Playing at the Next City Council Meeting

Yes folks, a full 3 days after Perry Klaussen posted his idiotic 'Zimmer Stole Christmas' thread on which predictably provoked an onslaught of anti-Semitic slurs aimed at our Jewish mayor.... there it still sits online... unmoderated by Klaussen, unrebuked by Klaussen.

And the silence from Beth Mason is DEAFENING. Because she could have asked him to take it down.

What does that tell you?

The same people who pilloried GA, reported her to every imaginable Jewish organization, planted a hit piece on a Washington PAC (NJDC) web site, berated her at City Hall... those people are silent.

What does that tell you?

I had a casual conversation with a neighbor this morning, and she brought up the Klaussen hate-thread (she's Jewish), told me she thought it was disgusting. This from a woman who's not politically active, but votes. Decent people of Hoboken who've seen that are disgusted.

Silence = hypocrisy.

Well, let's see if I'm proven wrong.

But I doubt it. I can guarantee the movie playing at the next City Council meeting with regard to anti-Semitic attacks on our mayor hosted on Hoboken411 will be "The Silence of the Ham" (ham pictured above).


  1. OMG! You've outdone yourself with that graphic! That is priceless, simply priceless! Somehow I tend to doubt that the weasel will have his easel with him next Wednesday night. HA!

  2. If only the ham was truly silent! Of course he will remain silent on this (although I'll happily eat my words- with a nice Chianti - if he calls H411 to task). However, the ham will find some reason to berate the Mayor (if he berates her about the holiday decorations it will be beyond ironic). The egregious behavior of Mason, Bajardi, Novak and H411 really demands a new lexicon; hypocrisy and double standard are no longer adequate to fully describe their misdeeds which are beyond all imagination.

  3. Lane said if the same thing happened to Mayor Zimmer he would condemn it. I´m in beautiful Lanzarote, Spain and will have to miss if he keeps his word,. Please email me GA.

  4. You've got it, Senor ss1959.

    Spain... *sigh* Why can't I be there, too?

    Enjoy yourself, and shoot over a pic if you can.


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