Earwitness News SPECIAL REPORT: Madigan's ShopRite Announcement!

This SPECIAL REPORT comes to you from ShopRite in Hoboken....

An Earwitness (the Ear was attached to a Hoboken mom) was standing directly behind School Board Trustee John Madigan.   Madigan, said loudly to a woman shopper:

"When we sweep the elections and take back the majority, Peter's gonna be President and I'll be Vice President."  

Holy Parents United Rubber-Stamp!  Does the team know they have been demoted to Rubber-Stamp status already?

Or did they strike a deal behind closed doors?  The "stakeholders" would like to know.

What a shock- not elected yet and POLITICAL WHEELING-DEALING from the allegedly "non-political" Parents United.   Didn't GA warn you?

It's possible that Parents United doesn't know what they've gotten themselves into- yet.

Hey, Parents United: don't you know how 'the game' is played in Hoboken? 

Your backer, Councilman Mike Russo will explain. Listen to the video clip*.

*Parents United backer Mike Russo was caught on a 2009 F.B.I. surveillance tape accepting the offer of a $5,000 bribe from F.B.I. Informant Solomon Dwek.   On this clip, Russo explains his governing philosophy:

...or read the video transcript instead:

There you go.  The governing philosophy of the Dark Side.

So, if Parents United didn't know WHO they were voting for at the re-org, now they know! 

It's been decided.  As will all of their votes going forward.  The Dark Side is working hard to elect them. 

GA hears the vote-buying is in full swing.

They did for you,  you'll do for them.

Parents United will obey orders, and say what's written for them. Like Biancamano (Good doggy! Woof ! Woof!)

If they don't follow orders:

And before you know it, the Biancamano-Madigan BoE will be spending classroom dollars on steak dinners, buying cell phones, taking their friends to Atlantic City, giving no-bid contracts to friends, no-show jobs, putting pals on the payroll, 'mis-reporting' about enrollment numbers to collect more loot from the state... like they did before Reform took majority control in 2009.


VOTE 1-2-4


  1. isn't Mr. Madigan's nick name "PSHYCO" ?

  2. jobs jobs jobs!!!!October 18, 2016 at 4:32 PM

    VP Madigan will get his district job back. driving around, making copies. KF cut that fat in the first round. the AC repair guy that made phonecalls will get his job back too, and the couple dozen janitors that used to be on the payroll, jobs jobs jobs!!!! don't forget guys to chase out Christine to hire your pal Petrosino. jobs jobs jobs!!!!

  3. The scary thing is that with all the noise from the presidential race and nothing else local on the ballot getting the word out about school board is going to be a heavy lift. So we all need to get out there and start lifting with a message that will appeal to the thousands of voters who don't think HoLa is a dirty word.

    1. We need Councilmen/women to get the word out, show support for 1-2-4. Has DeFusco endorsed yet? Mello? I don't think the thousands of voters you speak of care about HoLa or care about any snot noses who threaten to leave town.

    2. If the voters don't care about HoLa that just reinforces the point that bashing HoLa is at best unproductive and at worst stupid.

      If press accounts are right, Mello and DeFusco both attended a meet and greet for the ticket. Casting aspersions on allies is even stupider. But keep up the good work.

    3. Anon 11:49- "bashing" HoLa is your POV. I call it fair comment. The HoLa Trustees are up to their neck in the HBoE election. HoLa Trustee Susan Costomiris is a Parents United campaign co-Treasurer, HoLa Trustee Petrosino, blogging for Parents United, is attacking the Reformers Kids First/Reach Higher/Forward Together, HoLa dad Joe Branco has claimed to others he is Parents United campaign manager and Parents United Treasurer Peter Biancamano orchestrated the "live motion to drop lawsuit" stunt on behalf of HoLa; by virtue of participating in the election to change the composition of the HBoE board, HoLa has placed itself in the political campaign discourse. You may not like it, you may not agree, but it is fair comment. I have yet to see Hoboken district parents seek appointment on HoLa's board, nor try to tell them how spend taxpayer money nor attack (indirectly) the CHILDREN of the school by relentlessly criticizing performance (while ignoring the comparative socioeconomic DIFFERENCES of the student populations). Of course, their budgets are not open to public review, and it is fair comment to ask, "why not?"

      So, "unproductive" to whom? It's called sunlight.

    4. Question "unproductive" to whom?

      Jennifer Evans
      Irene Sobolov
      Sheillah Dallara

    5. Anon @ 2:06- that is your opinion.

      1-2-4 are running a terrific campaign, I am not on it. I support them, I don't represent them. The truth that an alignment of Dark Stars, some of whom sit on the HoLa Board, are trying to 'take back' the BoE's $60M budget is a drum that I can't beat enough. Anyone reading this site can find plenty of motivation to vote 1-2-4. The president of the BoE under which 1,050 people were on the BoE payroll, thousands were diverted from classrooms on steak dinners, cell phones, etc. and all the stuff I have written ad nauseum about- THAT guy is backing Parents United, and sits on the HoLa board, with Anthony Petrosino who has been attacking the HBoE for years. These are the backers of Parents United. Lay down with dogs, wake up with fleas.

      This election is not about HoLa. It is a battle to keep the HBoE out of the hands of the crew who robbed the schools, and kept them in a state of deterioration. You know where some of them landed AFTER they got the boot from the HBoE.

  4. Biancamano wants people to think he's a nice guy but he has no problem with having his seat bought for him with hundreds of VBMS. Designated Goebbels Petrosino has no problem writing little blog posts marveling at the final tallies pretending there were no VBMs.

    They're scumbags of the worst kind, screwing kids for purely personal reasons. You can bet they'll be getting a nice chunk from Beth. If you're a scumbag, the wallet's always open.


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