WHY there is still no 9/11 memorial in Hoboken

STOPPED CONSTRUCTION of Hoboken's 9-11 Memorial 2 1/2 years ago

Once again, GA bumps up against our local media's tendency to "clear up" problems for the Dark Side.

One of theses 'problems,' exacerbated by the anniversary of September 11, is the unreported fact that Hoboken would have a 9-11 Memorial built today but not for "NO" votes on bonding the for construction of the designed memorial on March 20, 2013.  The "NO" votes were all cast by anti-Zimmer members of the City Council: Terry Castellano, Michael Russo, Tim Occhipinti and Beth Mason

Playing politics with the memorial for Hoboken's 9-11 dead is about as low as it gets.

GA wouldn't even dignify the unanimous "NO" on erecting Hoboken's 9-11 memorial  by calling it "bottom of the deck" politics.  It is lower than that.

So when The Hoboken Reporter published this  "City lost most people in one zip code, but... Still no 9/11 memorial in Hoboken," the fact that 4 elected officials voted against funding the construction in 2013 was missing...

and then, imagine the  GALL of  Terry Castellano to tell the Reporter:
First Ward Councilwoman Theresa Castellano said that Manasquan, N.J. didn’t lose any residents and yet they have a memorial. 

 “We lost over 50 people. We should have one,” she said during the meeting. “We ask all the time and we get the answer that we’re working on it.” 
Castellano's opponent, First Ward candidate Michael Defusco really takes exception to Terry's hypocrisy.   Here is what he told me, verbatim:

DeFusco: "...politics should be put aside."
"Every time I read through the list of those Hoboken residents lost on 9/11, what always gets me is the ages of the victims. These were people my age -- hardworking young professionals who left Hoboken one beautiful September morning and never came home. The oldest, Jean Andrucki was only 43 and the youngest, Nick Branemarti, just 21. We lost 57 residents that day yet Hoboken still has no permanent memorial for them. I seriously question First Ward Councilwoman Theresa Castellano's 2013 vote to deny a bond that would have permitted the construction of a memorial on Pier A. There are times when politics should be put aside and when human life and remembrance means more than ideological differences. Councilwoman Castellano's vote was unfortunate, but I hope to see a 9/11 Memorial approved within the next year."

Amen, Michael.

Here is At-Large Councilman Ravi Bhalla, who co-sponsored the failed 9-11 memorial constuction Ordinance with 6th Ward Councilwoman (candidate) Jen Giattino, pleading with  Castellano, Occhipinti, Russo and Mason not to "politicize" the 9-11 memorial,  and to approve the ordinace to start constuction.

If you vote in Hoboken please, WATCH THIS.


  1. The sad truth is that Castellano, Mason, Occhipinti and Russo thought that trying to embarrass the Zimmer Administration was more important to them and their politics of hate and obstruction, than doing the right thing and funding the 911 Memorial.

  2. Only in Hoboken would a dysfunctional Council hold up construction of a 9-11 memorial. That's how much Terry Castellano and the rest hate Zimmer. These people have to GO.

  3. I Like Michael Defusco but he does a very bad job at Zoning. I need a variance for a small deck in my yard and what a mess he caused, cost me $15k and got denied. What a joke.

    1. You wanted a small deck and Michael Defusco personally ended up costing you $15k. Details please.

      Never mind. Here's a better question.

      Did you ever think you'd end up shilling for Terri Castellano?

    2. Not buying a word of it but I understand why your doing it.
      However, these kinds of lame posts make Terry Casetllano look bad and that is good.

    3. Can someone please buy the Ramos/Garcia team a copy of "Trolling for Dummies"? They really need help.

    4. TwoSlatesBetterThanOneSeptember 17, 2015 at 7:09 AM

      Not for nothing GA, but Michael deFusco was not a Hoboken resident on 9-11-01 and did not know those people he listed in his stump speech- you present above.
      Castellano and Russo voting "No" was disgusting.
      But any candidate using 9/11 as a political tactic should be ashamed. Supporting a memorial and asking why we still don't have one is not nefarious, there are plenty to blame. Three Mayors and multiple council variations have failed to get a proper memorial erected. It's ALL THEIR FAULTS.

    5. Team Ramos Damage ControlSeptember 17, 2015 at 7:20 AM

      Lots of people didn't know the victims, including people that lived here. But they're neighbors and no single city was hit harder than Hoboken.

      But definitely keep trying to expand the circle to as many people as possible rather than the people on our ticket who most recently voted against the memorial and then feigned disappointment that there was no memorial.

  4. What a shame that for all her talk about respect for the families of those killed on 911 Councilwoman Castellano blocked the funding of their memorial here in Hoboken.

  5. Voting NO was awful, BUT, There has been a ZIMMER MAJORITY for almost 2 years now, there's been plenty of time to overturn the NO vote or reintroduce the funding for a memorial. They are all to blame. It's fine to go back to 2-3 years to finger pointing at the Old Guard or Roberts, or Cammarano or Daddy Russo , but at some point Mayor Zimmer needs to take responsibility for actions or actions when she has held the majority. There's been more funding put towards bike lanes than the 9/11 efforts.
    To hold up DeFusco as if he's a saint is a bit interesting, since he was an acolyte of Team Cammarano / Fitzgibbons and had Signs for Castellano in his window as well as being rabidly against Eric Kurta just 4 years ago when this gang was doing real damage to Mayor Zimmer and The Hospital.

    1. Team Ramos Damage ControlSeptember 17, 2015 at 7:04 AM

      Bonding requires 6 votes. We saw it again last night. Beth, Terri and Mike voting against a game-changing park. When you have shore homes and out of state real estate holdings, I guess you don't need a park. Timmy flipped only because the writing is on the wall for him.

      Blaming the countless failures to fund common sense on Zimmer because of a 5 - 4 majority when everyone knows that 6th vote is the deal-breaker is pure spin.

      But it's better than anything else we have, so let's go with that.

    2. They have 6 votes now when you add Tim

    3. When Tim needed Beth's money he voted the way she wanted.
      Now that the money is no longer flowing from Beth Tim needs votes to stay in office and the best way to do that is to vote for what is best for the people of Hoboken.

  6. If anyone watched the last council meeting, you would vomit... The ass kissing between Timmy and Doyle was bizarre. Why is Timmy ( now an MSV ad sponsor )now such a hero?
    Should we expect as Mayor Zimmer called Raia's entry another "Last minute surprise"?

    1. Team Ramos Damage ControlSeptember 17, 2015 at 7:06 AM

      I suspect he is a hero because he voted for a park and the people on our ticket voted against a park.

      But let's go with the misdirection anyway. The less people think about the park the better.

    2. It really is funny to watch the Ramos gang try and steer things here. Good luck kids

    3. After watching last night's CC meeting it was clear
      fad diet's don't work in the long run.


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