Unretouched Photo

I was dismayed to see the above photo in Patch.com had been airbrushed so that the price tag and bar code were missing from Carol Marsh's chair.

Fortunately, a friend of mine took a photograph from nearly the exact same angle and sent it to me. So you can see what the rest of us saw last night.

Oh, and didja hear? Timmy's ELECs are up!

Wow... as described to me in an email:

Lenz Elec: 16 pages

Tim Elec: 115 pages

Approx 95 pages of workers @ 6 workers a page: 570 workers + 78 from first elec = 648 workers (if all unique) for an election where he only won 1200 votes.


photo credit: patch.com


  1. I think I want to cry...big time!

  2. Comedy and tragedy are interchangeable, ss1959.

  3. Where were these "workers" on election day? I was out that day and evening (as was my spouse who headed out at 7AM) and I didn't see even a fraction of the number of Occhipinti "workers" paid for 11-02-10... not a fraction and neither has anyone else I know who was out campaigning that day..... the 4th Ward isn't big enough to miss seeing so many "workers." More questions than answers at this stage. Love to know the VBM list relationship to the paid "workers."

  4. I stopped crying...now I am really MAD!!! Check out my recent post at MSV...I say we all assemble on the steps of City Hall at no later than 6:30 before each Council meeting and let these out-of-control thugs know that we are not going to put up with their naked attempt to grab power not even one month after the 4th Ward election. They are reckless and dangerous and they represent the same bad apples that got Hoboken in the fiscal mess it is slowly trying to crawl out of with the steady and sure leadership of Mayor Zimmer and her allies on the Council. These circus clowns have no intention of helping the City of Hoboken and its residents...they are only looking to feed their egos, like Beth Mason, or to go back to unethical business practices as usual for personal profit.

  5. Mommy had waaayyyy more servants than all the other mommies put together - mommy wins!!

    And Nancy Pincus made a picture that almost had a nazi in it.

  6. What's the deal, people...are you in or are you out? We need to start the protests on the stairs of City Hall two weeks from yesterday, which is the 15th, no later than 6:30. Let's tell the New Majority of No (No Morals, No Manners, No Clue) that we will not tolerate their anti-democratic actions any longer! Please, please, please...help out and show up!

  7. As a practical matter, it's tough to get people riled up when it's dark and cold.

  8. Well Citizen Dawg, as a fledgling news organization we at RFC neither endorse nor discourage public demonstrations (though the prospect of violence and mayhem is always tantalizing, public beheadings being the gold standard).

    Might you be available to answer a few questions for our vast media network?

    And don't forget to be like Mike (Novak) - follow us here. We like to think we put the "twit" in "twitter".

  9. I was out 3-4 times a week for a month. Never saw more than 10-15 until election night. Maybe 50-75 out that day. Most nights, it was a least half the same faces.

  10. I pretty much went everywhere election day. Starting over at 4th and Marshall. And that was just the professionals - Perry, Ruben, Russo for a while and 2 or 3 others. I'd see about 4 people at most intersections - but they'd all hang at one corner of the intersection.

    I will be interested to see how many 'workers' come from outside the Ward (if any).

  11. How many seats will she buy in May? But will she manage to hold her own at any price?


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