Outrage at Hoboken411 attack on the transgender community

Today a gay friend sent me a link to the most unhinged diatribe I've read to-date on Perry Klaussen's Cyber-Island of Misfit Toys, Hoboken411.

You know, GA stopped reading his dreck years ago (as did most of Hoboken).  But every now and then someone shoots me over a link: "you've got to see this!"  Must I?

Today's lunatic dispatch was a full-frontal attack on gender-identity assignment.

According to Klaussen, either you are a girl or a boy. To anyone in-between or assigned the 'wrong' gender identity by birth, Klaussen says "f*ck you, you're an idiot... perhaps you should see a psychiatrist."

Well, folks. it appears that Hoboken411 has really done it this time: his wretched hate-screed has inflamed the LGBT community and their friends.   GA thinks the backlash will spread like a brush-fire and (we hope) consume the last of Klaussen's joyless ghost town.  Poof!  Good-bye!

That's what happens to schmucks who dance on the third rail.  

GA doesn't know Eddie Baez, but check out the outrage at Hoboken411: 

One more thing...

GA was surprised to see that after Klaussen had posted his hate screed against the transgender community, he put up endorsement letters for Parents United.

I kid you not!

Personally, I don't think that's a juxtaposition befitting of any School Board candidate or slate.  Yikes!

I'll bet that Parents United doesn't know that Hoboken High School has a Gay Straight Alliance. I sure hope the kids don't read that awful crap or take it seriously if they do.

For the record, GA loves all members of our LGBT community, but its more important that you love yourselves.  

So please, ignore the cretinous castaway marooned on his cyber-Island of Misfit Toys.  He cannot help himself.


  1. god bless the first amendment, which gives him the right to write what he wants and all of us the right to call him a total loser nitwit for doing so. hopefully his advertisers feel the blowback and move their ad dollars to other local "what's happening" blogs (hMag, hoboken girl, even GA!)

    1. You are so right! I have to wonder, who is really advertising there?

  2. Not one ad on that site now.

  3. Today's post:
    person) struck by (vehicle) – Yes this happens all the time. Back in the day, it was usually a drunk person veering off the road. Today? Most often it’s either “entitled” pedestrians who think the world revolves around them (you will stop for ME!), or oblivious self-centered morons on their phones. The truth!
    Sometimes it’s even kids who weren’t parented properly. And you also still have moronic drivers as well – although they don’t make up the majority of the cases like they used to.

  4. Thats why we need bike lanes instead of car lanes! Thank you Dawn "The bike" Zimmer. More bikes less pedestrian accidents.

  5. I haven't seen Perry in ages. I don't think he even lives in Hoboken anymore. As for his feelings on transgenders, who cares? He's as entitled to his opinions as we are. Also, it's kind of funny that he believes in psychology but not in the psychological issues that could cause gender issues.


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