Carmelo LIES to neighbors, gets caught by PolitiFax

Yum, yum!  Assemblyman "Happy Meal" Garcia charges McDonalds outings to taxpayers

Here's what happened.

On June 29, 2015, Carmelo "Happy Meal*" Garcia launched his campaign by distributing a deceitful letter to his 6th Ward neighbors.  In it, Garcia took credit for the repaving of Bloomfield Street!

click letter to read
What chutzpuh.

Garcia's done NOTHING at all for Hoboken's road resurfacing project- nothing except claim credit.

Nope, the Bloomfield street repaving is part of a massive 2015 road resurfacing project by the City of Hoboken in coordination with replacement of PSE&G gas lines.  In fact, PSE&G recently completed gas line replacment on GA's street (Willow Terrace). Carmelo had nothing to do with that, either.

The City bonded twice for repaving; $1.8 million, then $2 million, approved at the City Council.  In fact, Councilwoman Jen Giattino advocated for all of Bloomfield to be repaved- not Carmelo "Happy Meal*" Garcia.

Carmelo "Happy Meal*" Garcia figured he could get away with stealing credit in the letter to his Bloomfield neighbors in the 6th Ward, because door-to-door lying usually flies under the radar.

Somehow,  Politifax got word of the phony's baloney;  The New York Times once wrote "everyone in politics in New Jersey reads PolitiFax,"  and on August 5 published this:  

reprinted with permission from Politifax

What did GA tell you?  Garcia is full of shit, which PolitFax said more nicely.

Speaking of full-of-shit, GA is still reeling from Garcia's fecal masterpiece in this week's Hoboken Reporter:


777 days ago, Carmelo Garcia filed his "ethnic cleansing" lawsuit against the City of Hoboken.  He has since amended it twice.  Hoboken City taxpayers have already paid the $150,000 deductible for Mayor Zimmer's defense.  Carmelo Garcia has not withdrawn his lawsuit.  He is "viscerally responding without much forethought" leading Hoboken to "expensive litigation and happy  lawyers." This CRAPP suit is nearing the end of the discovery phase, but may drag on for years.

Now re-read his "letter" then read this, the lastest iteration of Carmelo Garcia v Dawn Zimmer, et. al:


The truth about Carmelo Garcia must get out or his lies will grow like hothouse flowers. 

God forbid, Assemblyman Carmelo "Happy Meal*" Garcia gets elected as our 6th Ward Councilperson.

(*Carmelo Garcia used "Garcia for Assembly"campaign funds for meals at MacDonald's, trips to ShopRite, Target, CVS, ExxonMobil, NJ Devil's tickets, etc.


  1. Anyone who has ever met Carmelo Garcia knows he is a deceitful little punk and that is just the opinion of the people who he calls friends.

  2. garcia and lying, a killer combo!

  3. When Carmelo and his ilk spin their lies, they seem blithely ignorant of how easy it is to check facts. Conversely, they seem unaware of how their words and actions live on and on thanks to the internet, where allusions to secret tape recordings, love affairs and certain sexual peccadilloes may be constantly revived.

    1. Garcia like the Russos has been able to get away with their lies for years.
      They know that people who vote for them don't care if they are dishonest.

      Peter Cammarano told everyone that the people who will vote for him would vote for him even if he was indicted. The same people still vote for crooks.

  4. Team Ramos Damage ControlSeptember 29, 2015 at 7:17 AM

    I'm sure your readers are much more impressed by the sheer number of cheeseburgers candidate Garcia can get in his mouth at once than whatever was written in Politifax. And may I point out that they have misspelled the word "facts" so it's hard to believe anything they say. Let's instead focus on the Miracle of Consumption for which I'm sure the taxpayers were delighted to pick up the bill!

  5. Carmelo is greeting people outside of Dunkin Donuts this morning and everyone that he greets is receiving a free dark roast coffee. Garcia and free dark roast coffee, that's a killer combo!

    1. Heads up to the FBI and Paul the Fish in Newark.
      If you don't know where to find Carmelo, he's at 7th and Washington.

      What the hell are you waiting for? Do your job!

    2. It sounds like a Kodak moment... Folks, point and shoot! Pls send your pics to GA at

      Thank you!

    3. Garcia is using a free coffee giveaway for "national coffee day" as a campaign. Freeloader.

    4. Carmelo isn't paying for the coffee "he's" giving away? That's just tops.

  6. I cannot, read through, the "fecal masterpiece", due to, the extreme use, of commas,,,,,


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