Harvard Math

2015 candidates Carmelo Garcia (6th Ward), Peter Biancamano (2nd Ward).  [Note to satirically-challenged, out-of-towners: Carmelo Garcia's garb has been photo-shopped]

GA does not have a Harvard diploma like candidate Carmelo Garcia, but I do have a calculator. Why mention this?   Because when GA looked inside Mr. Garcia's 2015 campaign ELEC folder, it was empty.  Zip!   In fact, the last ELEC report filed by Carmelo Garcia was on April 21, 2015 for "Garcia for Assembly."  

GA's not Harvard material, so I don't understand the math on Garcia's April 21st ELEC.

Let's start with $47,441.67.   Under Receipts (Table 1),  Garcia reports the "cumulative to date" monetary contributions in excess of $300 (Schedule A) equals $47,441.67.  That means, if you total all of the individual contributors' aggregate contributions on Schedule A, they will equal $47, 441.67.  Right?

WRONG!  You aren't using Harvard math.

GA used plain math (learned in NYC public school) to add the aggregate contributions on Schedule A and instead of $47,441.67, I got a non-Harvard total of $384,043.84. 

That's a difference of $336, 602.17!

Understand the problem?

"Garcia for Assembly's" Schedule A REPORTED  $384,043.84 total aggregate amount in monetary contributions, but REPORTED Schedule A "cumulative-to-date" receipts as $47,441.57.


Somebody who understands Harvard math, please find the MISSING $336,602.17! 

Where did the money go?????

See Receipts, Table 1:

Now, see Schedule A (page 1): GA's non-Harvard math total aggregate contributions for this page is $252,430. 

Schedule A, page 2 GA's non-Harvard math total aggregate contributions for this page is $86,984.84.

 Schedule A, page 3. GA's non-Harvard math total aggregate contributions for this page is $44,629.

Look, I am no genius.

GA has to rely on a calculator and a NYC public school education. Therefore, I am counting on YOU people to figure this out for me. Here is the complete ELEC:

Harvard math is like magic.... it makes big piles of money disappear.... POOF!

That is why we should not elect a Harvard magician for City Council.

That is why Hoboken residents should stick with boring Reform math.  There is nothing magical about it-  we don't know how to make 4,000,000 quarters disappear or squander $150,000 of your money on  a frivolous ethnic cleansing lawsuit against the Mayor, her husband, and other current and former Hoboken officials.

Please folks, tell your 6th Ward friends and neighbors to



  1. Team Ramos Damage ComtrolSeptember 24, 2015 at 2:00 PM

    Pretty simple really. Sun Chong Kim and Gilberto Paz love and admire Harvard's Garcia exactly $42076 worth. They both arrived at that number quite independently of each other.

    As they are otherwise known as people if modest means they wished for their largesse to remain anonymous. Being a Harvard gentlemen Mr Garcia honored their wishes by excluding their donations from his receipts. You see they each made 42076 separate $1.00 contributions, never at any time coming close to the $300 itemization threshold.

    Happens all the time. It's been cleared up.

  2. I guess now we know how Monarch Man can afford Cory Booker's former chief of staff to be his lackey spokesperson.

  3. Abracadabra. Garcia took in all this dough, but carries a $25k obligation to Genova Burns. Things that make you go hmm.

    1. Convicted felon and former Mayor Peter Cammarano worked for Genova Burns.

      Didn't the Mason's also employe Genova Burns for one of their many legal gambits ?

  4. Those people did not each give him an aggregate of $42,000. That was probably the aggregate amount of all of Garcia's contributions at the time the contribution was made instead of the aggregate amount of the contributor's contributions. Meaning there's no hidden money just a mistake on the form.

    While there are many reasons to support Jen over Garcia, this seems like its just a mistake by an inexperienced treasurer.

    1. The aggregates are very close but not identical. Were that true, it should be the same amount reported for all. It doesn't make sense. It looks to me like a few large contributions were divided among parties.

  5. I blame common core.

    Also, maybe this explains the financial abnormalities found on the HHA's books when Mr. Carmelo left.

  6. Carmelo charging his groceries to the taxpayer.

  7. Carmelo charging restaurant tabs to the taxpayer as "business meetings" including McDonald's! That cheap fuck can't even pay for his own happy meal.

  8. Carmelo's shopping trips to Target charged to taxpayers.

  9. Look, if the ELECs don't fit, you must aquit.
    Hopefully, you'll enjoy this rhyme and not convict.

    We can. We wil. Cash us!

  10. You know, just because you sit in on a program doesn't make you a graduate of the institution with a degree...

    "...selected in 2012 by NeighborWorks of America to attend the Achieving Excellence in Community Development Program at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. Mr. Garcia successfully completed this program on December of 2013."

    Source: http://carmelogarcia.com/biography/

  11. Oh, and relative to the topic of the this article, apparently the executive training program Achieving Excellence lists as their ROI:

    "An internal assessment of just one class alone showed that just months after the program’s conclusion, participants identified nearly a half-billion dollars of new capital leveraged by their organizations, which they attributed in some measure to the program. This represents an amazing $300-to-$1 return on investment."

    Sounds like new capital was identified :)



    I can. I will. Stop looking at me.

  13. "Mr. Carmelo, must you always use taxpayer money to buy me?"

  14. Jen is going to crush it in this election, it won't even be close!

    1. False.

      Carmelo has been running a door-to-door disinformation campaign in the 6th Ward (my ward).

      We in the 6th Ward have to fight for every single vote, every vote matters. Further, redistricting in the 6th Ward means a swath of voters have been added, and will be voting for Jen for the first time.

      Contact the campaign and see how you can help Jen win Nov. 3.

    2. Everyone knew that Carmelo would lie his ass off to anyone who would listen in this campaign. He's going to take it to an unheard of level of fabrication that would make the devil blush.

      He's gonna go all out fabricator. No one knows how many victims will buy into Carmelo's very long list of lies.

      GA is right. Contacting the campaign to see how you can help will play a very big role in countering the Carmelo liefest. It has to be done!

      Otherwise, Hoboken will be in for a very, very big nightmare. Again.
      Thank you very much you lying scumbag Mr. Carmelo!

    3. Anon @ 5:38, your plea for complacency is falling on deaf ears. Try again.

    4. Catfish, to call you a bottom feeder would be redundant. Nobody said you should be complacent, all I said was Jen is going to crush it- that's my informed opinion. You should get outside more, instead of living your life on two local blogs like a 14 year old searching for acceptance through social media.
      GA- thanks for the advice of contacting Jen's campaign but there really is no need for that, Jen and I are friends. Jen will crush it and it will have nothing to do with the blogs, sorry hun.

    5. If you are really a friend of Giattino and reform then you know the last thing we need -and the last thing Giattino would want- is someone counseling everyone that the race "won't even be close." And yes operatives will use that tactic to encourage complacency. It's very hard to believe that would come as a surprise to a reformer. So too is your contempt for the blogs which have an important role to play - like getting out information about ELECs. Or getting out information about how the election is in the bag so no one needs to bother.

      So in summing up....stuff it.

    6. Troll @ 8:51- you are no friend of Jen's. She doesn't socialize with rude jackasses, and futhermore since I am "friends" with Jen, no one helping her is crowing how she is going to "crush it."

      My advice to contact Jen's cmpaign was not for Trolls, but for people who know it will take a lot of hard work to win the 6th Ward.

      As for advising Catfish to "get outside more"- you really shouldn't talk, since you haunt my blog like an angry ghost.

  15. Dunkin Donuts consumerSeptember 24, 2015 at 7:49 PM

    Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia charged taxpayers repeatedly for "meals for campaign meetings" at Dunkin Donuts.

  16. Taxpayers pay for Carmelo's gas at ExxonMobil.

  17. Carmelo Garcia and Michael Russo know how get dirty to get what they want.

  18. Raia's deal has nothing to do with the sewage authority! People should know that being a Sewage authority commissioner is not a no show job and requires real work. Not all commissioners get health insurance!

    1. Pupie wanted the health insurance.
      He had serious heart problems earlier in the year and as an old, overweight guy it would cost him a bundle out of pocket to maintain the same level of medical insurance.
      The State cut off health benefits for all part time employees but Pupie is grandfathered in if he gets to stay on.

    2. Raia-Russo deal with Roque in West NY has everything to do with the Sewerage Authority.

      It also has something to do with the legal contract West NY would like put into the pocket of a certain lawyer there at City Hall.

      Other sewerage commissioners jacked off taxpayer benefits. The public ain't crying about it. They still get $5,000 a year to show up once a month to a brief meeting.


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