Tweet this, Novak

It appears Hoboken businessman Michael Novak and Jew-Bashing Provocateur Perry Klaussen, are thicker than thieves*.

*In Klaussen's case the 'thief' metaphor may be true; after publishing the wildly fictional 90 million hits per month claim about, heaven knows WHAT he's telling his advertisers. Imagine those ad rates. Stick 'em up!

Back to Novak's teamwork with Klaussen.

Thanks to hullabaloo for sending GA this Novak tweet yesterday:


"every town across America...but Hoboken"...... where did he get that from? it's the theme that H411 ran with....

You're right, hullalaoo!

Which makes it the third time that Novak tweets have PRECEDED headlines or talking points on recently.

The first: trashing yours truly and the'Zimmer silence'. The second: thanking Rabbi Scheinberg for a statement posted on the synagogue web site. The third: the "everywhere but Hoboken" Christmas deprivation theme. To which responded with:

What Novak may NOT have anticipated about the pass he threw to Klaussen was that the goal post would be draped in anti-Semitic rhetoric aimed at our Jewish mayor, Dawn Zimmer and offensive to all Jews.


How Novak could NOT have anticipated the Jew-bashing to follow an accusation of our Jewish mayor "botching Christmas" is hard to believe. But GA will suspend disbelief and give Novak an opportunity to apply the same standard of outrage to the Jew-bashing on Hoboken411 as he did to content on this personal blog.

Here are screen shots taken this morning of posts which have sat for 48 HOURS without moderation or rebuke by proprietor Perry Klaussen.

Mr. Novak, remember how you called me up to ask me to "take down" content on my blog which you claimed not to have seen but had received "4 complaints" about?

There's more like this.

The lesson for Novak is when you exploit a very real threat like anti-Semitism to tar a political critic (which I NEVER was of yours before your unwelcome entrance into my consciousness) you will eventually be hoisted on your own petard.

Now that he's thrown down with the likes of Klaussen, who tolerates anti-Semitic content on Hoboken411, that is an association he'll have to live with.

If he is a man of integrity he will end that association.

So far, this is all we've heard.


  1. GA- Regarding Hoboken 411 hits It is not 90 million hits a day. It is 90 million total over 1600 days or about 56,000 hits per day. Whether you believe that number or not is up to you but those figures I put up are what Perry Klaussen has claimed.

  2. RG, my dear. That's "90 million hits per MONTH" (not DAY) and it's not MY claim, but Klaussen's. He made it on 12/01/10.

    See for yourself:

    That's the page view # he claimed to have gotten "last month".

    My point is, that's absurd. Those are eBay numbers. One must assume the traffic number he publishes is consistent with what he tells his advertisers. In which case his ad rates are juiced. One would assume. Not everyone. Just this one (me).

    I doubt even Amazon gets 90 million hits/day.

  3. In most towns the BUSINESSES FUND the Holiday Decorations Mike.
    As a big wig in the "business community" how much have you raised?
    I know many businesses are still smarting over the money Team Cammarano still owes them, perhaps you can lend them a hand?
    Or how about a workshop titled Weathering the storm when the politician who owes you money has gone to jail and his running mate won't pay up"?

  4. I was told that the decorations had worn out and therefore were thrown out. Since most of the crew are holdovers from the Russo era maybe they did it on purpose, maybe not. I agree that businesses should fund decorations since they are the ones who benefit from it. Novak's group should have taken the lead.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Oh please. When the current administration took over the city was in state receivership due to mismanagement of the macro of the financial affairs. The totally predictable parking permit applications are year upon year routinely late, the municipal garage was sold without a plan B, etc, etc.
    Is there someone out there who would have me believe the first year of the current administration the Christmas decorations from last year were in a neat little pile, labled and ready to go, the truck was idling in the driveway and the workers were hopping merrily aboard to start the install, and at the last minute the Mayor managed to derail this "no-brainer, just follow directions" installation? If that's all true, then, yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, and I believe in him too.

  7. Novak's noise about the holiday decorations is beginning to look a lot like Occhipinti's noise about the HBCG pool opening date. Isn't Novak involved with the Hoboken Chamber of Commerce? Where were their initiatives? It's easy to complain but when you are involved as Occhipinti claimed he was (or is) with the HBGC and I expect Novak is with the Hoboken Chamber of Commerce show some initiative. It seems that like Occhipinti, Novak is more interested in making the Mayor and her administration look bad (with his adolescent tweets) than showing leadership and community spirit.

  8. Funny that you call Novak's tweeting 'adolescent'.

    I don't believe serious people 'tweet'. Sorry tweeters out there... you know I'm not talking about YOU. I'm really talking about everybody ELSE. Except for YOU.

    Pols or aspiring pols like Novak tweet to look like wired-in hipsters while disseminating tiny, digestible sound bites or niblets of propaganda. But how much nuance can be had in 140 characters? Perfect for the attention span of the average American Idiot.

    And who really gives a damn about the 140-character real- time thoughts (tweets) of anyone? And who would find their OWN thoughts THAT fascinating to tweet them out to their 'fans'? So can we call tweeters like Novak raging narcissists?

    I can.

    Twitter, mass communication for professional pols, shallow wannabe-pols (Novak), propagandists, egotists, and the vapid.

    Sarah Palin tweets. I rest my case.

  9. Nancy,

    I have to ask what the heck is that first photo? Are those birds? I am gonna have nightmares! LOL

  10. hbknprincess,

    Baby chicks that stayed a little too long at Willie's...

  11. OMG I thought I told you I was terrified of birds, if you will excuse me I have to pour bleach in my eyes ;)

    Thanks for the clarification! Willies will do that to you every time, so worth it though LOL.

  12. Hopefully they are just sleeping...

  13. Yes, hbknprincess... my crystal ball sees that in our future.

    Of course, tonyhoboken, they're just sleeping off a bender.

  14. This guy Novack is an immature Sh-t Stirrer. He needs to grow up and bring something of substance to the conversation. That's a common quality among the Mason/Russo/Castellano crowd...ignore their chronological ages, they all act like whiny littles babies, with no sense of responsibility and a HUGE sense of entitlement.


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