Che disgrazia!

Congratulations to the Italian Businessman of the Year, Micheal Russo, Italian Man of the Year Peter Biancamano, and Honorary Italian of the Year Ruben Ramos, who got their awards at yesterday's annual wreath laying ceremony in Columbus Park.

Ever wonder if Stick Romano has honored a prominent Italian supporter of Reform?

GA thought of one: Theresa Minutillo.  Theresa has spent  over a decade volunteering her time to the Hoboken Public School District as a parent and a Board member. She created Junior/Senior Prep Day, which has since been adopted as an official school program focusing on career awareness and exploration-- with over 40 community volunteers sharing their real life experiences.  

GA asked Minutillo if she'd ever received one of these honors.

Her answer:"No."

Che disgrazia! 

Teresa è una donna d'onore! Ruben Ramos non è italiano e non sarà mai!  

Micheal Russo non funziona in Hoboken!  

Peter Biancamano è una testa panino! 

Solo gli amici di Stick Romano ricevono onori!  

Stick onorerà Amber Lynn prima che onora Theresa Minutillo!

Did you know that Theresa Minutillo served on the 2006-2007 and 2007-2008 Hoboken BoE with Stick Romano?   

Boy, did Minutillo get an eyeful of corruption- in fact, when her Kids First coalition became a majority in 2009, they hired an independant auditor to bring sunlight into the dark practices of the Romano-Raia-Garcia-Russo-Petrosino years.

The audit findings were shocking:

Click HERE to read the rest 

Folks, the length and breadth of the abuses- stealing from the classroom- will blow your mind.

You can find such examples hiding in plain sight not only on the 2009 audit, but on mandatory NJDOE performance audits (on the Hoboken BoE website) and a KPMG audit (on the NJDOE web site)

And the point?

The SAME people who presided over the era of theft and chaos in our School District, who used the School Board budget like their own personal slush fund, those SAME people are backing the Parents United campaign. 

Frank Raia and Anthony Romano were Board members in the era of "livin' high on the hog'- thousands of dollars from the classroom spent on fancy steak dinners*! (*page 157 of the KPMG audit) 

That's the tip of the iceberg, folks.

If you haven't read about these abuses here before, you will be shocked. More to come.

 Che disgrazia!


  1. Nice reach-around, stick. Everybody's good at something, you're good at filling your hands.

  2. Can you make a coffee table book of all your graphics? It would be a great socking stuffer this year.

    It would be like Comos Kramers coffee table book of famous coffee tables.

  3. I hope the good news is that it's "one and done" and we don't get to see them pick up their "annual" awards.

    1. Getting picked for one of these awards is very much like getting picked for a subsidized apartment in Church Towers.

  4. The only person in the top photo with any integrity is Ms. Lynn.


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