Coalition of Broken Hearts


Just when you think Hoboken politics can't get nuttier...

2nd Ward candidate Peter Biancamano allegedly 'breaks up with Frank 'Pupie' Raia in a "public" argument at City Hall...  

Break-ups can be sad, even tragic.  But what do you call it when one person's rebound relationship is with a guy who called their ex a "f*cking buffoon" and a "disgrace?"

That's gotta hurt!  

Imagine how you'd feel.

Allegedly the spat occured because Biancamano was angry that "Zimmer made a deal" with Pupie.

Only she didn'tPupie knows it. Biancamano knows it.  So what's up?

2nd Ward candidates: left: Mrs. Brian Murray, Ramos supporter  right: Peter Biancamano, on Ramos' ticket

Enter 2nd Ward's Bonnie Murray, wife of politico Brian Murray.  MSV reported that Murray was at the Ramos kick-off.

Is Murray on board with Biancamano to siphon votes from Reform's Tiffanie Fisher?

Was the Pupie-Biancamano split 'real' or is theirs a coalition of broken hearts? 

Where's Ruben?


  1. 20 comments but not one of them on topic. Thank you angry stan hating guy for pissing all over GA.

    It looks like the angry guy obsessed with Stan is working for Ruben. I notice how he pops up on to take GA and msv threads off topic. Angry stan-obsessed guy pops up under different names on both, especially when the topic is Ruben's ticket.

    Any comments on topic today?

    Here's one. If we could subpoena Frank's phone records bet he's bring up the wires with Peter B. This City Hall fight is as phony as a 3 dollar bill Ruben, can't come up with a better one.

  2. I wonder who wrote that letter for Biancamano in the Reporter. He sure didn't.

  3. So in Carmelo's esteemed opinion, the children in the Hoboken Public Schools will be best served by a disgruntled ex BOE employeee whose nickname is "Psyche" and a woman who has run for multiple offices without ever bothering to attend a meeting?

    Would he feel as confident in their ability to run his child's school?

  4. Britney Montgomery looks like her finger's stuck in a light socket.

    1. Or Carmelo is squeezing her ass.

  5. Pupie,

    I wish I knew how to quit you.


  6. Pupie got Sandwich Head 466 VBMs in the BOE race. He would not drop him unless someone else was going to make sure he got his VBMs. Which makes him having an ethical issue with Pupie quite a joke.

  7. I predict: starting with this election cycle, Mr. Carmelo will take the throne vacated by Beth Mason and become the reigning king of the political photo op kiss of death. Any candidate seen posing with him is destined to lose, much like most of those who stood alongside Mason's smiling face.

    The only known living exception to this rule was Timmy, who is rumored to have used his 500+ layers of VBM ballots to insulate himself from the devastating effects.

    1. Carmelo Garcia doesn't have a record of being successful at anything so he has his taxpayer paid Assembly staff churn out anything that they think will get him some press.

  8. Not one person in any of the above photos should any reform minded resident even consider voting for in November.

    For a better Hoboken vote:
    Ward 2 Fisher 1E
    Ward 4 Wefer 1D
    Ward 5 Cunningham 1C
    Ward 6 Giattino 1C


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