The Hotzi Truck

Beep! Beep!

Here comes the Hotzi Truck!  

2016's Hotzi Truck features Freeholder Anthony Romano, the "legendary" Amber Lynn  and  the co-manager of a 2012 school board slate--the first in Hoboken history to use swastikas in a political campaign!  At the time, the campaign publicly denied they had hired the "Nazi truck".

But they did.

In a February 25, 2015 MSV exclusive, the driver of the truck revealed he had been hired by two political operatives (employed by Hoboken Councilwoman Beth Mason), and alleged the operatives paid him with a bag of cash and $500 "to keep it quiet."

You see, 2012's Move Forward campaign had been using Councilwoman's Mason's office space at 1200 Washington Street as their headquarters.

In fact, a source told GA that the Move Forward campaign held an "emergency" meeting after the truck backfired with Hoboken's Jewish community,  to discuss whether to stop it or keep going.  The source cited both "yes" and "no" voters- one of the "yes" voters was a sitting Hoboken Council member* (not Beth Mason), one of "no" votes was a former BoE President.    (*It's all relative.)

But that was then. This is now, the Year of the Hotzi Truck.

That's a good thing.

2016's Hotzi Truck is nice to look at- almost family friendly.  And that annoying narration is gone,   replaced with music:

Its also got a beautiful, sexy woman flanked by two grinning, drooling men.

And the woman is famous- she's starred in hundreds of adult films; some might call her film catalog "legendary."

Best of all, the Hotzi Truck does not preach hate- it evokes love.... of the adult kind.

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  1. Hector Torres JunyaOctober 5, 2016 at 1:02 PM

    Will Stick and Joe be sending the truck out with video this year? Not sure we want to see that threesome but maybe they think it will get votes.

    After the Beth & Ricky Nazi Truck parading around town, that would be an improvement to their BoE campaign.

  2. Will the truck also sell ice cream? May as well provide as many sweet things to the public as possible...

    1. Yes. Stick will be Mr. Softee- ask the ladies.

  3. To those that may say your are obsessed, they either don't remember or refuse to remember the crap that Branco and others put you through. Not just the Nazi Truck, but getting grilled in your home by a detective in front of your daughter for some hilarious satirical posts. Much less the dumb defamation lawsuit that the Bajardis lost. Is that thing still going on? I heard that they appealed but are getting their asses handed to them by the appellate court. Also heard that his wages got garnished. They also forget that horrific audit of the BOE that revealed hundreds of thousands of dollars being wasted by the OG. Stick is part of that same group that is stealthily trying to get their mitts back on the cash cow that the BOE had become for the OG. Currently, their favorite tactic is to prop up some freshly minted newly arrived types that don't have a clue as to what the history of the BOE is and the real agenda of the OG with regard to supporting them. These sock puppets naively think that all they have to do is show up and will get lots of praise and accolades for being such good citizens. NOT! Whatever happened to Tim Occhipinti? He bought that crap hook line and sinker. He got tossed in the trash bin as soon as he was not longer useful and showed the barest smidgen of independence and a conscious. If we don't understand the history of corruption in Hoboken, then we are destined to relapse. These cretins are always clawing to get back in.

  4. I have to call bs on that. Branco might be an ass****, but he had nothing to do with Bajardis or Occopintti.

    His name does not appear on any of the Bajardi's emails that GA produced and was never mentioned in the suit.

    Branco was with us during the Lenz campaign vs Occopintti, and was with Ramos vs Occopintti.

    1. Joe Branco was certainly part big of Beth Mason's political crew and that will always tie him to Lane and Kimberly Bajardi.

      Branco is certainly not "with us" now and hasn't been "with us" for many years if he really ever was really "with us" at all.

      The question is why anyone would now be looking to try to give him some sort of political cover now and here on GA ?

    2. @Anon your referring to Jake Steiver, he was in Beth's camp not Branco.

    3. I thought Carmelo and Branco were BFFs?

    4. Used to be, snoopy. I am not sure when they broke up, but Garcia threw Joe pretty far under the bus at the infamous
      Wired Lunch. Transcript:

    5. Yea, but JoJo the Clown was still friends with him after that because I remember seeing the fb cover photo of them together somewhere. I wonder if they are broken up or not.

    6. Even Little Joe knows Carmelo is toxic at this point that any PDA's would not be helpful as he continues to try to be a player.

      Little Joe should review what happened to Beth when she tried to become a player cozying up with the same people and just got played for her money.

    7. @Anon 2:24 I know the difference between Jake and the Jerk. Everyone saw Joe Branco's truck always double park in front of Mason's 12th Street HQ store front and at every one of her events they knew he was part of the crew. But nice try at deflection. Maybe Joe will comp you a beer for that.

      P.S. Make sure the glass is clean, we have seen where his hands have been

  5. But he's not with us anymore. He is squarely with the OG and associates with all of those who are still corrupt - led by Russo, Romano and Ramos. The lines overlapped and were blurred in the past but there has never been a time where they were more clear than now - us vs them, criminals vs non-criminals, OG vs reform. And for the first time in a long time even the BOE race follows those lines. But the one thing the OG still has is that their OG voters, no matter how they are influenced whether paid, coerced or family, and OG voters show up to vote.

  6. "Branco was with us during the Lenz campaign vs Occopintti", wasn't that like 10 years ago or something? Plain as day, Little Joey has been in the baggadonuts of the OG for YEARS.

  7. Funny how Stick always seem to pose for pictures with his arm around women... almost like he is trying to prove something.


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