The Dark Side's BoE Ticket

 It's official!

Oops, forgot one!  Look who took the photo:

BUSTED- Anthony "War Stick" Romano, Dark Side photographer and Warlord

Oh, boy.   

Ms. Kauffman and Ms. Montgomery, did you know that Mr. Madigan has a colorful record of 'alleged' profanity-laced outbursts at various Reform School Board Trustees in public, on the street with their children present.  

GA was told of one 'alleged' incident several years ago (2010, I think) at a local Italian street festival.  According to a parent-witness, Madigan yelled "bitch!" at a Kids First Trustee who was at the fair with her young child.  Around that same time, another 'alleged' outburst on Washington Street occurred prompting another Kids First Trustee to file a complaint. As reported in The Jersey Journal.
"Minutillo told police Thursday that she was walking her 3-year-old daughter to school that morning when an SUV pulled alongside them, a police report said. The report stated that Minutillo said that Madigan shouted obscenities at her from the SUV. The police generated a summons complaint for harassment, and the case will recommence at later date in court, police said."
Here is another 'alleged' incident as told to GA: 
Madigan screamed at two Parents for Progress candidates,  calling them “____ bitches" in front of their children and other families at the Sinatra little league field during the 2014 board of education campaign.
Madigan has had profane outbursts at School Board meetings as well.

A former School Board Trustee told GA:
He called us 'c*nts' at a boe meeting. He was sitting in the audience behind the interim super mr carter when he belted it out.
Okay...  Politics makes strange bedfellows, as the saying goes.  Does it get any stranger?

Yeah, it does.

Ask Britney Montgomery and John '%#*&@!' Madigan  who celebrated with Carmelo 'Happy Meal' Garcia at his campaign's Kick-off.

Does Ms. Montgomery know how "Happy Meal" Garcia has been reporting his McDonald's Happy Meals, trips to Dunkin Donuts, Target, ShopRite, CVS and NJ Devils games  as "campaign expenses" on his "Garcia for Assembly" ELECs?

GA can only guess that Ms. Kauffman, reportedly a "nice mom," is a total neophyte to Hoboken politics.  Otherwise, WHY is she running with that crew?

Well, she is.  As the saying goes: you dance (and vote) with the ones who brung you, so it is clear Kauffman has thrown in with the Dark Side

In fact, BoE candidate Alanna Kauffman celebrated with Dark Side's glitterati at Mike Russo's Tuesday night kick-off.  Ms. Kauffman and her running mates were there with anti-Zimmer candidate Russo and ALL of the Dark Side's anti-Zimmer municipal candidates! Take a look:

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  1. This what you end up with when the dark siders scrape the bottom of the barrel.

  2. Hey I wonder if the sweatshirt they are holding was picked up at Stan's on Washington?

    School boards from not long ago where people like Madigan prospered had some very interesting bills and invoices from Stan's. If I remember correctly Hoboken schools were getting a terrible deal and there were numerous questions about invoicing and where money was spent

  3. Looks like Anthony's plan is to pack the council and BOE with people who will never ask wtf the freeholder is doing when our county tax bill goes up annually.

  4. Why was DeFusco walking Brittany around at a recent Spaghetti Dinner introducing her?

    1. Thanks for checking in Team Dark Side. Guess what, we don't care what you say and will still support DeFusco over the witch. Take care

  5. giggity giggity stickSeptember 30, 2015 at 2:23 PM

    giggity, giggity goo, Stick Romano has his eyes on you :

    1. Someone is showing their experience at taking shots with the camera off of a mirror.

  6. Just because a man has a long history of harassment, being rude, crude and publicly misogynistic doesn't mean you shouldn't vote for him to oversee the education of Hoboken's children.

  7. Very telling that that slate's group shot was at a bar. Love the Jack Daniels plaque. Is JD a sponsor? And look, they have a sweat shirt to show how much they support the schools. Now, there's nothing wrong with being in bar, trust me on that one, but not exactly giving the warm and fuzzies when it comes to what kind of judgment they'll exercise over my kids' education, the school budget and transparency in jobs and contracts. Dark indeed.

  8. A guy that curses out moms in front of their children and screams out "c*nt!" at female school board members would make a fine steward of our public schools. Britney and Alanna show excellent judgment by choosing to run with one so foul-mouthed, possibly unbalanced.

  9. Alanna's new pal Mikey Russo wants to "take back our town" from people like her.

  10. As Rick James said, "Cocaine is a hell of a drug." Now coming to a BoE near you. Hey, "Let's party!"

  11. Do you really want someone running schools who fails to capitalize "i" in his big announcement?

  12. Funny you don't have Pat Waiters here who Carmelo is supporting as well, who you constantly bash....wait is because Our flip flop mayor has given Pat a directors job at City Hall to support the mayor and Dana Wefer and to back down from school board race, did you forget she was running....yeah Pat started working yesterday...less than 2 months before the election she's a $60,000 job! OPRA that "reformers"

    1. 1) Pat is not in any of the pictures because none of the pictures were of Pat. Team Goon didn't invite her. That's between them and Pat. Maybe you can go and broker a peace agreement.

      2) Pat has shown herself to be a loose cannon. Which is fine. Being a raging anti-semite is another matter.

      3) Directors jobs do not pay $60k.

      4) If you had actual knowledge of Pat getting hired, you'd share it instead of lamely telling everyone to opra it.

      5) Pat is useless to Dana Wefer. Contrary to your veiled assumption which is grounded in the fact that she is African-American, Pat does not live in the 4th ward or HHA.

      6) Zimmer spends very few calories on BoE elections. She is not handing out a city job just to keep one crazy from running. Another crazy would immediately pop up to take her place.

      Opra that anti-reformer.

    2. Anon 6:37 is a TROLL. There's no truth to any of it. That rumor has nine lives, it comes back every election cycle, spread by dopes like 6:37.

      Patty Waiters has NO "director's job" with City Hall, and that's confirmed.

      As for "bashing Carmelo " he's running to replace MY honest, hardworking representative in MY ward. So suck on that, Troll.

    3. 6:37 am!!! That is assilem teritory for late night insanity.

  13. Yo Pablo, got another new fire for you to put out over here. Can you get some of the guys on it this morning? That post about Patty Waiters was a good start, a few more of those please.

    We'll adjust the billing to reflect the shifted hours at the end of the month, thanks.

    BTW, you guys screwed up in using the photo with Stick's image in the mirror reflection, be a little more careful next time, ok?

  14. Relax there Queen Hyprocrite...Your right Pat doesn't live in the 4th ward but you know that she supports the HHA and is very vocal for the HHA residents you have shown that her before on your one sided blog and it has nothing to do because is she African Americian ..but you would try to add that in...and it seems like Zimmer has been wasting a lot of calories...some call it stressful eating...although she seems Like a gluten free eater to me..hang tight reformers...November seems to be giving you ALL a run for your money and in your case your for Pat and her new paycheck thanks to will see #chaChing$...;)

    1. Weitzman, Heller, Einstein, ok?October 1, 2015 at 9:10 AM

      Carmelo and Patty have their anti-semitism in common.

      Should we include you in that group? Probably so. You don't seem to have a problem with it.

      But Patty quit her hate-ranting at HHA meetings after she was dropped from Carmelo's Assembly payroll. You know what that means?

      You seem pretty dumb, so I'll spell it out. Patty was spewing anti-semitism and inciting the same on the taxpayer's dime where there was absolutely no benefit to the taxpayer. That's how all the scumbags operate. Take the hard-earned money of the average citizen and spend it on politics and themselves.

      You can have both of them, douche.

    2. Hurry and fill it out that vbm before your paycheck gets cold!!! #chaChing$...;)

    3. 8:44 am, It should be spelled you're not your. But thanks for stopping by

      By the way, how come you guys always threaten a big win but for the last few years can't seem to deliver one at all

  15. Hey 6:37 AM, are you coming down from an eight ball after a Darksider BoE coke party? Or are you smoking crack?

    Patty Waiters got tossed overboard. Mister Carmelo has no further need of her "services" as she's used up her "I'm going to do the right thing, not the white thing" card.

    The Old Guard Russo-Romano-Carmelo-Ramos team has thrown off the Titanic. Waiters is not on their BoE ticke or have you not noticed. She's just another casualty of their dishonest treachery.

    They recruited some yuppie who is very white, very packaged and sellable to the low information yuppies who won't connect their BoE ticket to Patty at all.

    Real shame that, right?

  16. John Madigan is unhinged and unfit to serve in this position. Keep his misogyny and violent threats away from my children!


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