Unity plot or stirring the Pupie?

2014's  466 VBM windfall for BoE candidate Peter Biancamano

posted on Wednesday

Hoboken politics is never boring.

The latest: the Russo Faction has been working overtime on spreading the following:
PART ONEMayor Zimmer made a 'deal' with Frank 'Pupie' Raia.  The Mayor and Pupie are "working together."

PART TWO:  On Monday night, Peter Biancamano "had a fight" with Pupie, and defected to the Russo camp.  

GA knows "Part One" is wrong, for a FACT.

If and when the mayor speaks to Raia or Ramos, that doesn't mean deal-making; it is good politics to be civil to everyone (unless you want to end up like Beth Mason.)

And "Part Two"- the Biancamano switching teams rumor?  GA has couple of thoughts.
1. Who cares?

2.  If true, who cares?

3.  This smells like a dopey stunt orchestrated by dope(s).  Peter dump Pupie?  Right.... Biancamano's  going to dump the multi-millionaire developer for the guy shaking a tin cup. Sure...

Unless of course this is some kind of dopey 'Unity' orchestration.  Running Bonnie Murray as an 'independent' to siphon votes from Tiffanie Fisher?  Won't work either... she's covered in Ramos-Garcia stench.  MSV reported Mrs. Brian Murray celebrated with Ramos at his kick-off.  

More likely, Pupie is getting played somehow.  Like he got played in 2013.
Raia milked for $92K in 2013

GA hears a slimy, double-dealing Weehawken anchovy is "back in Hoboken."

In my OPINION, that rotten, scheming Benedict Tuna will go to the guy with the dough (Raia) and figure out a way to tap his Benjamins, while he sells him out to the Russos behind his back.   

Shhhh... don't let the Jersey City boys find out... 

4. Who cares?
Reform will not be distracted by these dopes running around, scheming with or against each other.  


  1. No, Assilem is super tight with Carmelo, Terry and Rubes! She must be on their Unity ticket.

    When asked for a quote Assilem said, "Zimmer, Zimmer, Chicken Dinner, State and Fedral laws are being violated. 5 FBI agents I spoke to after I saw a kid on a Razor scooter confirmed that he will be indicted for Razoring. I saw a father and son in Columbus park having a catch and State official are looking to ban gloves and balls across the state. Hold on I have to work on a Billion dollar contract, where is my tinfoil hat?"

  2. The Biancamano stuff is bullshit. the Ramos people are spreading it to make trouble.

    1. I've confirmed there was no fight and fallout at City Hall on Monday. But this is the Old Guard in action.

      They're only getting warmed up. Wait until after Labor Day hits and the mud really starts flying!

    2. Thanks, Horsey. Hard to believe Biancamano would turn on the guy who has mentored him and supported his political aspirations from the start.

  3. If I am Bonnie Murray I am asking myself why are my allies promoting someone else?

    1. Her husband has been around Carmelo Garcia long enough to know how the game is played and that when he was useful, they used him and when he is no longer useful he and his wife are expendable.

  4. So who played Let's Make a Deal? Ms. Murray enters to distract the newcomers while Ruben, Carmelo, Russo and Raia all give Biacamono the boost? After the races are over, someone has a nice fat email list for the Burb Bus. Just an opinion of course.

  5. You can ask but Ma Russo has deemed there be some peace around town and in the second ward.

    So there goes Bonnie under the Ma Russo OG Bus!
    Try the burbs Bonnie. It's better that way.

  6. This sort of silly rumor mongering is making me think the Russo's are already running scared and afraid that they will lose everything.

  7. So Murray is the Paetzold?

  8. She posted this because this is what she wants.

    Make no mistake. This is the ticket the Russos want.

  9. Who has met Tiffanie? She seems nice, but shouldn't people meet her before acting as if she's a slam dunk? Outside of her condo building who knows her or what service she's done other than voting against new businesses near her building like Anthony Pino's new restaurant that she attempted to halt?

    1. For one thing the Russos are a reverse slamdunk. For another Fisher did the organizing and fighting against Monarch that the retiring council person should have done. Where were Boken to the Burbs and Biancamano?

    2. I've "met" Tiffanie listening to her defense of Hoboken taxpayers at the Freeholder's meeting at City Hall, I've "met" Tiffanie from her long record of advocating for promises made to the development of open space and opposition to the Monarch project. "Voting against new businesses" is generic pablum. Got facts? I didn't think so.

      So, that's how I've "met" Tiffanie. Lotsa luck running against a candidate many have "met" through her long record of activism, long before she decided to run for Council.

    3. Bonnie's hubby Brian is busy crapping on Hoboken's public schools then profiting off sending families "to the Burbs." Until Mrs. Murray decided to run we never saw her speak at a public meeting, never saw her advocate for her ward. And If she loses? She'll disappear. L OG candidates always do.

      What about Sandwich Head? Have you seen him at the council EVER?

    4. It's an excellent business model. Work to undermine the public school system, then make your living encouraging people to leave town, citing a crappy public school system.

      But people who are basing major life decisions on that kind of superficial input are welcome to leave at any time.

    5. Don't forget that a person who's family subsists on real estate commissions might have a massive incentive to promote out of control development - like say a certain condo project on a pier that was supposed to be a public space?


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