomery and John '%#*&@!' Madigan  who celebrated with Carmelo 'Happy Meal' Garcia at his campaign's Kick-off.

Does Ms. Montgomery know how "Happy Meal" Garcia has been reporting his McDonald's Happy Meals, trips to Dunkin Donuts, Target, ShopRite, CVS and NJ Devils games  as "campaign expenses" on his "Garcia for Assembly" ELECs?

GA can only guess that Ms. Kauffman, reportedly a "nice mom," is a total neophyte to Hoboken politics.  Otherwise, WHY is she running with that crew?

Well, she is.  As the saying goes: you dance (and vote) with the ones who brung you, so it is clear Kauffman has thrown in with the Dark Side

In fact, BoE candidate Alanna Kauffman celebrated with Dark Side's glitterati at Mike Russo's Tuesday night kick-off.  Ms. Kauffman and her running mates were there with anti-Zimmer candidate Russo and ALL of the Dark Side's anti-Zimmer municipal candidates! Take a look:

Click on image to read

Earwitness News: Mama Knows Best

A few days ago, GA reported that a swath of Tiffanie Fisher signs tore themselves off of upper Washington Street storefront windows two days in a row!  Either that, or the Fisher campaign signs were removed by human hands...

According to a fresh Earwitness report, at least one of the Washington street store owners did witness the removal of the sign in their window on Saturday, September 19, 2015.   Further, this store owner has identified the owner of the pair of hands that removed their Fisher sign! 


It is unknown if this pair of hands removed any other of the 15-20 Fisher signs yanked that Saturday and Sunday.

GA will not name this window sign-remover witnessed in the act by the store-owner.  Nope, the  alleged yanker is not a member of any political campaign, but is alleged to have contributed DNA to one of the candidates.   

Well, it is silly season.  Hoboken elections and advocates for candidates on both sides get over-heated, and do silly things- like ripping down window signs.  We hope Fisher's signs continue to hang undisturbed on Washington street and elsewhere, and that cooler heads prevail as we get closer to the big day, November 3.

That's the day GA hopes you will vote for:

Michael DeFusco (1st Ward)
Tiffanie Fisher (2nd Ward)
yourself (3rd Ward)
Dana Wefer (4th Ward)
Peter Cunningham (5th Ward)
Jen Giattino (6th Ward)

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

'Dunkin' Garcia violates NJ Election Law

Carmelo Garcia for City Council threw a $300/person fundraiser at Mikie Squared on August 5, 2015.

According to NJ election law, Garcia should have filed Form D-1 on or before August 15, 2015:

Would it surprise you that Carmelo Garcia's "Municipal Office 2015" ELEC folder is EMPTY?

Garcia's campaign hasn't filed a D-1 Form since the candidate began raising and spending money.

Spending on what?

Oh, this 5.5" x 8.5" full-color, double-sided glossy campaign lit...

This print ad on page 3 of this week's Hoboken Reporter...

The block party he hosted this weekend...

And the "free" coffee he reportedly handed out this morning at Dunkin Donuts...  

Garcia has blown through a considerable amount of money, and it's not even October.

How much money has he gotten, and from whom?  How much has he spent?

Why isn't Garcia obeying election law, and filing his D-1 with ELEC?

What do you think?

Monday, September 28, 2015

Carmelo LIES to neighbors, gets caught by PolitiFax

Yum, yum!  Assemblyman "Happy Meal" Garcia charges McDonalds outings to taxpayers

Here's what happened.

On June 29, 2015, Carmelo "Happy Meal*" Garcia launched his campaign by distributing a deceitful letter to his 6th Ward neighbors.  In it, Garcia took credit for the repaving of Bloomfield Street!

click letter to read
What chutzpuh.

Garcia's done NOTHING at all for Hoboken's road resurfacing project- nothing except claim credit.

Nope, the Bloomfield street repaving is part of a massive 2015 road resurfacing project by the City of Hoboken in coordination with replacement of PSE&G gas lines.  In fact, PSE&G recently completed gas line replacment on GA's street (Willow Terrace). Carmelo had nothing to do with that, either.

The City bonded twice for repaving; $1.8 million, then $2 million, approved at the City Council.  In fact, Councilwoman Jen Giattino advocated for all of Bloomfield to be repaved- not Carmelo "Happy Meal*" Garcia.

Carmelo "Happy Meal*" Garcia figured he could get away with stealing credit in the letter to his Bloomfield neighbors in the 6th Ward, because door-to-door lying usually flies under the radar.

Somehow,  Politifax got word of the phony's baloney;  The New York Times once wrote "everyone in politics in New Jersey reads PolitiFax,"  and on August 5 published this:  

reprinted with permission from Politifax

What did GA tell you?  Garcia is full of shit, which PolitFax said more nicely.

Speaking of full-of-shit, GA is still reeling from Garcia's fecal masterpiece in this week's Hoboken Reporter:


777 days ago, Carmelo Garcia filed his "ethnic cleansing" lawsuit against the City of Hoboken.  He has since amended it twice.  Hoboken City taxpayers have already paid the $150,000 deductible for Mayor Zimmer's defense.  Carmelo Garcia has not withdrawn his lawsuit.  He is "viscerally responding without much forethought" leading Hoboken to "expensive litigation and happy  lawyers." This CRAPP suit is nearing the end of the discovery phase, but may drag on for years.

Now re-read his "letter" then read this, the lastest iteration of Carmelo Garcia v Dawn Zimmer, et. al:


The truth about Carmelo Garcia must get out or his lies will grow like hothouse flowers. 

God forbid, Assemblyman Carmelo "Happy Meal*" Garcia gets elected as our 6th Ward Councilperson.

(*Carmelo Garcia used "Garcia for Assembly"campaign funds for meals at MacDonald's, trips to ShopRite, Target, CVS, ExxonMobil, NJ Devil's tickets, etc.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Mr. Happy Meal

click on graphic to read
These are among  Carmelo's "campaign expenses..."   taxpayers bought his Happy Meal

When a Pupie falls in the forest and there's no one to hear him did he make a sound?

GA doesn't care who's OUT of the race.   It matters who is IN.

Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia wants to replace Jen Giattino on the City Council, and that is a terrifying thought.   Garcia is the last person in Hoboken who should be entrusted with public money.  Remember Garcia spent $385,000 to replace vinyl flooring in 10 HHA elevator cabs?  Remember the 14 incorrectly sized, new "Sandy-proof" generators, that sat in an HHA parking lot for almost 2 years?   Remember that FEMA's Hurricane Irene grant to raise HHA generators that silently disappeared in 2011, before Sandy hit (2012)?  The list goes on and on...   

GA has taken a look at "Garcia for Assembly" ELEC reports, specifically campaign disbursements, which are the expenses paid by the campaign.

Garcia's April 21, 2015 ELEC (when Garcia was replaced on the ticket) shows the Assemblyman blew through hundreds of dollars in taxpayer money at McDonald's, Target, ShopRite, CVS, Dunkin Donuts, Exxon Mobil, for NJ Devils tickets, at a newstand (calling it a "meal for campaign meeting"), for numerous "meals for campaign meetings" in local restaurants.  

On January 30, 2015, a day Garcia was in Trenton, he charged three "meals for campaign meetings:" 2 in Hoboken (Delfino's, Grimaldi's) and 1 in Trenton.
Hungry Carmelo.  Taxpayer-subsidized dining at 3 restaurants in two cities in one day.
Questionable expenditures pop up on other ELECs.  On October 1, 2014 Garcia gave a $300 "contribution to non-profit organization," RSK Academy.  Rising Sun Karate Acadamy is not a non-profit.   The "check no." is left blank.

One can only imagine what the unreported expenditures have been since.

 6th Ward candidate Carmelo Garcia's utmost contempt for Hoboken taxpayer is evident; taxpayers have ALREADY PAID the $150,000 deductible to defend  his moronic  "ethnic cleansing" complaints against Mayor Zimmer, her husband, and other public officials. 

We need folks to volunteer for the Jen Giattino campaign, to ensure Hoboken residents are protected from the likes of Mr. Garcia.

Please, make sure your friends and neighbors are registered to vote and on November 3, please...


Thursday, September 24, 2015

Harvard Math

2015 candidates Carmelo Garcia (6th Ward), Peter Biancamano (2nd Ward).  [Note to satirically-challenged, out-of-towners: Carmelo Garcia's garb has been photo-shopped]

GA does not have a Harvard diploma like candidate Carmelo Garcia, but I do have a calculator. Why mention this?   Because when GA looked inside Mr. Garcia's 2015 campaign ELEC folder, it was empty.  Zip!   In fact, the last ELEC report filed by Carmelo Garcia was on April 21, 2015 for "Garcia for Assembly."  

GA's not Harvard material, so I don't understand the math on Garcia's April 21st ELEC.

Let's start with $47,441.67.   Under Receipts (Table 1),  Garcia reports the "cumulative to date" monetary contributions in excess of $300 (Schedule A) equals $47,441.67.  That means, if you total all of the individual contributors' aggregate contributions on Schedule A, they will equal $47, 441.67.  Right?

WRONG!  You aren't using Harvard math.

GA used plain math (learned in NYC public school) to add the aggregate contributions on Schedule A and instead of $47,441.67, I got a non-Harvard total of $384,043.84. 

That's a difference of $336, 602.17!

Understand the problem?

"Garcia for Assembly's" Schedule A REPORTED  $384,043.84 total aggregate amount in monetary contributions, but REPORTED Schedule A "cumulative-to-date" receipts as $47,441.57.


Somebody who understands Harvard math, please find the MISSING $336,602.17! 

Where did the money go?????

See Receipts, Table 1:

Now, see Schedule A (page 1): GA's non-Harvard math total aggregate contributions for this page is $252,430. 

Schedule A, page 2 GA's non-Harvard math total aggregate contributions for this page is $86,984.84.

 Schedule A, page 3. GA's non-Harvard math total aggregate contributions for this page is $44,629.

Look, I am no genius.

GA has to rely on a calculator and a NYC public school education. Therefore, I am counting on YOU people to figure this out for me. Here is the complete ELEC:

Harvard math is like magic.... it makes big piles of money disappear.... POOF!

That is why we should not elect a Harvard magician for City Council.

That is why Hoboken residents should stick with boring Reform math.  There is nothing magical about it-  we don't know how to make 4,000,000 quarters disappear or squander $150,000 of your money on  a frivolous ethnic cleansing lawsuit against the Mayor, her husband, and other current and former Hoboken officials.

Please folks, tell your 6th Ward friends and neighbors to


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Out-of-Towners for Biancamano

 Vandalized Tiffanie Fisher window sign in 1018 Washington Street vestibule. Fisher's signs were ripped out with fragments of tape and paper left.

The blowback from yesterday's post, "Biancamano ripping down opponent's window signs?" has been furious and revealing.

In short, GA recounted that on Saturday, September 19 Tiffanie Fisher's campaign had posted window signs in several Washington Street businesses.  Her signs were torn down within hours.  On Sunday September 20, Fisher, two little helpers and her campaign manager returned to hang new window signs where the old ones had been the torn-down 24 hours earlier.  After hanging the signs, Ms.Fisher's group ran into her opponent Peter Biancamano on 10th Street.  He was standing 2 doors down from where Fisher had re-hung one of her posters "10 minutes ago."  After a brief, friendly chat with Biancamano, Fisher's group headed north on Washington,  passing the  storefront where they'd hung that sign "10 minutes ago"... it was GONE.  So were almost all of the other signs the group had hung that Sunday... GONE, observed by the group as they walked north on Washington Street.

Those are the facts.

Now for the opinion, GA added: 
But, c'mon. He was right there. And if Biancamano didn't do it himself, he saw who on his campaign was walking up and down Washington street ripping down Fisher's window signs.
So what's the big deal?  The Biancamano campaign can openly and honestly confront the irrefutable fact that  Fisher campaign signs on Washington Street were vandalized two days in a row. The Biancamano campaign can openly and honestly disgree with anything I have written.  The campaign can deny any involvement  or (what they should have done) acknowlege the vandalism but say it was done "without consent of the campaign."

That's what an honest campaign would have done.  

Here's what happened instead.  And it is revealing about WHO is supporting Biancamano and WHY.

In the last 24 hours, GA's article and website have been vigorously attacked while Biancamano vigorously defended, in a blizzard of posts from out-of-town. 

Yep, dozens of comments have come from out-of-towners in Hackensack, Secaucus and Scarborough, Ontario, trying to discredit the narrative and the messenger.    

These out-of-towners who neither vote nor pay taxes in Hoboken are working their little hearts out to elect  Peter Biancamano


My buddy in Hackensack might have tipped off what's behind the sound and the fury in this post:

GA welcomes honest disagreement and debate.

Skulking in on proxies and pretending to be "reformers" with a stake in the outcome of Hoboken's election is not honest.

So now that we know Biancamano is running a shadow campaign using out-of-town operatives to discredit reporting on dirty campaign tricks and "shoot the messenger," we are waiting to hear the "truth" the candidate claimed his campaign would tell. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Biancamano ripping down opponent's window signs?

2nd Ward Candidate Tiffanie Fisher out hanging campaign posters on Sunday, September 20, 2015.  This photo snapped about "10 minutes after" Fisher and her little helpers hung a window sign in a Chinese restaurant, and before they stopped to chat with her opponent, Peter Biancamano.   Biancamano (seen in photo) was standing 2 doors away from the Chinese restaurant.   After chatting with Biancamano, Fisher and the children passed the Chinese restaurant; the window sign they had just hung was GONE.

In fact, GA spoke to the Fisher campaign this morning in response to this comment posted on MSV yesterday:

Here is what I was able to confirm, so far.

The Tiffanie Fisher campaign went out on Saturday morning and hung window signs in 2nd Ward businesses on Washington Street.  Fisher's window signs were hung in storefronts after obtaining permission from the owners.  All of the businesses were on 10th street and above.

Within a few hours, Fisher's signs were gone.  Store owners who were asked reported they did not see them taken down, did not know what happened.

The next day, Ms. Fisher, the candidate, went with members of her campaign to put the Washington street window signs back up.  This time, they hung the signs with  "extra taping" so they could not be taken down so quickly and easily.

On the way back, walking north on Washington street, Ms. Fisher bumped into opponent Peter Biancamano, who is seen in the above photo standing two doors south from the Chinese restaurant where Ms. Fisher had hung window signs "10 minutes earlier."

After a brief, civil chat with her opponent,  Fisher continued north and looked over at the Chinese restaurant...

Her window sign was GONE.

One of several Washington Street businesses where Tiffanie Fisher window signs were vandalized- TWICE

Note,  no one witnessed candidate Biancamano tearing down the sign himself, and no one from Fisher's campaign (that GA spoke to) accused him of doing so.

But, c'mon.  He was right there.

Tiffanie Fisher's little helper
And if Biancamano didn't do it himself, he saw who on his campaign  was walking up and down Washington street ripping down Fisher's window signs.

For the 2nd day in a row.

Most of the signs Fisher re-hung on Sunday were torn down almost as soon as they were hung.  The campaign told GA 10-15 signs were vandalized.

Out of 10-15 ripping events, why didn't one storekeeper "see" their window sign being removed?

Maybe MSV's Spongebob7227 knows something: "Washington businesses were forced to remove Tiffanie's posters "or else."

Is this what Anthony Romano's "war" on Reform looks like?

Is this how Biancamano "brings Hoboken together?"

Thuggish behavior from Biancamano's crew is no big surprise.   In April of 2011,  Matt Calicchio was caught on security camera video ripping down a Jen Giattino window poster from Kayla's cleaner's in the 6th Ward. The owner of Kayla's alleged that she had been threatened with a "$100 fine" if the sign were not removed, before the thug ripped it down.

MSV broke the story, where you can still see the video of the brazen sign heist.

top: 2nd Ward candidate Peter Biancamano campaign kickoff HCV video still,  parolee John Corea and Matt Calicchio seen in the frame  bottom:  Matt Calicchio caught on security video ripping down Jen Giattino window sign in April 2011
This is going to be a lonnnng 6 weeks.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Monarch Man

Beth Mason's departure from the scene won't stop a tsunmai of loot from washing into Hoboken's municipal election.

The signs are already there.

5th Ward candidate Eduardo Gonzales is pitching the transfer of open space on the BASF site for "residential towers."  More precisely, he repeated a developer's proposal from the City's confidential negotiations with BASF.

Are developers speaking directly to Gonzalez?

One thing is certain.  Gonzales has taken the developer's side; he's NOT advocating for the public good, but for developer profit.  Does over-crowded, densely populated Hoboken need "two residential towers" more than it needs a 6-acre park?  Who is he kidding?

GA can't wait to hear the Dark Side's opposition to a rooftop municipal pool...

Oh, rooftop pools are great when developers provide them on luxury buildings, like the one going up on Willow and 14th, or the proposed Monarch.

Speaking of the Monarch,  2nd Ward candidate Peter Biancamano won't be demanding the Barrys make good on their promise of open recreational space instead of (2) 11-story waterfront TOWERS. Candidate Biancamano is very, very careful with his words about the Monarch project.  Here is what he wrote recently in The Hoboken Reporter:
"In too many instances, communication between the administration and the community has been lost. The residents of the Tea Building and the community as a whole deserve to know all the details regarding the Monarch project."
Rhetorical Fluffernutter.

Clearly Biancamano aims at low-information voters because everyone else knows "the community" has been FIGHTING with the Zimmer administration AGAINST the Monarch project since at least 2011... and 2nd Ward Candidate Tiffanie Fisher has been there on the front lines.

Here is what Tiffanie Fisher wrote 1 1/2 years ago in The Hoboken Reporter:
"In 1997, Applied signed a Developer’s Agreement with the City of Hoboken and the Hoboken Planning Board for its Shipyard Planned Urban Development which covers the area east of Hudson St. and north of 12th street. Under this agreement, a number of buildings were to be (and have been) built, with the last block to be developed as open space, tennis courts, and parking... In May 2011, only after it realized substantial profits from the completion of all of the buildings at the Shipyard, Applied announced that it no longer intended to build the open space as previously agreed."
Are those enough "details regarding the Monarch project" for Peter Biancamano?

All of the above is why GA expects targeted infusions of developer money in the 2nd and 5th Wards. Stuff that won't show up on ELECs. Mailers from pop-up citizen's groups from out-of-town, print ads, even ads on cable TV.  The Dark Side's monied friends are counting on Biancamano and Gonzalez to give them control of the Council.

Speaking of campaign loot, GA took an ELEC stroll on the Dark Side.

All candidates have opened up a D-1  except for Michael Russo and Frank Raia.   Interestingly, Eduardo Gonzalez has left the Chairman position blank, provided no day/evening telephone numbers, and his campaign Treasurer lives in Clifton, NJ.  

For inquiring minds... here is the 'first' Hoboken Democratic Committee ELEC report filed under  Romano-Russo control.  It shows zero monetary receipts for this quarter.  

Stay tuned. By the way...

GA hears Freeholder/ Democratic Committee Chairman Anthony Romano  has declared "war" on Reform.  

Oh, dear.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Eye of the beholder

From Hoboken's ShopRite
What do you see?

GA's 12-year old said, "It looks like a nose!"  Do you see a nose?  I saw a... well....  I guess it's in the eye of the beholder.

Here is Harvard man, Carmelo Garcia's Facebook platitude: "I want to thank the hard men and women workers at NJ Transit..."

"Hard" like GA's over-sexed eggplant?  I guess it's in the eye of the beholder.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Earwitness Rumor: Killer Combo at Lola's

An Earwitness tells GA that two ex-Hoboken officials were spotted in the crowd at Lola's, celebrating with 2nd Ward candidate Peter Biancamano at his kick-off: former Construction Code Official Al Arezzo and former Director of Parking Utility John Corea.

True or false?   GA's earwitness says "true."

If so, those two are a "Killer Combo!"   Here's another "Killer Combo:"

"Killer combo" excerpt from politickernj

This photo was taken at 6th Ward candidate Carmelo Garcia's Kick-off, attended by Peter Biancamano.   (Okay so, GA swapped out Anthony Romano for Carmelo Garcia in the photo, but aren't they a "Killer Combo?")

Speaking of 6th Ward candidate Carmelo Garcia.... 

An interesting point came to light in a dicussion about the free floating pool offered to Hoboken in 2000, that floated to Brooklyn in 2004.

Hoboken lost this free pool

As reported on March 5, 2004 in The Hudson Reporter's, " 'Our pool has floated to Brooklyn' Pols point fingers as free pool possibility passes ":
The on-again, off-again concept of bringing a permanent floating swimming pool to Pier C Park appears to be off again, as the charity foundation that was donating the pool has reached an agreement with Greenpoint, Brooklyn instead.... In December of 2000, former Mayor Anthony Russo held a press conference to announce that an Olympic-sized municipal swimming pool, to be donated by the Neptune Foundation of New York, would be the "crown jewel" of the new plans for Pier C Park. The pool value was worth approximately $2 million. When the Roberts administration came into office, the plans for the pool were put on hold. According to city officials, there were concerns that the pool would be too large for Pier C, and that getting Department of Environmental Protection permits could be challenging.   
Ummm, would someone like to explain how a floating pool could be "too large" for the Hudson River?   

Never mind. So would anyone like to guess WHO  in the Roberts Administration  was the Director of Recreation  "when plans for the pool were put on hold"?

Linked in bio excerpt, 6th Ward candidate Carmelo Garcia

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Hoboken's Rooftop Pool

 proposed municipal garage rooftop can be converted to active, rcreational space

Naysayers Eduardo Gonzalez whine that we should deal BASF proposed park space over to developers for "residential towers",  Terry Castellano whines taxpayers should pay more for BASF property, and  3rd Ward Councilman Mike Russo whines the 6-acre BASF site amounts to a "4 acre park."  Others on the City Council have a constructive, positive vision for Hoboken; a vision of what can and will be done to improve the quality of life for residents once the BASF property is acquired.

In the discussion of the BASF bond ordinance, two Councilmen hit GA's sweet spot: the desire for a municipal pool in Hoboken.

These are the ones that 'got away:' a free floating pool offered to Hoboken by the Neptune Foundation in 2000 that floated to Brooklyn in 2004, and a developer's promise to build a pool and community center in Hoboken in 2007:
A couple of weeks ago, the City announced, along with the Tarragon/URSA Development Group, that a new community center and swimming pool are in store for the city's Northwest Corridor, a formerly blighted area of industrial remains that will see rapid development over the next decade. Construction of the center and pool, on 11th Street between Madison and Monroe, will begin in 2006, and current plans call for the center to open to the public in 2007. According to Mayor Roberts, the building will be Hoboken's first new community building in more than 30 years, and the Mile Square's first public swimming pool. Many long-time residents have hailed these plans, remembering the days when, as children, they had longed for a place to cool off during the hot summer days. Their age-old dream is about to become reality. Destined to be 26,000 sq. ft. in size, Mayor Roberts has announced plans for community brainstorming meetings to figure out how this space can best be filled. He hopes to see some or all of the following included: exercise rooms, lockers, showers, a dance studio, and community activity rooms. As for the pool area, there will be a children's pool separate from the larger, main one, as well as an outdoor deck with a decorative brick wall protecting those on the inside from the traffic of 11th, Madison, and Monroe Streets. 
left: URSA-Tarragon's Pool & Community center proposal, right: floating pool first offered to Hoboken, docked in Brooklyn, now the Bronx
For a decade, the dream of a world-class municipal pool was forgotten.

Now the City is moving to acquire 6-acres from BASF for a park and municipal garage.  If the City doesn't build this wonderful amenity for our community now, it never will.

GA believes a perfect location would be atop the proposed municipal garage.  Yep, on the roof. Currently, the proposed location for the garage is the 0.68 acre lot on the northwest former of Adams and 13th Streets.  The size of this lot is approximately 200 x 150 feet.

Creating active, recreational space on the roof of the municipal garage would return the entire footprint of the BASF property to active, recreational space.  An elevator to the roof would allow easy control of  access to the pool on off-hours or off-season.  The rooftop location would provide sweeping panoramic views... it can be as beautiful as the pool Mayor Brian Stack built for Union City.

The City can call in developer promises to help fund its construction.  (Yeah, no one should hold their breath...)

A community pool is a promise to hardworking taxpayers whose time has COME.  These are the pools our neighboring municipalities have built for their residents. Guess WHICH community pool is provided by the following municipalities:
1. North Bergen 
2. Union City 
3. Jersey City 
4. West New York 
5. Secaucus 
6. Hoboken

Post your answers, GA will tell you if you are correct.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

WHY there is still no 9/11 memorial in Hoboken

STOPPED CONSTRUCTION of Hoboken's 9-11 Memorial 2 1/2 years ago

Once again, GA bumps up against our local media's tendency to "clear up" problems for the Dark Side.

One of theses 'problems,' exacerbated by the anniversary of September 11, is the unreported fact that Hoboken would have a 9-11 Memorial built today but not for "NO" votes on bonding the for construction of the designed memorial on March 20, 2013.  The "NO" votes were all cast by anti-Zimmer members of the City Council: Terry Castellano, Michael Russo, Tim Occhipinti and Beth Mason

Playing politics with the memorial for Hoboken's 9-11 dead is about as low as it gets.

GA wouldn't even dignify the unanimous "NO" on erecting Hoboken's 9-11 memorial  by calling it "bottom of the deck" politics.  It is lower than that.

So when The Hoboken Reporter published this  "City lost most people in one zip code, but... Still no 9/11 memorial in Hoboken," the fact that 4 elected officials voted against funding the construction in 2013 was missing...

and then, imagine the  GALL of  Terry Castellano to tell the Reporter:
First Ward Councilwoman Theresa Castellano said that Manasquan, N.J. didn’t lose any residents and yet they have a memorial. 

 “We lost over 50 people. We should have one,” she said during the meeting. “We ask all the time and we get the answer that we’re working on it.” 
Castellano's opponent, First Ward candidate Michael Defusco really takes exception to Terry's hypocrisy.   Here is what he told me, verbatim:

DeFusco: "...politics should be put aside."
"Every time I read through the list of those Hoboken residents lost on 9/11, what always gets me is the ages of the victims. These were people my age -- hardworking young professionals who left Hoboken one beautiful September morning and never came home. The oldest, Jean Andrucki was only 43 and the youngest, Nick Branemarti, just 21. We lost 57 residents that day yet Hoboken still has no permanent memorial for them. I seriously question First Ward Councilwoman Theresa Castellano's 2013 vote to deny a bond that would have permitted the construction of a memorial on Pier A. There are times when politics should be put aside and when human life and remembrance means more than ideological differences. Councilwoman Castellano's vote was unfortunate, but I hope to see a 9/11 Memorial approved within the next year."

Amen, Michael.

Here is At-Large Councilman Ravi Bhalla, who co-sponsored the failed 9-11 memorial constuction Ordinance with 6th Ward Councilwoman (candidate) Jen Giattino, pleading with  Castellano, Occhipinti, Russo and Mason not to "politicize" the 9-11 memorial,  and to approve the ordinace to start constuction.

If you vote in Hoboken please, WATCH THIS.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Was Garcia really "in the bathroom?"


As a 6th Ward resident, the honesty of my Council representative matters most.

So when a GA reader sent me a  Hudson Reporter article, about offensive statements made by Mr. Garcia's then-Assembly aide at an April 10, 2014 HHA meeting, this caught my eye:

Click article to enlarge
"Reached by phone late Wednesday night, Garcia said that he was in the bathroom when Waiters made the comments about Jewish people and that he could not fire her over comments he did not bear witness to."

Was that TRUE?   

Was Assembyman Carmelo Garcia really doing a "Numero Uno" or "Numero Dos" when his $10,000 a year Assembly-aide went off on the Jewish people?

GA went back to the transcript of the April 10, 2014 HHA meeting.

On page 131, Ms. Waiters is called to speak.

page 131- April 10, 2014 HHA meeting transcript

On page 133, Executive Director Garcia leaves, saying, "I will be right back. Please wait."   The recess, until Garcia returns, is recorded as  lasting "two minutes."

On page 138,  Ms. Waiters begins her tirade about Jews after Director Garcia has returned to the meeting (from the bathroom?)

On page 187, Carmelo Garcia's then-Assembly aide speaks for a second time, again ranting about Jews in the presence of her boss, Carmelo Garcia. 

Based on EVIDENCE, Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia was PRESENT during his Assembly aide's tirade(s) about the Jewish people.   

And said, and DID nothing.

GA Note: HHA meeting transcripts here: