Earwitness Rumor: Dark Side Bullet Voting?

Oh, boy!

GA's ear was pierced by a Q-Tipster's waxy dispatch- hot off the lobe!

It happened like this.  My Earwitness was walking on the street within earshot of Guess-Who: Parents United Treasurer Peter Biancamano!   Biancamano, was speaking LOUDLY enough to wake the dead- into his cell phone:

" I'ts 6... Number 6 is our guy.... we have to get 6 in..."   

GA's Earwitness sure got an earful; an earful of Biancamano promoting only Ballot Position 6 ("our guy") Francis “Chipper” Benway.  Benway is reportedly "Russo's pick."  Number 6's running mates are Number 3 (Jessica Nelson, "Romano's pick") and Number 5 (Jennifer Rossini)- neither of whom were discussed nor promoted at all in Biancamano's public bellowing:

"Number 6... Number 6... Number 6..."


Based on the Parents United Treasurer's loud street chatter, it appears Parent United's  private campaign strategy may be centered on electing "6"- just 6.   Most likely, the real power behind the slate, Mike Russo, believes that they can't defeat two popular Forward Together incumbents which leaves 1 seat "open." In which case, Russo may believe that Benway is their strongest candidate- or else the most reliable "yes" vote for the Russo agenda.  This tactic would allow the campaign to focus resources on one- not three- candidates, making sure that "Number 6...gets in."

In fact this is a common tactic called 'bullet voting;' promoting one person over others on the same slate. It is often done in private- person to person.  For example, canvassers may instruct voters to support one candidate; such as, "just vote for Number 6, he's our guy".  Sometimes money changes hands. This all happens 'off the radar'.

Naturally, the "bullet voting" strategy isn't shared with the candidates- or at least not the ones being shit-canned,  knifed in the back, or thrown under the bus- whichever you prefer.

Hey, it's not like Dark Siders haven't shafted their own before.

Look at last year- Kauffmann  significantly under-performed on the machines, compared to her running-mates Madigan and Montgomery.  It looks like bullet-voting to me.  The same thing happened to Beth Mason in 2009- the Russos privately promoted her "Old Hoboken" Council slate in Church Towers and elsewhere, and let Mason twist in the wind.

Thank you, Earwitness for the fresh, hot Q-Tip.  Definitely not waxy.  Not for "Number 6!"

GA sure hopes Biancamano's secret campaign strategy is NOT to dump on the ladies of Parents United.   Hasn't my gender been dissed enough lately?  Right, ladies?


  1. 6-6-6 coincidence?

  2. Hector Torres JunyaOctober 14, 2016 at 11:15 PM

    Yeah, we're hearing all about the focus on the 6-6-6 candidate.
    Next they say the devil wants us to vote for Hillary.

    We're not going there. A lot of us know 1-2-4 all the way!
    And not because it will make Beth Mason and Peter Biancamano unhappy.

    We want to make sure our community is safe, sound and happy!

  3. Need to get the 1-2-4 message out. The 6-6-6 voters will show up because they are paid to do so.

  4. 666, Mark of the B(OE)east!

  5. Look at the results the last time Peter Biancamano ran for the BOE in 2014 with Frances Rhodes Kearns. She was thrown under more than one bus to end up in last place.
    Monica Stromwall - 2,128
    Sharyn L. Angley - 2,081
    Peter Biancamano - 1,984
    Antonio Gray - 1,982
    Brian Murray - 1,960
    Patricia Waiters - 1,837
    Lynn Danzker - 1,536
    Frances Rhodes Kearns - 1,530


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