Freeholder "Stick" Romano mingles with porn star [photo]

Holy smokes! 

 This screenshot below was sent to me last week with a message:
Please keep my name out of it  Thought you might be interested in this Facebook post on Branco's Facebook page which has since been removed.
All smiles. 

leg·en·dar·y  (lĕj′ən-dĕr′ē)
1. Of, based on, or discussed in legend: the legend of Deep Throat, the legend of Behind the Green Door, the legend of The Devil and Miss Jones
2. Extremely well known; famous or renowned: a legendary talk show host, a legendary sword swallower, a legendary porn star.
I guess so. It says so on the box:

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In fact, Amber Lynn has appeared in 406 adult films in a career that has spanned since her first porno film audition in 1983.  

Look at the grins on those two flanking the legendary Amber Lynn!  

Oh yes, BoE Trustee Peter Biancamano was with them, on September 24th-- the day he certified the Parents United  D-1 ELEC form as Parents United Treasurer.

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Hey, look.  It's up to the parents of Hoboken to judge, with their vote, who they trust to be the stewards of the Hoboken School District.

Personally, I prefer our children to be inspired by legends like Robin Hood or King Arthur, instead of legends like "The Man with the Golden Rod"

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  1. Thanks for inviting me to Biggies tonite. That was so so nice of you. See you later hon.

  2. hey can I bring my friend Sprinkles? shes fun

  3. You are attacking them for supporting a film festival in Jersey city, because they took a photo with an actress in one of there independent films they showcased?

    1. NO, it is because they chose to take a pic with a porn star and proudly display it on Facebook, with an oh gee, aren't we cool posing with the porn star attitude. They could have taken a pic with any of a dozen other people there and posted those pics. Instead, they chose the porn star. Stupid and dumb and an interesting window into the minds of two jackasses who want to run the BOE.

    2. Why did Branco pull the post down so fast? You mean legendary actress. I think Branco was referring to her long adult film career not an indie film. So he admires a porn star big deal. Not a crime.

    3. You do realize its his personal page and he can post photos of whomever he chooses. As far has him being cool or not cool it seems that you have a personal issue with him calling him a jackass. There are other photos from that event on his facebook page along with photos from other events he donates to and sponsors. Can we talk about the BOE and real issues not Branco's facebook page, who last I checked is not running for the BOE.

    4. Anon @ 12:53-
      You do realize Facebook is the public domain, like this blog. Of course, he can post pictures with whomever he wants on his Facebook page, including legendary porn stars. Some may believe it is a matter of interest and public concern for public school parents; WHO is the leadership of a School Board slate, who is crafting their messaging, platform, literature and advising on School Board issues.

      Some may think it is relevant that some BoE campaign leaders mingle with a porn star and refer to her film catalogue as "legendary." It is fair comment.

    5. @GA, I think that's a far stretch to compare taking a photo on a red carpet event to mingling with a porn star. If the photo was taken at a strip club, adult movie convention or peep show, then I will have to agree with you. It was a red carpet event for The Golden Film Festival. She played a role in Who's Jenna.

    6. Jackassess help arrange for Nazi trucks as well as cozy up to porn stars. Great role models. When you run for public office (or run a campaign), you shed the right to claim off limits to internet postings, such as Facebook - just ask those cretins who live on lower Park and are facing a HUGE judgment. Comment on the jackasses' off hour proclivities is of public interest.

    7. Anon @ 1:54- were you there? Can you prove there was no mingling? Are you an expert on mingling? Got a degree?

      Here's what I see. I see an elected official and an alleged School Board "campaign manager" flanking a lovely lady whom is identified by the BoE guy as "the legendary Amber Lynn" and not "an actress in an Indie film". Look at those cat-ate-the-canary smiles! A picture speaks a thousand words, and some of the words include "mingling with a porn star." Now, if it were a mingle-free circumstance, why did the BoE guy pull the Facebook post down?

      That should trip your mingle-detector, too. No mingle-no reason to pull the post. That is my opinion, sir or madam!

    8. @GA You made the remark about mingling from a photo at a red carpet event from Branco's facebook post. You must be the expert on mingling. I am no expert on mingling, but smiling in a photo does not constitute mingling.

      Maybe he might have pulled the post because of immature people that would criterzize the photo. Just like what you are doing now.

      Obviously he didn't have an issue with it, otherwise he would not have posted the photo on facebook to begin with.

    9. Or maybe he is just a jackass that realized he had exercised very poor judgement that does not reflect well on either of them.

    10. I love how these idiots keep trying to defend their porn star coziness. Of course they are free to go to an adult film convention in Las Vegas and walk the red carpet with legendary porn stars, if they want. But, when they want to affect elections for the BOE, their adult activities are fair game. I wonder why Mr. Romano seems to be so interested in the BOE? I understand that he does not have any children. Nor does he pay much in real estate taxes to support the BOE for his rent controlled tax abated home in Marine View. Perhaps the ring of hundreds of unaccounted cell phones or the smell of freshly inked pay checks for thousands of undocumented employees is just too tantalizing to resist. Can Ma $5 a Tow be far behind?

    11. Anon @ 3:10- Yes, in fact I am. I am an expert-mingler. I've mingled with the best and the worst. I've mingled above and below Sea Level. I can spot a mingler from a mile away in the dark, blindfolded.

      Think about it: two public, political figures- one an elected official, another a SCHOOL BOARD "campaign manager" publish a photo with their arms around a "legendary" porn star, and I'm the one with a problem?

      I think not!

    12. GA obsess much? You are completely obsess with the guy Branco.

      How long did it take you to work on this story and do the graphics for yeaterdays story? Too much time and too much coffee wasted on him. He is not worthy of your attention.

    13. Anon @ 4:41 PM- Thank you! Not long at all, I'm very quick.

  4. Haaaaaaaaa!!! Who better to manage a BoE campaign than the Nazi truck/porn guy! Is Trump running this campaign??

  5. I'm Sprinkles boyfriend and she's not going to no party without me

  6. I would think Romano and Branco's wives are thrilled to see them posing with a porn star.

  7. Never heard an indie film star referred to as "legendary."

  8. Stick iz a friend. Stick is leader of Hoboken. Stick enjoys fine tastes in life.
    Stick will never do sloppy seconds after Joe. That is so not mayoral.

  9. Hey those movies probably had amazing plots.

  10. Why does anyone care? You can take pictures or video with anyone you want.
    And I'll spank the monkey as much as I like with my photos of Amber Lynn as much as I want.

  11. If "Little Joe" Branco wasn't embarrassed about his picture with his arm around a porn-actress Amber Lynn on his Facebook he would have left it up.

  12. Legendary.
    Porn stars and nazi trucks,
    You gotta give it to Branco, he runs some interesting school board campaigns.

  13. I might not contribute much to BOE policy issues but I sure can suck a golf ball through a garden hose. And me love Stick long time. Thanks to the fact he lives in publicly subsidized housing, he can pay me double my normal hourly rate.

  14. Mingle mingle on the wall,
    A BOE operative enjoys porn in the fall,
    Here is $300 bucks Amber Lynn
    Now suck on my balls.

    - With pleasure
    The Mingler

  15. To me the point is more not that this is an isolated event, but rather just one on a long list of "guilt by associations" type things that when taken as a hole make you realize these are not the type of people we want to support, nor any of their "friends" whether they are porn stars, convicted criminals, videotaped potential criminals, voter fraud criminals, school fund cyphinung criminals, quarter stealing criminals, embezzling criminals, tow fee extorting criminals, frivolous slapp suit filing criminals, contract giving criminals or kick back taking criminals. One "side" in Hoboken has all of this on their political resume. The other "side" doesn't. Simply put, Branco and Romano are not on the latter.


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