Earwitness News: Mama Knows Best

A few days ago, GA reported that a swath of Tiffanie Fisher signs tore themselves off of upper Washington Street storefront windows two days in a row!  Either that, or the Fisher campaign signs were removed by human hands...

According to a fresh Earwitness report, at least one of the Washington street store owners did witness the removal of the sign in their window on Saturday, September 19, 2015.   Further, this store owner has identified the owner of the pair of hands that removed their Fisher sign! 


It is unknown if this pair of hands removed any other of the 15-20 Fisher signs yanked that Saturday and Sunday.

GA will not name this window sign-remover witnessed in the act by the store-owner.  Nope, the  alleged yanker is not a member of any political campaign, but is alleged to have contributed DNA to one of the candidates.   

Well, it is silly season.  Hoboken elections and advocates for candidates on both sides get over-heated, and do silly things- like ripping down window signs.  We hope Fisher's signs continue to hang undisturbed on Washington street and elsewhere, and that cooler heads prevail as we get closer to the big day, November 3.

That's the day GA hopes you will vote for:

Michael DeFusco (1st Ward)
Tiffanie Fisher (2nd Ward)
yourself (3rd Ward)
Dana Wefer (4th Ward)
Peter Cunningham (5th Ward)
Jen Giattino (6th Ward)


  1. "...alleged to have contributed DNA to one of the candidates." Hmm. You mean, like, a parent of a candidate?

  2. Mama don't preach, I'm on loser's street?
    Beth always told me, "Develop or die." Mikie says, "Beth is pro big development."

    Vote the Big Developer Ticket November 3rd: Terry Castellano, Peter Biancamano, Michael Russo, Ruben Ramos, Eduardo Gonzalez and of course Mister Carmelo Garcia.

    These people need bigger shore homes. Help them get it Hoboken!

  3. If true, that's one way of a local business to lose business. It's fine to support your boy, quite another to vandalize the efforts of opponents. I may have to seriously rethink my shopping habits.

    1. Vito's makes a very nice sandwich.

  4. Team Ramos Damage ControlSeptember 30, 2015 at 10:49 AM

    Speaking for all of us here in our Lyndhurst, Hackensack and Brooklyn locations for TRDC -- and even a few people who actually live in or near Hoboken or so I'm told ... Thank you for bringing us this story of family love in the form of vandalism. With the holiday season around the corner it's almost Christmas-y.

  5. I can bet $5 and 6 million quarters on the DNA in question.

  6. Prediction: hurricane force winds this weekend blow away all reform campaign signs. Remarkably, all Dark Side signs remain intact. It will be another Hoboken miracle.


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