Friday, December 31, 2010

H411 Fakes Poll Results- PROOF

One doesn't have to taste a fish to know when it's rotten; the putrid odor tells you all you need to know.

So when posted a poll yesterday that had 1200 votes within one hour (as reported by GA reader Cheese) the odor wafting from my monitor was unmistakable.

But, how to convince YOU people that Hoboken411's operation- in truth a Mason political spin machine that sells advertising- is built on fabricated web traffic claims and is in fact, a SHAM... well, there's the rub.

Because clouds of stink do not hold up in court. One must present evidence.

Well.. GA's got some.

Let's begin with Cheese's post:

Wow! That amounts to 1 vote every 3 seconds... a spectacular response. Mind you, I don't venture over there often. But I had to check this out.

Here's the Hoboken411 poll:

So I voted- the total number claimed in the results was over 1,400 votes- then left. That was yesterday evening.

This morning I checked back. And decided to vote again, for shits and giggles. But would the 411 poll let me vote twice? Either, YES, it would accept multiple votes from a single IP address or NO, it would take only vote per IP.

The poll didn't let me vote twice.

Instead, it supplied this message:

Haw... haw... haw...

Klaussen's 'poll' assigned my IP address an ID number when I voted the first time-- voter # 145.

So why did yesterday's result's indicate over 1,400 voters if I was the 145th voter?

I'll tell you why.

Because's poll's a SHAM.

Klaussen hosts the poll and like any host, serves company what he WANTS you to 'eat'. The purpose of the poll is thus:
  • to persuade you that he's (still) got great traffic
  • to persuade you there's a tidal wave of anger at the administration's response to the blizzard (if he's got to FAKE it then it ain't there)
  • to prime you for FUTURE polls (which will be similarly FIXED for your consumption)
Oh, this is rich.

Now, since Klaussen reads GA, let's see how he explains this one. Maybe the #145 message is a fake, too. 1,200 votes in under 1 hour. Right. So at that response rate he should have at least 15,000 votes by now.

Here were today's 'results':

Oh, the humanity!

In the meantime, I'm not the only one out there documenting what a SHAM that place is. Check out this post from the forum:

Now, Beth Mason, Michael Novak and any OTHER politico that partners with THAT disinformation venture... how does it feel to know that the withholding of critical emergency information such as the 911 outage is a public safety THREAT to our community?

THAT'S what you're supporting. That's what you ENDORSE with your patronage.

Because it's all about YOU. Not US, the people you purport to serve.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Outrageous Blizzard Neglect (Photo)

click to enlargeCash litters the 4th Ward in an Occhipinti blizzard

On the eve of the 4th Ward election a blizzard of cash rained down on the HHA until it was blanketed in benjamins with City Officials were nowhere in sight to clean up the mess!

And the mess was everywhere. Hundreds of 'campaign workers' were covered in cash, resulting in a blizzard of mail-in ballots (VBMs).

In fact, several City Officials are on record as pumping cash into the blizzard in November- the same ones bitching about the City's response to the blizzard in December.

Even the snow-blizzard crybaby tweeters- like Micheal Novak - provided 'green snow' for the 4th Ward blizzard. So why doesn't Novak tweet about cleaning up the blizzard of dirty money?

He donated $2,500 of it.

Lucky Tim!

But how to reconcile the silence on the blizzard of vote-buying with the outcry over a blizzard of snowflakes?

I ask members of our minority City Council to ask the majority Green-Blizzard City Council members why they have not complained about cleaning up that mess. At the next meeting, of course. When the choreographed performances of outraged citizen-operatives commence.

Q: When is a blizzard not a blizzard?

A: When it's anti-democratic and un-American, like vote-buying.

What have you got to say about that: Mason, Russo, Occhipinti, Castellano, Giacchi, Novak, Ramos?

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Snow Cat

Whiners and crybabies: if you can stop your bitching for 5 minutes (boo-hooooo, Mommy make the snow go away) or tweeting like a spoiled adolescent (Zimmer-this, Zimmer-that), how about building a snow cat?

Or snow-dog, if you go that way.

Here's the one LA (Little Avenger) made, complete with snow-mouse:

Pretty life-like, no? And here's our real one, CA (Cat Avenger):

Can you tell the difference?

Tell 'em, Sista

In the teeming petri dish of Mason411, I found this gem:

"bunch of whiny little bitches".
.. ha ha ha ha...

You are so right, honey. They are whiny bitches. Some even worse... political operatives who coordinate smear campaigns with elected officials on our City Council-- think the Washington PAC NJDC and the Mason411-linked hit job planted by Beth Mason and her donor Larry Stempler.

Think Michael Novak trying to curry favor with the future City Council Queen of Smears by setting me up.

If the crown fits, wear it.

Get away from that place, girlfriend.

Come to the light.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


And the Lord sent a great snow to fall upon the land. So it snowed and it snowed and it snowed for 40 days and 40 nights or maybe just one.

In the morning, a cry rose up across the land or maybe just from the covens of sleazy Mason political operatives. It sounded like this:


And the Lord was confused.

His 6 snowplows had only begin their work when dark forces had gathered to smite Mayor Dawn Zimmer. But He needed more than a handful of hours to clear such a mess, yet the petty operatives and political hacks blogged and tweeted, sobbing like infants yanked off their mama's teat. They were not satisfied with progress, they wanted miracles.

But only the Lord can provide miracles, not 6 snowplows. Make that 9.

Yet 24 hours after the 3rd largest snowstorm in Hoboken history, our roads were cleared for traffic!

A miracle? NO. Just hard work.

Were the hacks and operatives satisfied? Of course not.


Behold the tweets of crybaby-extraordinaire Micheal Novak:

Photos taken 1 day after the record snowfall, on Clinton Street.


Do you know that it's snowed in Hoboken before December 2010?

Yes, it's true!

Witness the proof.

Which I dedicate to the wailing drama queens and paid political operatives who see retribution in falling snow.

From 2006.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Snow Politics


Introducing the latest talking point fresh from the labs at Nitwits, Inc.... and we know the political ops strained mighty hard to pinch this loaf. Poor Mike Novak may have popped a hemmorhoid when squeezing out one of these overheated tweets.

You see, it goes like this: there was blizzard last night. That means it snowed. A lot. There's snow everywhere.


My friend, InfotainMe, pointed out that when previous mayors were in charge the snow fell into neat little piles on Hoboken's street corners and major intersections.

But not with our mayor. No, this Dawn Zimmer can't do anything right. She let the snow fall everywhere. She allowed the wind to blow- mighty gusts of it. She kept the temperature low so the damned stuff wouldn't melt. What will she do next? I'll bet she's dispatched an army of pooches to piss everywhere.

That's right: yellow snow brought to you by the Ice Goddess of City Hall.

We never had yellow snow under Mayor Russo!

I think I hear that pissing sound now... oh, wait. That's just the hiss of Zimmer's wind. The one she sent over to blow the powdery snow. Onto the sidewalk I just shoveled.

That frigging bitch!

I've changed my mind.

Those ops are right. Maybe Zimmer not only has her hands on the levers of power at City Hall, but her hands on the levers of a weather machine. That makes wind. And snow.


Here it is, Zimmer's Weather Machine:

No wonder they call her the Ice Goddess.

Here's what she claims to have been doing while blowing snow at us from her Sno-Kones Weather Machine:

Six plows have been out continuously cleaning Hoboken’s streets since Sunday afternoon. The City has brought in a private contractor to help, and nine plows are currently on the road, with more on the way.

Despite the plowing, drifting snow due to strong winds has re-covered streets and made them treacherous to drive on. A state of emergency remains in effect, and residents are strongly urged to stay home and not drive. Only vehicles with chains or snow tires should be on the roads.

Yeah, right.

The minute one of those 9 plows clears a path on the road, along comes that crazy mayor and her ungodly Sno-Kones gizmo... and in one windy blast the snow's back all over the street again!

It's happening all over Hoboken. And We the People are NOT happy.

Somebody, take away Mayor Zimmer's Sno-Kones Weather machine!

You, Beth Mason!

Only YOU can save Hoboken from that crazy, snow-blowing menace in a skirt... You MUST take control of our city. You and your easel-toting, furious leprechaun.

Please save our city.


Hey Mayor, didn't I ask for grape?

Willow Wonderland

A Willow Terrace pictorial, taken at 9:30 am.

One commuter's nightmare is a child's dream-come-true.

The Hoboken public schools are closed this week; the timing couldn't have been better. Because 'snow days' mean the district calendar gets extended accordingly, and who needs less summer? Of course, the ordinary urban landscape transformed overnight to a snowy playground on their week-off is a gift.

What could be more fun for a kid?

So LA (Little Avenger) and her friends on our block played, while neighbors strained to dig out their cars, some of which were completely covered with snow.

Try to enjoy your snow-day wherever you are.

Sunday, December 26, 2010


"...the snow's going to come down hard... snow developing rapidly toward the noontime hour...winds could gust up to 50 mph... 12 to 18 inches could be expected..."

So says News 12 Weather & Traffic!

It's already started, in case you're in a windowless cave (no, not talking about you, darling) and there's a white dusting on the ground.

If any intrepid photographers care to send GA snow storm pics as the fun picks up, please do... I promise to slap a Grafix Avenger666 watermark on the bottom-right corner just like that idiot over at... you know.

Have fun in the snow. And don't drive.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wandering Jews

This post is for the Jews.

Or... anyone not partying or praying or giving and receiving gifts today in celebration of Jesus' birthday: Muslims, Sikhs, Druids, Buddhists, Wiccans, Taoists, etc.

So, what are you going to do? Practically everything's closed.

There's always Chinese food and a movie.

How about pulling a family member off the computer and introducing yourself: pleased to meet you, I'm your mother.

Have you read a book recently? Magazines don't count.

What about going for a walk... to another Jew's house. Then the two of you can complain for awhile, eat a snack, complain a little more then walk back to your house and repeat.

GA's tribe is heading off to a family gathering today. To see my nephew who's home from college. I hear a roast turkey was invited. And I made my awesome rum cake...

Oh honey, this cake is to die for. And so easy to make. GA's tip: use good rum. I used a cheap one once- blech.

I use Bacardi Gold:


Here's another tip: make the glaze when you put the cake in the oven, wait to add the rum...let the glaze cool then add the rum-- to keep more of the alcohol in... heh heh. I am telling you, if you try this recipe you will love me forever.

Hey Jews, how about it? Why not bake a rum cake today?

LA & I made two.; the family gets the bundt, the other's for us...

With rum cake in tow we'll be wandering off soon; a couple of Jews amongst the millions wandering the earth today on Christmas.

To my Christian brothers and sisters, Merry Christmas.

Friday, December 24, 2010

10 for 10

by InfotainMe

Thought we’d take a 10 minute break from politics. At this time of year, the rest of the media are gushing forth with tedious top 10 lists. So why should we be any different? These are my favorite 10 songs of ’10. Thus the title and all. Update your list accordingly…

I don’t always find 10 new songs. I am as likely to find songs that I’ve never heard of or rediscover something I haven’t listened to for years. As the year unfolds, the right song comes along at the right time. Or it doesn’t. I weighted the list toward the new stuff I heard though.

It’s possible you and I don’t have a single song in common. That wouldn’t surprise me at all. My main sources are a couple of radio stations and the internet. My favorite station is WXPN which originates from the University of Pennsylvania; second is WFUV from Fordham. On my daily drive to Pennington, FUV makes it to just about exit 9, and XPN covers the rest of the ride. Other than sports I rarely listen to commercial radio. So I don’t have a good sense of how commercial or uncommercial my tastes are.

Inclusion in the list, as mentioned, is a little arbitrary. If I had done this in spring, it would have included The High Road by Broken Bells. Summer would have helped out Cold Beverageby G Love and Special Sauce or Pala Tute by the amazing Gogol Bordello. But I can’t say the cold December caused the inclusion of the lovely Fleet Foxes tune.

To the detriment of a few songs that were in fairly frequent rotation, I found Madison Avenue skulking around the InfoPod. I don’t know if any would have made it to the end, but TV ads eliminated The Only Living Boy in New York by Simon and Garfunkel, “Float Onby Modest Mouse, and Season of the Witch by Donovan. Don’t blame me, blame these bastards who keep sneaking in my house.

Some songs are tied to incidents or experiences with long tails… #5 was after a brutally long day. #2 was after a brutally long affair. #3 was for a new friend. Some songs barely edged out other songs, so I’ll include the runners up here and there.

The oldest song this year is from 1961, 3 are from 2010. To be honest, Mustang Sally, Into the Mystic, or Bang a Gong could sneak in there every year. And I can’t give a good reason why some others didn’t. So a few honorable mentions…

Bitch in Heat number. Right Hand Man by Joan Osborne. Not new, but re-discovered this year. Too often the bitch in heat is, you know, a guy bitch. This song doesn’t have the enveloping luxury of Etta James’s At Last It’s just pure physical lust. And this is the same woman who did the exquisite Cathedrals.” So we could have an lively discussion about the church before wrecking the hotel room.

Get the Beat Out There Where Even the Rented White People Can Find It number. Crying by TV On the Radio. Or It’s Not the Crime by Tower of Power. If your feet don’t move, you may be dead.

Miraculous Cure number. The uber-soothing Margo Timmins of the Cowboy Junkies doing “Sweet Jane”. Also near the top of this category “Healing Hands” (2010) by Brooklyn’s Citizen CopeFace it – you have 365 chances to have a low-down morning. You need one of these in the tool-kit. If you can’t even stand to hear a human voice, maybe Travels by Pat Metheny will get you to put the gun down.

And now, the 10 for 10.

#10. Frankie’s Gun” the Felice Brothers (2008). They honed their sound in the NY Subway and it shows. I’m a sucker for this kind of rowdy, noisy stuff. It’s got an accordion solo and everything. There were a few others I could have chosen, notably Burning On the Bowery by Jesse Malin and the St. Marks Social Club and Trashcan” by Delta Spirit.

#9. Church of the Holy Spook” Shane Macgowan and the Popes (1994). I’m stubbornly, even argumentatively catholic. Friends often imply but don’t quite say that this is incompatible with being literate. Not if I say it isn’t.

I lost my mom in May. We re-enacted our rituals, both religious and social. They have their comforts. But what I love more than anything is this strange hymn-mumbling tribe we have convened here in America. It’s not easy to explain.

I do notice that a lot of us don’t really care a hoot for the grander ideas of the church. For instance, none of those catholics who broadcast the mayor’s tiff with father Vinny seemed to place any value on perhaps our greatest notion – the sanctity of a private conversation with a priest.

#8. Month of May” Arcade Fire (2010). When I was a kid you never listened to your parents’ music. But I can’t get my sons to listen to their own generation to save my life. Albert King and John Lee Hooker – no problem. Arcade Fire – no way. The anxiety of this tune links back to the very fine Keep the Car Running. But I also hear that generational disappointment of early Springsteen. Wonder if Arcade Fire are disappointed in my sons…

#7. White Winter Hymnal Fleet Foxes (2008). Lovely. Reminds me of winters in the Midwest of my childhood. I have a large playlist called Sunday Morning on the InfoPod. This is the first song on it.

#6. “New Slang” The Shins (2001). Expect Broken Bells (James Mercer’s 2010 band) to get a pile of Grammy’s. After hearing “The High Road” once too often I actually started preferring The Ghost Insidemore. Then came the Levi Pioneer Series with Mercer’s cover of Goodbye Girlbeing the best of the bunch for my money. “New Slang” is in the vein of the latter. What I like about Mercer is that he knows simple is better. Hope he doesn’t fall in love with the studio toys too much. One of the simplest songs I've ever heard, "Till I Hear From You" has few equals.

#5. Runaround Sue Dion and the Belmonts (1961). If I could sing like anyone, it might be Dion. It was the end of hideous, hot day in the world of work. Driving north on the Turnpike with this awful smell filling the car. I convinced myself that I must’ve left my Jack Russell in the car all day in my morning haste and pre-occupation and she was dead and decomposing. As I drove nearer the truck I’d been following I noticed the hooves sticking up out of the back. It was the dead deer clean-up guy. And then Dion came on… I knew I’d make it another day. Which is all you can ever ask of rock and roll.

#4. CastanetsAlejandro Escovedo (2001). Romance and ambivalence, and a man who knows instead of a boy who thinks he knows. “I like her better when she walks away.” Hey, he said it, not me.

#3. Weather With You Crowded House (1991). I send GA tunes to check out from time to time. Not sure when I sent this one but it reminds her of me now. That’s good for at least a 3.

#2. This Tornado Loves You Neko Case (2009). Incident in a Brussels hotel. Ain’t talking about it. I do love Neko though. You can also find her with the New Pornographers. Say, we’re getting a little over-Canadian at this point. If I were more glib about it (which I hope to be one day), I could have gone with Next Girl by soulful white-boys the Black Keys. We’re also getting little overly soulful white-boyish at that point.

#1. “Everything” Roadside Graves (2010). I don’t have a link (see ITunes). It’s on an EP called “You Won’t Be Happy with Me.” I’ll keep it simple for ya. This is the best band there is.

Roadside Graves are from NJ. (They even have a song called “Jenny Jump”) Metuchen to be exact. Can’t say they remind me of anyone exactly. If I had to pick a band it would be The Band. Not in terms of sound, but atmosphere. Singer John Gleason’s voice has intriguing textures and will age well. The sound is more lush than you’d expect from a group pigeon-holed as “country rock”.

A number of the songs seem to be about being on the lam. The glorious Liv Tyler for one. “Jail” is about a couple’s last few hours before getting caught in a dragnet. It manages not only to be interesting, but, if possible, pretty.

“Far and Wide” is a timeless, wistful Irish jig. “Jesus Is a Friend of the Family” is a clever folky that interchanges Mary and Joseph and the lad with the neighbors. It’s a perfect song for Roadside Graves. The ordinary people in their songs stay ordinary, never rising to the archetypical status other singing storytellers secretly crave. But it doesn’t mean one of those ordinary people can’t turn out to be Jesus.

“Everything” was my introduction to the band, played by good ole Vin Scelsa late one night on FUV. It’s a simple song that slowly builds to a crescendo of guitars, piano, drums, voices, and finally strings to make a simple statement: you must accept responsibility for everything you do. What band would waste a crescendo on that message? Welcome to Roadside Graves.

They played at Maxwells this year and a number of times in NYC and NJ. Give them a listen. Before you know it you’ll be saying, “Jesus Christ, your pancakes are good” and you’ll get a “If we didn’t have to worry about money we’d be all right” bumper sticker.

Happy holidays, whichever ones you’re about.

And one last little number I hope to hear blasting out of Greaney HQ.

GA note:
Thank you, Info for the gift of music at a time of year to recall there's a world outside of Hoboken politics. And thanks for broadening our musical horizons; at least mine. As you know, the artists on my list of Top Ten are all dead: Ravel, Debussy, Satie, Saint-Saens... though I believe Philip Glass still walks amongst us. Yes, I'm sure he does. Or he's a strikingly mobile corpse.

So as we close out 2010, a personal thank you from me. The occasional song you sent always seemed to come at the right time in an often turbulent year. And there is nothing quite like music for lifting one's spirit.

Enjoy Info's selection, everyone.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas

Wishing you all peace and joy, whatever you are, wherever you're going.


Off the Chart

adapted from original graphic on Blue Jersey

If you haven't read Blue Jersey's expose which starts with the conclusion that Hoboken's 4th Ward Election was bought, what are you waiting for?

It asks: "How much does it cost to buy an election in Hoboken's 4th Ward?"

And answers it like this:

Outgoing Hoboken Councilman Michael Lenz's supporters say it costs about
That's how much his opponent Tim Occhipinti spent on "campaign workers" to win Ward 4's Council seat in November. What's unusual about that? Well, nothing, until you consider that there were about 575 of them, and that for all that Election Day "field" help there was little Occhipinti campaign presence visible on 4th Ward streets (say the Lenz folks). And that Occhipinti paid 575 workers for an election in which only 2,076 people cast ballots (Lenz Election Day paid workers = 17). Most alarming is a spike - a big one - in vote-by-mail ballots, and who it was who turned them in: overwhelmingly it was Occhipinti's "campaign workers". Hoboken Ward 4 absentee voting dwarfs that of every other election in Hudson County, according to the Hudson Clerk's figures. The county prosecutor's office recently referred 190 vote-by-mail ballots to the state Attorney General's office, though it's not known if any investigation concerns the Lenz campaign's allegations.

Now these are familiar details to those who've been following the 4th Ward election shenanigans.

What is noteworthy is that the conclusion of a tainted 4th Ward election has spread beyond (grudging) local media to state-wide level via it's publication in Blue Jersey. And there seems to be way more media-enthusiasm to pursue this story beyond Hudson County. We can expect the details of the 4th Ward corruption to spread further from here... and it's only a matter of time until the national media catches a whiff. Perhaps the New York Times?

Expect the name Beth Mason, the buyer of a 13.4K chair, to take center stage as the stink of this election spreads beyond our city borders, over Trenton and beyond.

This bodes well for the majority in Hoboken screaming for clean elections, and for justice from the Attorney General.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Be Civil (Online) or F*ck Yourself

I know what you're thinking.

Who the hell are YOU, Miss Grafix Avenger, asking for more civility online?

Aren't YOU the one who did this?

And this?

And this?

And how 'civil' was this?

You're right.

I'm ashamed of myself. But most of all, I'm ashamed of YOU. No, not you, silly... I'm talking to the guy behind you.

Yeah, him.

He's the one who flies off the handle at message board comments he disagrees with. But instead of attacking the point being made with reason and logic, he goes off on a tear insulting the character or appearance of the poster.

And for some examples of unhelpful discourse:
  • You have an inferiority complex- and it's fully justified
  • Are you always this stupid or just making a special effort today?
  • Don't let your mind wander -- it's too little to be let out alone
Those disparaged the intelligence of the poster. These target appearance:
  • If I were as ugly as you, I wouldn't say "hi!", I'd say "BOO!"
  • All day I thought of you... I was at the zoo.
  • I've seen people like you before,but I had to pay admission
Then we see the lobbing of general, all-purpose insults:
  • Why don't you slip into something more a coma.
  • I know what sign you were born under: "Red Light District"
  • I heard that you changed your mind. What did you do with the diaper?
  • Save your breath... You'll need it to blow up your date.
So ask the guy behind you: do we really need this kind of discourse in what ought to be an open exchange of ideas and opinion from a diversity of participants?

Ask him if it stifles an uninhibited, honest exchange of ideas when one is afraid of being called an 'A-hole' or worse?

A little more civility online can only encourage better dialogue.

And if you can't be civil, go f*ck yourself.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Facts Don't Lie, People Do

A little late to the party, has a fine piece up which ought to be titled, 'Buying Elections for Dummies'.

'Cause the facts are the facts, ma'am.

Instead, Patch calls it, 'Occhipinti Paid 550 workers $40'. No, they didn't all split the $40- EACH of the 550 workers got $40.

The final tally of 4th Ward votes (machine plus VBMs) was:

Occhipinti 1240
Lenz 834
  • Timmy's margin of victory was 406 votes.
  • Timmy paid 550 workers $40 each.
  • How many of the 550 were 'encouraged' to vote for Timmy, either by VBM or machine?
  • What did these 550 workers DO for their $40 'payment- other than (probably) vote for Timmy'? Nobody knows.

According to Patch:

"Everyone that worked for our campaign signed a campaign worker declaration," Occhipinti said. "That's it."

The declaration didn't include any job requirements or state how many hours campaign workers were supposed to work. 

According to one political expert, who spoke on background and isn't affiliated with either candidate, it's hard to track down what the campaign workers exactly did for their $40.

"I don't know what kind of definition they're using for workers," the source said. "I am sure they didn't do much."

The notion that a tsunami of helping hands, 550 pairs of hands, that's 11,000 FINGERS --were needed for ONE ward's election is preposterous.

Take Hoboken's 2009 mayoral race.

Dawn Zimmer fought a city-wide race (6 wards) with 153 workers (28% of Occhipinti's workforce). Peter Cammarano had 732 workers (1.3 times Occhipinti's workforce).

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? The stink goes all the way from the Pet Shop on Observer Highway to the desk of Attorney General Paula Dow in Trenton.

Strong denials of wrongdoing are coming from the Occhipinti camp.

One of the VBM 'bearers' (bearers are folks who carry VBMs from the voter to the mailbox or directly to the Board of Elections- 10 maximum at a time) Matt Callichio denies that he offered $40 in exchange for a vote.

Here's an interesting fact about Matt Callicchio: 28.5% of the ballots he 'beared' were rejected by the Board of Elections. Most of the rejected ballots were for non-matching signatures. As in forgery.

Callicchio tells Patch:

"Everything that I did," he said, "was done legal."

Facts don't lie, people... Paula, it's your turn.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Political Plant Recall

Victim of Political Pandering

HOBOKEN, NJ- Due to a botanical mix-up, The Hoboken Department of Health and Human Services (HSS) has issued a recall of potted plants given by two local politicians to their constituents.

The mix-up lies with the similarity in appearance of leaves of the Euphorbia pulcherrima (Poinsettia) and those of Toxicodendron vernix (Poison Sumac).

It appears that dozens of these poinsettia-look alike Sumac plants ordered for Mayor Dawn Zimmer, City Council minority members and several local bloggers were delivered instead to various retail locations in the 2nd and 3rd Wards to be given as gifts to constituents.

The cause for the mix-up is unknown, but retailers are advised to stop dispensing all toxic political gifts immediately.

The deceptively festive plants, decoratively wrapped with clear cellophane, offer victims a "Happy Holidays" and look like this:

If you think you have received one of these political bio-hazards, the HHS asks that you exercise extreme caution in handling it and to wear rubber gloves at all times.

In case of contact, wash affected area immediately with soap and hot water and do not touch your eyes or house pets. Victims of politicians bearing gifts should call the American Association of Poison Control Centers' toll free number, 1-800-222-1222 immediately.

The HSS requests that politicians refrain from giving constituents live or edible gifts. Instead they suggest donating to organizations which serve the entire community and work for the public good like The Jubilee Center or The Boys and Girls Club. The HHS believes such selfless and generous giving will not be interpreted as buying votes or cause rashes and infection.

In the meantime, dozens of potted poinsettia plants intended for 2nd and 3rd Ward constituents are now festooning City Hall, the homes of Carol Marsh, Ravi Bhalla, Dave Mello, Peter Cunningham and several bloggers.

The politicians behind the purchase of the potted plants, toxic and benign, declined comment for this story.

(Updated, 12/22/10 9:20 am)
hbknprincess, this should tell you everything you need to know: I went to the doctor recently for a physical.

Here's my chest x-ray:

Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's Official... Mason Buys Chair

Here's the headline on Hoboken council prez steps down; Mason to take over

Beth Mason, our new City Council president.

Folks, this will be fascinating.

Anyone who's been watching City Council meetings since..oh, 2009, has seen 2nd Ward Councilwoman Beth Mason's tranformation from a reform-minded proponent of transparency to a hardened, vindictive shrew (oops... are there any Washington PACs that defend shrews?) out to DESTROY critics (hello, NJDC) and toss her reform principles in the dumpster (hello, Machine).

Don't remember Mason's contribution to transparency in government?

Remember her web site, It's still up, but hasn't been updated since 2008. Nowadays, Mason's videographer only shows up for choreographed Lane Bajardi performances to be used for 'message' delivery.

Well, that was then.

So I think Mason as CC president will be fascinating to watch. Driving the bus is much different than complaining from the back seat.

Mason's persona has been reactive; always pointing up the deficiencies of others, expressing disdain, disgust. 100% reactive. Reactivity has guided her policy-making. Without someone to be against, what will she be FOR? What will she DO?

Complaining won't cut it anymore. Now we'll see what she's really made of. Her 'old' instincts were great. Those are a distant memory though artifacts still linger in cyberspace.

Mason will be steering the bus.

My (unfortunate) opinion is that she will aim it for City Hall and floor the gas pedal.

Since We The People are on that bus, it doesn't bode well for our future.

Tom Greaney for 2nd Ward City Council. Vote for Tom in May.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Happy Smear-i-versary, NJDC!

Today's my Smear-i-versary!

It's One MONTH to the day since Beth Mason used the services of a Washington PAC, the NJDC (National Jewish Democratic Council) for a hit job on a political critic- yours truly; Mason had a Lane Bajardi ghost-written Hoboken411-linking SMEAR planted on the NJDC's website. Oh, I can't repeat that enough.

(Please give a shout-out to Michael Novak for his Team-Smear tweeting!)

You forgot about the NJDC? Allow me to remind you.

The NJDC is a Washington PAC,(did I say that before?) and Mason is a DONOR- she's given them $1,000. Her friend, donor and fundraiser, Larry Stempler, is on the NJDC Board of Directors. Mason shopped her smear around but no legitimate Jewish organization would take it. The Washington PAC (NJDC) bit.

Money and influence talks.

Shall we sing a song for my NJDC Smear-i-versary ?

Well, a GA reader sent me a copy of a letter she's sent today to the NJDC... imagine that, on the day of my Smear-i-versary!

Here it is- click to read:

Thank you, Deborah!

Just for that, please help yourself to a large slice of my Smear-i-versary cake! Don't eat the candle.

You know, Deborah, your letter is terrifically timed- not only for my Smear-i-versary, but also for the roll-out of Mason's next muddy adventure: the launch of her brand new anti-Zimmer administration talking point: RACISM!

First Mason whipped out the 'anti-Semitism' card on yours truly, now the Zimmer administration is RACIST!

We can all take comfort in this: once you've hit the bottom of the deck there's no where else to go.

So thank you, Deborah, for celebrating my Smear-i-versary with me.

C'mon everyone, help yourselves to some cake!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Maxwell Place Plea

HOBOKEN, NJ- In what appears to a response to Mayor Zimmer's veto of a City Council ordinance repealing the $25 recreation fee that was passed by the new council majority during Wednesday's council meeting, the luxury condo owners at Maxwell Place have hung a gigantic banner between two of the buildings.

The banner reads, "Help us, taxpyaers. Pay our rec fees".

It appears the wealthy residents of the high-rise luxury development are protesting the city's lack of concern for their lack of interest in paying the $25 recreation fee for their own children.

One Maxwell Place resident interviewed, Harringtion Addison Dupont III said this, "Why should I pay my own child's recreation fee? Isn't it enough that I have to clothe him, feed him, and put a roof over his head until the little leech goes off to college?"

Another resident standing by nodded her head in agreement, and had this to say, "It's getting harder and harder to get by... we had to let go of the cook and put the live-in on a 9-to 5 schedule! It's about time the taxpayers of this town did something for us."

Residents are considering a hunger strike until the mayor repeals her veto of the repeal of the original ordinance mandating the $25 fees for everyone, except lower income Hoboken residents. Lower income residents are granted a waiver and do not pay at all.

City Councilman Mike Russo was sympathetic to the plight of the Maxwell Place protesters, as well as those of all upper and middle-class Hoboken residents who will be subject to pay the fee.

"That's what government does," Russo said, "it subsidizes things."*

*actual Mike Russo quote.

Trial Balloon- UPDATED

It started out as a few random comments on the forum, so noxious they disappeared as quickly as mosquitoes hitting a bug zapper.

One of them was titled ZIMMER = RACIST.

Then yesterday on MSV this post appeared:

click on any to read

And this:

Are you getting the picture? Let me break it down for you.

It's the unrolling of a new anti-Zimmer administration talking point.

That's how it's done, folks.

Paid political operatives seed the blogs and forums with their message, releasing it into the zeitgeist like spores through the air spreading fungus. The toxic 'message' floats around for a while, then in accordance with Goebbels' 'Big Lie', takes on a life of it's own via its ubiquity.

Are you familiar with Goebbels' 'Big Lie'?

Nazi propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels was the master of the “big lie” tactic in which a lie, no matter how outrageous, is repeated often enough that it will eventually be accepted as truth. Goebbels explained:

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.

So, what happens next?

After percolating in cyberspace for awhile the 'message' is taken for a test-drive.

That's where Lane Bajardi, Beth Mason's political operative and purple pillow carrier comes in.

At last night's City Council meeting, Bajardi released a 'racism' trial balloon so grotesque that the audience actually hissed. I will post the video clip when it's ready but to summarize, Bajardi obliquely accused CC minority members whose "names did not end in a vowel" of racism against (presumably) those whose names DO end in a vowel.


I didn't get it either.

But then, I don't spend every waking hour brewing in hatred so pure that it surely must twist one's mind like a Bavarian pretzel.

The roll-out of this depraved and amoral new talking point tells you everything you need to know about the characters of Beth Mason, Lane Bajardi and all who assist them in disseminating such vicious and divisive rhetoric.

And just think how ironic it is that this Mason political operation employs the Big Lie tactic, when she tried to RUIN me with the very accusation I'd compared her to a Nazi.

Think about it.

It's time to end this. Next May.

Vote Tom Greaney for 2nd Ward City Councilman.

(Updated 12/17/10, 1:20 pm)
For your viewing displeasure, thar he blows... Bajardi at the City Council. His disgraceful remarks start at the 0:49 second mark.

Please note how Mason's minion whines after being admonished by CC President Carol Marsh for his race-baiting: "'s ok when your bloggers do it"... about the mean bloggers (presumably MSV, HJ, GA) as he himself is neck deep in the smear-factory mud; a ghostwriter for the Mason-tabloid, in fact.