Phil and petting the Possum

Phil for Gov!
Folks, what a night! Mayor Zimmer's event was a huge success.  Yooge.

Moreover, GA was blessed to take a photo with the most important men in the room last night: Future NJ Governor Phil Murphy  and Hoboken's own silky silver possum-pelted furry Adonis, Perry Belfiore!

So soft, so furry.  photo credit: Mike DeFusco
If you didn't know, GA's worshiped Perry's rug for years.  In my eyes, it looks like an albino chinchilla perched on his dome.

I'll never forget the first time he let me pet it, in 2011.

I've even memorialized it in PhotoShop:

Can't stop...

Perry lurks on the Dark Side but he's a great sport.

Phil who?

Well folks, the real story of last night was the BoE debate,  GA is going to fill you in... stay tuned.