Sunday, October 30, 2016

Parents United & Austin's Double-dipper lie about QSAC scores

Here we go!

At last week's debate, Parents United claimed "QSACs are down!"

Parents United appears to be picking up the trash from Texas.  University of Texas at Austin that is. Courtesy of crapademic, Anthony Petrosino.

Just like Parents United,  Petro is ranting on his blog about QSACs "failing" under Kids First.

Parents United and Petro the Texas Truth-Twister got it all wrong.

Here is how Parents United and Petrosino create the lie: they only use ONE of the FIVE DPR Areas to represent  the "District QSAC Score".

(DPR = District Performance Review)

Parents United and Petrosino always take the lowest DPR Area score, redact the other FOUR perfect or almost-perfect scores to draw their FALSE conclusion ("The scores are going down".)

In fact, the only year that the Hoboken District has FAILED with an average DPR score less than 80% was 2008-2009, when the "Dark Side" controlled the BoE and Anthony Petrosino was Assistant to the District Superintendant.

Note, 2008 was the FIRST year QSACs were given in Hoboken.

Every year since 2008 (when Reform took control of the BoE majority) the District QSAC average has risen steadily and every year has passed with an average QSAC score above 80%.  

Okay people, ready for some history so you understand which way the gas is blowing?


Petro, like his name, is gaseous.   Petrosino worked for the Hoboken School District for two years, in 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 as Assistant to Superintendent Jack Rasowsky.

His annual base salary for September through June was $140,000  plus $4,795 in health benefits. You can find this information on the BoE website.

click image to read
Petrosino base salary: $140,000, Horizon health benefits: $4,795, Contract:  240 work days

Oh, did you know at the same time Petrosino was working "full-time" in Hoboken at a $140,000 base salary Plus benefits, he was teaching a class at the University of Texas at Austin?  (Read more about the Double Dipping Texas Truth-Twister here.)

The following documents were provided to the Board of Education for use in their 2011 counter-suit against Anthony Petrosino; they show University of  Texas at Austin payroll to Petrosino  while he was employed full-time in Hoboken.

Holy Double-Dipper!

 Exhibit, Anthony Petrosino v Hoboken Board of Education , Docket L-5230-09

 Exhibit, Anthony Petrosino v Hoboken Board of Education , Docket L-5230-09

Recap:  GA has provided the above documentation showing Petrosino's big, fat BoE contract that his Dark Side BoE buddies approved for 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 and proof that Petrosino was teaching a class in Texas during his full-time employment contract with the Hoboken District.  

Whatever happened to this double-dipper's dream-gig?

In 2009 the Dark Side BoE majority FLIPPED to Reform.

Petrosino's big juicy contract for the double-dipping Austin Truth-Twister was NOT RENEWED by the Kids First School Board majority.  Nope.

The district schools performed miserably during the Petrosino Era of neglect and education money-grabbing.

Consequently, Petrosino sued the Hoboken BoE.

The Hoboken BoE filed a counter-claim against Petrosino.

Petrosino  LOST his suit, the Hoboken BoE WON theirs.

And Petro lived Happily Ever After?


Ever since his double-dip cone lost its $140K scoop (plus bennies),  Petrosino weaponized his 'Education blog' against Kids First, Parents for Progress, Reach Higher, and now, Forward Together.  

So... if we don't learn from history,  we're doomed to repeat it.

GA has no doubt that Anthony Petrosino wants his big, juicy scoop back.

Please, don't let him get it.

VOTE 1-2-4.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Parents United censorship: what they didn't want you to read

Here's what happened. This morning I was notified that "graffix avenger" came up in some comments over on Parents United's Facebook page.

I took a look, and saw that someone had posted the article "Debate SHOCK: Parents United thugs harass 1-2-4."   The comments below that referenced this blog were free and fair comment, opinion, etc., but of course, one-sided.  I wanted to rebut two statements which either mischaracterized or misunderstood content on Grafix Avenger.

I posted two brief, civil comments.

My third post was longer; a civil rebuttal to this:

After I posted the third comment I noticed a typo.  So, I put it in "Edit" mode, corrected the typo, but when I tried to re-post, this is what I saw:

That's when I noticed all of my comments were deleted, and my posting privileges blocked.

So, I will have to post my screen-capped rebuttal here.

What Parents United DIDN'T want you to Read

GA note:
It's understandable that Parents United might not care for me/my message, but if they are publishing pointed comments about this blog content/author (me), it is only fair to offer me a rebuttal.   Parents United folks are welcome to comment here.

GA wasn't rude.  Just honest.

In fact, GA is a proven stalwart defender of free and open online political discourse, even when it gets hot (and it does).

Read about it here... 

or here:

Folks, the 'Dark Side' folks supporting Parents United will use any means to silence (and punish) their critics and political opposition: from a flashlight in the eyes at a debate, to thugs making a ruckus in the back of the Elks Club, or even using the COURTS to silence political discourse. 

Parents United operative blinds slate 1-2-4 with flashlight 
They want their voices to be the only ones heard, they want to raid the City's/BoE's coffers like they DID before Reform pried their fingers off.

Hence, Parents United cannot disown the APE shining a flashlight in 1-2-4's eyes;  he is them, their Magilla Gorilla. 

1-2-4 doesn't play like that.

Reform doesn't send thugs and apes to meetings to disturb the peace and intimidate political opponents.

Reform doesn't use the COURTS to silence political opposition.    Want to know how that ended?

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Outrage at Hoboken411 attack on the transgender community

Today a gay friend sent me a link to the most unhinged diatribe I've read to-date on Perry Klaussen's Cyber-Island of Misfit Toys, Hoboken411.

You know, GA stopped reading his dreck years ago (as did most of Hoboken).  But every now and then someone shoots me over a link: "you've got to see this!"  Must I?

Today's lunatic dispatch was a full-frontal attack on gender-identity assignment.

According to Klaussen, either you are a girl or a boy. To anyone in-between or assigned the 'wrong' gender identity by birth, Klaussen says "f*ck you, you're an idiot... perhaps you should see a psychiatrist."

Well, folks. it appears that Hoboken411 has really done it this time: his wretched hate-screed has inflamed the LGBT community and their friends.   GA thinks the backlash will spread like a brush-fire and (we hope) consume the last of Klaussen's joyless ghost town.  Poof!  Good-bye!

That's what happens to schmucks who dance on the third rail.  

GA doesn't know Eddie Baez, but check out the outrage at Hoboken411: 

One more thing...

GA was surprised to see that after Klaussen had posted his hate screed against the transgender community, he put up endorsement letters for Parents United.

I kid you not!

Personally, I don't think that's a juxtaposition befitting of any School Board candidate or slate.  Yikes!

I'll bet that Parents United doesn't know that Hoboken High School has a Gay Straight Alliance. I sure hope the kids don't read that awful crap or take it seriously if they do.

For the record, GA loves all members of our LGBT community, but its more important that you love yourselves.  

So please, ignore the cretinous castaway marooned on his cyber-Island of Misfit Toys.  He cannot help himself.

Night of Elysian- by Hannah and her Mom

Last week, Elysian Charter School hosted a "Meet and Greet" for alumni who went on to attend Hoboken High School.   The teens were invited to talk about their experience at Hoboken High School, and to answer questions posed by Elysian parents.

One of the invited guests was the Hoboken High School Junior, 16 year-old Hannah. Poor Hannah has been through a lot; she got eaten by an alien plant in HHS' production of "Little Shop of Horrors," and has contributed to this blog.

I first came to know Hannah after hearing her impassioned words at the June 30, 2015 BoE meetingimagine the moxie of a 15 year-old kid to stand up and speak to adults at a government meeting.

So, I invited Hannah to write about the Elysian "Meet and Greet".  She called it "Night at Elysian."  I ask you to be respectful to her in your comments.  I invited her mom to give her perspective, too.  Nothing's been edited.  
Hannah (blond wig, center) before she became plant food

Night of Elysian
by Hannah

Last week I was invited to a meet and greet at Elysian to represent the high school and pretty much removed negative feelings that were left in a few parents and turned them into positive feelings.

The night went pretty well and there were many questions, but in the back of my mind I was waiting for those dreaded questions. “How’s the environment?” “How hard was it to make friends?” “Do you feel like you're being challenged enough?” “Are your guidance counselors limiting your options because they’d rather focus on other things?” These were the dreaded questions…. but we all kept our heads high and answered each and every one with pride and respect that I'm sure many parents were surprised about.

A lot of people are surprised when they see kids proud of being a student at Hoboken High School. It may not seem like it to all of you but we all care about our high school.

I’ve been with my friends to Board of Ed meetings, we’ve gone up and spoken about our school and what we see needed in our eyes. I never imagined my voice being able to change something, but because of my voice, the High School now has receptacles in every girl's bathroom stall, and a color guard team. The list goes on for what students can accomplish- like having a boys volleyball team entering its 2nd season in the winter, and a running Hydroponics and Aquaponics lab.

So when the night ended with “Do you feel like you’re missing out on anything because you attend Hoboken High?” I stopped and thought if I needed anything we didn’t have. I can easily ask for it and it would go under consideration. Last year my friends from High Tech would gloat about their fancy 3D printers and I though “I wish we had those”. A year later Hoboken High now has 3D printers. So overall my answer is no. I don’t think I'm missing out. I think I’m right where I’m supposed to be, And that's being a student at Hoboken High School.

During this election I really hope we think about who we want to run our kids education. Do we really want someone who's never stepped foot in the high school, who's never felt the pride in my school like many student athletes, thespians, and artists dictating our kids education?

I certainly don't, So let's keep in mind who these nominees are.  Character is not just what they have written down on paper.

Hannah's Mom:

I had mixed feelings about going to Elysian Charter to speak with parents of 6th, 7th and 8th graders about our experience at Hoboken High School.

I'm asked about the HS at least once a day and I have found myself getting more sarcastic and snarky in my responses. The majority of people asking me questions have never been in the high school and have based their knowledge about it from rumors and lies.

But at Elysian that night, almost every parent there had been inside the school, had done some research and had heard of the new programs being implemented so I was able to put my guard down a bit. The 5 former Elysian students on the panel answered every question with respect and honesty and clearly expressed their love of the school. It was refreshing and powerful to watch.

It was encouraging to me that parents at Elysian Charter were taking the time to learn more about Hoboken High School from students that attend. Granted there were a few questions that were naive in nature but parents seemed to be open to having their information corrected. I would never send my child to a school where I didn't feel she was safe, supported and happy.

The biggest problem we have at Hoboken High is the amount of time people invest in bashing it. If you don't want to send your kid there, what good are you doing by speaking negatively about it?

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Parents United candidates TRASH Hoboken High School (VIDEO)

There were some angry parents tonight at the Hoboken High School Open House; angry to see candidates who said last Thursday night that they'd "never" send their kids to Hoboken High.

Not never!

I'm talking about Parents United.

Parents United made a cameo appearance
As one parent put it: "They had the nerve to show up!"

Imagine that.  Parents United came hat in hand looking for votes, only days after trashing the High School at the QLC Hoboken School Board Candidates Debate, where they brought a gang of THUGS to terrorize and distract their opponents, Forward Together (1-2-4).  

The false, disparaging statements about the High School are too numerous to repeat. The lies include: "QSACs have gone down" (false- QSACs have gone UP from 34% under Anthony Petrosino to 76% under Reform), that the "number of  kids graduating High School have gone down" (false- graduation numbers are increasing, Parents United quoted wrong), and trashed our SAT scores (ignoring the obvious- 83.1% attending the HJSHS are "economically disadvantaged" according to the 2014-2015 NJDOE performance report).

At the same time Parents United disparaged the High School, they admitted that they had not gone to a single School Board meeting, which showed.   Parents United were woefully uniformed about Hoboken High School's array of exciting new and existing programs.

So you can imagine, tonight parents were absolutely livid to see them there only days after trashing their High School. One observed: "the staff were none-too-pleased to see them there."

Why should they be?

High School staff, faculty and parents know that Parents United took a big dump on Hoboken High School and its students last Thursday.

High School staff, faculty and parents know that Parents United  brought an APE to harass candidates 1-2-4  with a flashlight and thugs to make noise in the rear, distracting the audience when 1-2-4 spoke.

Folks, it's no secret that the people, thugs and apes backing Parents United controlled the Hoboken District Schools until 2009 when Reform gave them the boot.

They are BACK in 2016 

The thugs want Parents United to win, to get back control of the Hoboken District education budget then plunder it  like they did before.   

GA documented some of their atrocities in a series of posts gleaned from the 2005-2006 KPMG Performance Audit of the Hoboken District Schools.  I called the 2011 collective:   

GA's Corruption Starter Kit

How the Old Guard Looted the BoE

Look Who Went to Atlantic City

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Parents United reacts to thug's flashlight in eyes of 1-2-4 (VIDEO)

A GA exclusive video.

This clip shows the real-time reaction of Parents United as their goon is blinding Forward Together's Jen Evans in the middle of Evan's answer at last Thursday's debate.

The video speed is slowed down, in order to see the candidate's array of facial expressions as she see her goon,  hears candidate Evan's complaint.

So, what does her reaction tell you?

It looks to me like she makes eye contact with someone on the right side of the audience.

"Stick" Romano? That's where I saw him. 

Monday, October 24, 2016

"Parents United thugs" gone viral

Parents United aligned with the Dark Side

Friday's post, Debate SHOCK: Parents United thugs harass 1-2-4, has gone viral.

Page views surged ten-fold on Friday, and this page was hit over 2,000 times on a Sunday, the 'dead' traffic day.

Today's Google stats for Grafix Avenger
What's generating this response?

Shock, disgust, disbelief.  A couple of folks told me: "Now I know what  you've been saying is true."

GA has been saying it for 6 years. So has MSV.

To those who are new to Hoboken's dark underbelly of political bullying, threats, and intimidation against supporters of Reform, here's some historical context.

Local Hoboken elections are non-partisan.  Instead,  individual candidates or slates of candidates generally support one of Hoboken's two political factions: Reform or 'the Dark Side' (also known as the 'Old Guard')

The Zimmer administration,  BoE coalition of Kids First/Parents for Progress/Reach Higher/Forward Together candidates 1-2-4 represent "Reform"- clean, transparent, progressive governance.

The Dark Side 
(partial list)

The 'Dark Side' was the political ruling class in Hoboken until Reform took control of the Mayor's office and the School Board in 2009.  Here are a few examples of the Dark Side constituency.
  1. Ex-Mayor Peter Cammarano (jailed for taking $25,000 in bribes as part of the 2009 Bid Rig III sting, disbarred in 2014), 
  2. Ex-Mayor Anthony Russo (jailed for taking thousands of dollars in bribes from city contractors between 1994 and 2001), 
  3. Ex-Council President Christopher Campos (charged with conspiracy to commit bank and wire fraud in $7M  car loan scheme, faces 30-year jail sentence)
  4. Ex-Councilman Michael Schaefer (jailed for funneling $25K bribe to ex-mayor Cammarano),
  5. Ex-Parking/Trans Director John Corea (jailed for stealing $600K from parking meters), 
  6. Patrick Ricciardi (City HalI IT director arrested for stealing Mayor Zimmer's email), 
  7. Mike Russo (caught on FBI surveillance video accepting $5K bribe), 
  8. Matt Calicchio (charged with criminal  harassment of a Reform board member in front of her 6 year-old daughter, charged with attempted assault of a senior citizen at Fox Hills, videotaped menacing a dry cleaning store owner ), 
  9. [redacted] (Hoboken lore: allegedly inherited his fortune when his rich mentor 'fell' off a roof top- oops!), 
  10. Ex-HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia (fired, accepted $3,100 in donations from vendors who billed the Housing Authority over $2.1 million since September of 2011),
  11. Ex-HBoE Trustee Frank Raia (2002-2008) was President in 2005-2006 when his Board:
    1. spent $48K on 157 unauthorized cell phone accounts
    2. put 1,050 employees on the BoE payroll: no names, addresses, job description
    3. wrote a $500K purchase order to itself- paid itself $56K no explanation
    4. spent hundreds on steak house dinners
    5. took pals to Atlantic City, gave them $300 stipends
    6. cooked enrollment numbers from 2003-2008 
    7. Rewarded a pal with a $60K contract for marketing-  excessive for work done 
    8. outsourced janitors for $91K when 60 "janitors" were on the BoE payroll 
    9. bought  extra rooms for pals at the Plaza Hotel with classroom money
    10. spent petty cash like a slush fund
    11.  $1,900,000 disappeared on contracts that "not available for review" or with "no evidence of approval" or "exceeded the bid threshold" 
  12. Ex-HBoE Trustee Anthony 'Stick' Romano (served 2006-2008, 2006 Audit showed "payroll ledger not maintained"...  2007 audit showed "check signing protocol was not followed... lack of internal controls in check signing protocol may lead to unauthorized cash disbursements")
  13. BoE Trustee John Madigan (issued a summons for the alleged harassment of a Reform BoE member) 
  14. BoE Trustee Peter Biancamano (alleged "vote buying" -won 2014 election with 466 VBMs) 
  15. Ex-Assistant Superintendent Anthony Petrosino (published lies on district QSAC scores and lies on district enrollment,  fired from $144K full-time BoE contract while maintaining a residence in Austin where he was teaching a class)
  16. QLC Boad Member Eduardo Gonzales (stood with thug as he blinded 1-2-4 with his flashlight, said nothing, did nothing)
  17. Parents United (they brought Dark Side thugs to BoE debate, smiled as thugs blinded 1-2-4 with a flashlight ) 

The harassment of Reform BoE members and their supporters by the Dark Side and it's thugs began full-force in 2009.  

That's the year Reform took the majority on the School Board and Dawn Zimmer became Mayor.

That's the year that 'Dark Side' fingers were pried off  Hoboken's levers of power.

Unruly behavior, threats and intimidation (like we saw at last week's BoE debate) followed Reform to BoE meetings, HHA meetings, the City Council, and into the street. An innocent conversation could beget a harassment complaint, like the one Matt Calicchio filed against the proprietor of MSV.   

Here's an example of Dark Side aggression against Reform, caught on film.

The night of November 3, 2010 was a Council meeting.  Outside, on the steps of Hoboken City Hall, a very large Mike Holmes menaced a not-large Reform supporter for some imagined transgression.   Fortunately, the fight is stopped  Perry "the Hair" Belefiore. 

And at election time, Dark Side harassment escalated.

Like last week, with a flashlight in the eyes of 1-2-4.

The thugs and their corrupt 'Dark Side' allies are the backbone of Parents United. 

And you know what they say:

Friday, October 21, 2016

Debate SHOCK: Parents United thugs harass 1-2-4

Parents United supporters Mike Holmes (left) and Eduardo Gonzales (right) watch Parents United operative Matt Calicchio aim flashlight in the eyes of Forward Together candidate Jennifer Evans.  Evans complained that she was "blinded."

Parents United Treasurer Peter Biancamano and Joe Branco with Parents United's Matt Calicchio.  Calicchio aims his 'flashlight' in the eyes of Forward Together candidates to distract during their answers to questions asked by moderator Bob Bowden. 

Holmes and Gonzales walk off as GA turns to photograph the harassment. Parents United operative  Matt Calicchio turns his camera toward me before he ducks behind the curtain.

Evans and Sobolov soldier on after harassment by Parents United's Matt Calicchio.
Applause after debate.  Parents United  Matt Calicchio with his crew:  Parents United Treasurer Peter Biancamano,  John Madigan, Mike Holmes.  

Last night, a new generation of activist Hoboken district moms got a taste of the  thuggery that dogged School board meetings in the aftermath of 2009's Reform takeover.  The intimidation campaign tapered off once Reform gained a super-majority on the BoE.

GA remembers those days.

Meetings were a shitshow.

Thuggish, ape-like goons would line up against the back wall. Sometimes they arrived late with former BoE Trustee Frank Raia.  The bloated galoomphs would call out during meetings, gesture, harass  audience members, and otherwise do anything to disrupt the proceedings.

Sometimes the harassment would continue after the meeting as happened once to GA.   BoE members were even assaulted. 

And who could forget 2012's  The State of NJ v Matt Calicchio?   

The complaint was filed by  BoE Trustee Theresa Minutillo  after Calicchio  harassed her in front of her 6 year-old daughter at Wallace School.   The court believed Minutillo.  However, Judge Sixto Macias ruled that the remarks did not constitute a criminal charge of harassment because Minutillo is a public figure.

From the transcript: 

THE COURT: I -- I also believe that the whole testimony of Ms. -- Ms. Garcia and Mr. Calicchio -- Calicchio were fabricated...  How many 23-year-old individuals go to monthly board of education meetings? That is your job to go to the board of education meeting. 

click image to enlarge or read article HERE
And so.... last night.

It was interesting to hear the reaction of some 'new generation' district parents to the Parents United thugs' behavior.

They were horrified.

One told  GA that the thugs came early and stood up in the rear for the whole 90 minutes, though plenty of seats were available. Instead, they stood to be seen from the dais where they could distract Forward Together (1-2-4) to maximum effect.

One mom angrily complained she heard the goons making noise every time Evans, Dallara and Sobolov spoke.

One noted how Parents United candidates sat unfazed by the goon shining a flashlight into the eyes of their opponents, 1-2-4.  Of course, the Parents United candidates were on board with the Dirty Tricks by their ape with the flashlight.

The nastiness was not limited to 'Thug Row' as one of the Parents United team attacked the 14 year-old son of Irene Sobolov.

GA will address the stunning ignorance of Parents United candidates Jessica Nelson, 'Chipper' Benway and Jennifer Rossini at the debate later.

In short, these three candidates have no idea WHAT is going on inside of the schools. Zip.  None have ever gone to a BoE meeting.  Virtually every comment or criticism was met by Forward Together responding with "Oh, we already have that program" or "we've have that program for years."

These three Parents United candidates are CLUELESS about the variety and multitude of programs instituted in the Hoboken district since Reform took the majority in 2009.  They are clueless that Reform put a stop to the stealing from the classrooms and redirected the money into programs, materials and training.  Clearly, Parents United's thug row at the back of the room are dying to 'wet their beaks' in our education funds- AGAIN.

Indeed, Parents United talking points were straight outta Austin, and a certain $144K hack fired by the Reform majority in 2009.  Like Parents United, the Austin hack has no idea of what is really going on in the schools, doesn't have a clue about all of the new programs and challenges for kids. (GA's daughter worked on the JSHS aquaponics garden, was on the Harvard Model Congress debate club, and in Johns Hopkins Advanced Math- all wonderful after-school activities of the many JSHS offers.)

Parents United knew nothing about any of this.  They trashed and insulted the schools, ans spouted cherry-picked data to force wrong, misguided and UNFAIR conclusions.  They have no idea how far the district has come and where we are going.  More than a few parents in the audience that have kids in the High School were disturbed at Parents United broad brush ignorance and arrogance, particularly from candidates Jessica Nelson and Jennifer Rossini.

GA took copious notes.  I will correct their misinformation- stay tuned.

G-d help the Hoboken District if these the Clueless Three win. From the goon squad turn-out, I would say they are feeling quite confident.

Please people,  GA implores you to vote for these honest, dedicated, committed gals so they may CONTINUE THE PROGRESS:  


Phil and petting the Possum

Phil for Gov!
Folks, what a night! Mayor Zimmer's event was a huge success.  Yooge.

Moreover, GA was blessed to take a photo with the most important men in the room last night: Future NJ Governor Phil Murphy  and Hoboken's own silky silver possum-pelted furry Adonis, Perry Belfiore!

So soft, so furry.  photo credit: Mike DeFusco
If you didn't know, GA's worshiped Perry's rug for years.  In my eyes, it looks like an albino chinchilla perched on his dome.

I'll never forget the first time he let me pet it, in 2011.

I've even memorialized it in PhotoShop:

Can't stop...

Perry lurks on the Dark Side but he's a great sport.

Phil who?

Well folks, the real story of last night was the BoE debate,  GA is going to fill you in... stay tuned. 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

"Booker is NOT going to Romano2017 fundraiser"

Today on Facebook:


GA can confirm that U.S. Senator Cory Booker is NOT going to the advertised "Romano2017" fundraiser.

In fact, it is not clear whether or not Booker ever knew of the event.

All GA can tell you is that I heard that Freeholder Anthony "Stick" Romano was advertising Booker's appearance at his November 21 fundraiser.   Freeholder Romano alleged that Senator Booker would appear as a"special guest speaker."


Why would he (Booker) would be a special guest  for Mayor Zimmer's likely opponent in 2017?  And if not her opponent, Romano represents an anti-Zimmer political faction who opposes her Reform administration, and works to elect loyalists to unseat her allies.

GA asked around about why Booker had decided to appear for "Romano2017."

Well, the answer came back today like a bad news boomerang- WHACK!

Stick, are you okay?

"NOT TRUE... I can confirm 100% that Booker is NOT going ." 

Folks, you can take that one to the bank.

But... but...

I have to believe that Freeholder Romano was tricked by a Cory Booker impersonator, or  else it was an innocent mix-up.


Anyway, there's plenty of time to book another special guest or legendary actress.