Stick's Drive-by Awards Ceremony (2013)

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HOW STICK "REWARDS" (political) FRIENDS  vs. REFORM: public honors v drive-by
GA posted yesterday that Freeholder Anthony "Stick" Romano had awarded Citations to Mike Russo ("Italian Businessman of the Year"), Peter Biancamano ("Italian Man of the Year") and Ruben Ramos ("Honorary Italian of the Year") at Hoboken's Annual Columbus Day Wreath Award Ceremony.

What an honor!  But...

GA couldn't help but notice these honorees were: (1) all politically aligned with Romano, (2) two of them support the Parents United BoE slate in November's election with Romano (Biancamano is Treasurer) to gain control of the district's  $62+ million budget, (3) two of them are in top leadership positions of the Hoboken Democratic Party  (Party Chair Romano, Vice Chair Russo) with control over funding local campaigns, and (4) that there were no prominent Italian-Americans from the Reform faction of Hoboken government in that photo!

So, I asked a prominent Italian resident who has a long record of public service in Hoboken district schools, if she'd been similarly honored at the annual public ceremony.


But in fact, GA spoke with her again, when she did recall Freeholder Romano awarding her with a certificate in 2013, but... Stick "honored" her in an entirely different kind of awards ceremony.
  He called said he had something to give me, asked if I was home. He drove by texted me when he was out front, I went out, he rolled down his window and handed me the proclamation. When I got inside and read it realized that the buffoon never signed it. LOL  
Theresa Minutillo: Stick Romano's Drive-By Victim
Did Freeholder Stick Romano REALLY forget to sign his own  "certification of recognition" that he awarded to a Reformer in a drive-by ceremony???

He did!   

Mama Mia! 

Come osa Stick disonore Teresa in questo modo!

Quello che un buffone!

Stick deve Teresa scuse in ginocchio!


Culo di cavallo!  


Tale una vergogna non dovrebbe mai accadere in un migliaio di vite!

Can you believe Romano "recognized" the public service of an Italian-American Reformer through his car window while she stood in the street!

Q: How does Stick recognize his political pals?

A: In a dignified public ceremony attended by Hudson County officials, the Hoboken mayor, the press, and records the honor in a program:  

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So.... why the disparity in how one's community service is recognized, simply because of Hoboken political factionalism?    .


When Stick delivered the unsigned certificate fresh off his hp bubble jet (unlike the leather-bound "Citations" his pals got this week) why did bother stopping when he could have thrown the certificate out the car window like a newspaper.  Fetch it, girl!

Agli deve averla trattata con rispetto! 

To be fair, when notified the " certificate of recognition" was unsigned, the  Freeholder offered to return to sign it.

But... Teresa ha gettato l'onore insincero nella spazzatura.


  1. Wasn't it Romano in his last election that said "This is OUR town".

  2. I'm having a similar problem with my checks for my stellar work on a famous law suit. The client is so happy with my work that she keeps forgetting to sign them. I call almost daily, but she keeps forgetting to answer the phone. Been to the house a bunch of times, but she keeps forgetting to come to the door. All in all, I'm dealing with a lot of forgetfulness. But that's just how it goes when you're....

    JayZeke...Master Litigator!!! (cash only, all sales final).

  3. The general rule I follow is if any of the Russos are involved with anything it is the wrong side to be on.

  4. Romano drives around with a printing press in his trunk ready to give out his proclamations on a moments notice but does anyone care? What a joke!


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