"Booker is NOT going to Romano2017 fundraiser"

Today on Facebook:


GA can confirm that U.S. Senator Cory Booker is NOT going to the advertised "Romano2017" fundraiser.

In fact, it is not clear whether or not Booker ever knew of the event.

All GA can tell you is that I heard that Freeholder Anthony "Stick" Romano was advertising Booker's appearance at his November 21 fundraiser.   Freeholder Romano alleged that Senator Booker would appear as a"special guest speaker."


Why would he (Booker) would be a special guest  for Mayor Zimmer's likely opponent in 2017?  And if not her opponent, Romano represents an anti-Zimmer political faction who opposes her Reform administration, and works to elect loyalists to unseat her allies.

GA asked around about why Booker had decided to appear for "Romano2017."

Well, the answer came back today like a bad news boomerang- WHACK!

Stick, are you okay?

"NOT TRUE... I can confirm 100% that Booker is NOT going ." 

Folks, you can take that one to the bank.

But... but...

I have to believe that Freeholder Romano was tricked by a Cory Booker impersonator, or  else it was an innocent mix-up.


Anyway, there's plenty of time to book another special guest or legendary actress.


  1. I just checked and Romano hasn't filed an ELEC report since his 11 day pre-election report in 2014. That means he's one report shy for his last freeholder election. If memory serves this is not the first fundraiser he's held since 2014 so Anthony seems to be openly flouting our ELEC laws. I wonder how much money he's hiding and who gave it to him? Unfortunately our ELEC laws have no teeth. Honest candidates voluntarily comply. The crooks like Romano laugh there way to the bank.

    Has Anthony's school Board ticket filed anything yet? Or will Mike Russo and Stick be secretly be paying their bills?

  2. Parents United filed the R-1 on 10/18. Accordingly, they raised $13,680 so far - $5,000 each from Rossini and Nelson, and $2500 from Frank Raia. Someone should file an ELEC complaint against Romano. They actually will do something, it just takes a while.

    1. Are they using the Mason Civic League again for their hq?

    2. There are a bunch of PU signs on the window of an empty storefront on the 700 block of washington (a former women's clothing store), not sure if it's a coming headquarters, could be.


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