Parents United censorship: what they didn't want you to read

Here's what happened. This morning I was notified that "graffix avenger" came up in some comments over on Parents United's Facebook page.

I took a look, and saw that someone had posted the article "Debate SHOCK: Parents United thugs harass 1-2-4."   The comments below that referenced this blog were free and fair comment, opinion, etc., but of course, one-sided.  I wanted to rebut two statements which either mischaracterized or misunderstood content on Grafix Avenger.

I posted two brief, civil comments.

My third post was longer; a civil rebuttal to this:

After I posted the third comment I noticed a typo.  So, I put it in "Edit" mode, corrected the typo, but when I tried to re-post, this is what I saw:

That's when I noticed all of my comments were deleted, and my posting privileges blocked.

So, I will have to post my screen-capped rebuttal here.

What Parents United DIDN'T want you to Read

GA note:
It's understandable that Parents United might not care for me/my message, but if they are publishing pointed comments about this blog content/author (me), it is only fair to offer me a rebuttal.   Parents United folks are welcome to comment here.

GA wasn't rude.  Just honest.

In fact, GA is a proven stalwart defender of free and open online political discourse, even when it gets hot (and it does).

Read about it here... 

or here:

Folks, the 'Dark Side' folks supporting Parents United will use any means to silence (and punish) their critics and political opposition: from a flashlight in the eyes at a debate, to thugs making a ruckus in the back of the Elks Club, or even using the COURTS to silence political discourse. 

Parents United operative blinds slate 1-2-4 with flashlight 
They want their voices to be the only ones heard, they want to raid the City's/BoE's coffers like they DID before Reform pried their fingers off.

Hence, Parents United cannot disown the APE shining a flashlight in 1-2-4's eyes;  he is them, their Magilla Gorilla. 

1-2-4 doesn't play like that.

Reform doesn't send thugs and apes to meetings to disturb the peace and intimidate political opponents.

Reform doesn't use the COURTS to silence political opposition.    Want to know how that ended?


  1. Just looked at that post and comments. So much ridiculousness. There is also a comment from someone I believe to be the wife of the campaign manager who says, "No disrespect to the gentleman in the photos but who cares about them they aren't running"

    She knows just how much those thugs have done especially after the Nazi Truck that the Ape helped Procure. Funny how she shows respect to the miscreant thug saying "no disrespect" but could care less about the disrespect that thug has shown to this whole town

  2. It boggles the mind they complain about the "divisive" discourse, complain they have been "insulted" these people have any idea what their backers have been doing to opponents in Hoboken? The flashlight was NOTHING. The Parents United team hired a truck in 2012 to drive around Hoboken with a mom and swastikas!

  3. VOTE 1 - 2- 4

    "No disrespect" but I can not respect or vote for anyone who is backed by the morally bankrupt, intrinsically corrupt Hoboken politico "Dark Siders."

    1. I edited your post- you put "6" instead of "4". If that was intentional, not an error, let me know.

    2. VOTE 1-2-4

      Yes, thank you, GA

      Anon 1:42

  4. Lane Bajardi's suit is over? I thought he appealed.

  5. I think his suit was confiscated in a sheriff's sale. I think he wears pajamas.

    Excellent post, GA. I'm glad you're providing history of the garbage the reform movement has dealt with these past years. Your head is bloody, but unbowed. Keep up the great work.

  6. Ahhhh - Censorship - the tool of the corrupt. Glad to see Parents United is embracing all the corrupt practices of their backers.

  7. This site owner is the biggest Hypocrite and biggest cry baby in hoboken. She does not even have her real name on her face book page.

    She will delete this post as soon as she reads it.

    1. She don't need to have her real name on Facebook. We all know who GA is and it would be easy to find out if we didn't.

      I have thought of having two Facebook accounts, one for family one for the rest of my life.

    2. Who pissed in your cornflakes, 6:12?

  8. I posted a link to this piece on the FB page of Parents United....lasted three hours before It was deleted and blocked! Huzzah freedom of Speech!

  9. Would you say Kids First = Forward Progress? Or are they different?

  10. Anon from ... that post many months back where you censored me and deleted my posts because your readers thought I was a darkside stooge before a mutual friend vouched for me.

    The only reason why I'm posting again after so long is to ask people who support reform not to automatically dismiss anyone who questions the schools. Every vote counts.

    When Dawn first ran for councilwoman, there were only a handful of us who went door to door for her, and it was hard getting people interested. When Campos decided to mass subpoena voters, there were hundreds of irate people in the Fourth Ward who went door to door for Dawn in the do-over. For a little while, the Fourth Ward was reliably reform... until people's kids got older. As soon my friends and neighbor's kids hit school age, they moved.

    The new residents don't know the history (these past few posts of yours have been great), but they can access school research that has nothing to do with Texas (Inside Schools, NJ DOE School Report Cards, etc.). They can do the comparisons (I was able to describe the classrooms and specific writing samples in each, but people claimed I couldn't have attended open houses at each school?) and see the differences for themselves. Without the background, they might draw the wrong conclusions on election day. As a long time taxpayer, I'm voting 1-2-4, but if I was a new voter, and one side told that I was "insulting the kids" for bringing up the actual test scores while I was trying to make a decision for my kid...

    From a parental and voter perspective, there are hundreds of parents with kids, kindergarten and younger, in the Fourth Ward, all looking at school choices. Please don't push them away when they question the schools. Every vote counts.

    1. Anon, I don't know what you are talking about, re: "censoring," provide a link when you make that kind of statement. Dissenting POVs are fine here. If someone is rude, disruptive or being an asshole, they are generally not welcome. As for your recollections... I remember a time when my kid was a toddler- 2 or 3, I experienced some of her playmates (their families) moving. This stopped around 2009. The kids were staying. "Comparisons" don't tell the full story. The teachers and programs keep getting better, and the holistic view is that when MORE families who are not "financially-disadvantaged" start using the High School, that's when test scores will look more like those in the other districts. The High School has wonderful teachers, great new programs... it needs Hoboken families to stop dissing it and send their kids. They will not regret it.

      Yes, it is hurtful to the HHS children when their school is attacked. Attacking HHS for "poor test scores" when the HS serves 83% financially disadvantaged families, while HoLa charter serves 11% disadvantaged- we know the disparity in scores directly correlates with poverty- is willful ignorance. When the ratio of economically disadvantaged at the HHS looks more like the other districts, scores will go up. That's the way it is. Families are starting to open their eyes and their minds- we all see it happening. It is a wonderful thing.

      Vote 1-2-4.

    2. I wonder how Hoboken does within their own District Factor Group? Doesn't that compare districts with similar socio-economic status?

  11. it's very sad when most of your information still comes from the mayor's husband, and some of it clearly is wrong

    1. really? still using that line? haven't all the recent election loses taught you everyone knows that's lame BS? fine, ok, go on...


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