Losing Weight

We're on a break from politics today (boo, hiss):

Q: What's the significance of these (5) gallon jugs of Poland Spring?

That's the weight (equivalent)
GA's lost since Dec. '09.

Yes, it's true. It's been one year. I've dropped a bunch of weight and a bunch of sizes. Mind you, I'm not skinny now, just 'normal'. After years of abnormal.

I'm embarrassed about having put on weight in the first place- it crept on gradually- but I'm posting here because people often ask me: how did you do it?

Okay, here it is.

I didn't diet. I don't believe in them, as a rule (although WeightWatchers is an excellent plan). I don't believe in them because they are generally short-term solutions-- enforced unnatural eating for a limited duration of time after which... hello, fat ass! Welcome back!

No, I think permanent weight loss requires permanent lifestyle/ eating pattern/ habit changes that are mind over matter. So, I cut back portion size, and no second helpings (or third or... ). No snacks after dinner. Lunch is yogurt w/fruit or honey. And exercise: about 40 minutes, no less than 3x week.

That's it: eat well, but LESS. I still eat EVERYTHING... just LESS. And exercise.

Worked for me. I can't tell anyone else what to do. But that's what I did.

Have you ever been to France? I spent some time in Paris and aside from the fabulous architecture, 2 other things struck me: how rich and heavy the food was, and how svelte the people were. No joke, the only fatties you see there are toting maps and cameras. So how can the French stay slender eating rich, buttery cream sauces and fabulous pastries?

It's the AMOUNT. They eat small portions of glorious food ... ooo la-la!

There you have it.

Contact me offline if you'd like more info.


  1. Visited Normandy for the 3rd time over Labor Day. I've found that you should eat what you want, just less as you said. Never worked out in my life. Guess you can tell, huh?

  2. That's wonderful, GA. You should be very proud of your new, svelte self!

  3. Thanks, Taith and rudydawg. No, not svelte... but feeling better.

  4. Ga

    You did not lose it, turn around, you'll find it. And why did you tell me that you never looked when I asked you if you ever smoked after sex?

    Affectionately (and thanks for making me laugh today),


  5. k, just for that I'm telling you about the guy who stuffed a potato in his swim trunks to impress the girls on the beach... then wondered WHY they were running from him, until someone pointed out that the potato was supposed to go in the FRONT.

    See? You made me do it.

  6. You are a load of laughs today!

  7. GA

    You are the morally, ethic'lly, spiritually, physically, positively, absolutely, undeniably and reliably, and not only merely, but really and most sincerely the Grand Wizard and Queen of Poo.


  8. Oh yeah, like yours were so tasteful?

    Which is exactly why I laughed.

  9. Watch it, honey. Or I'll add a cod-piece to your avatar.


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