Attention NJDC (the Washington PAC)

How about condemning some HATEFUL anti-Semitic content on the website YOU CONTINUE TO LINK TO?

That site is

I have no $1,000 donation to give you like Beth Mason or a fund-raising buddy like Larry Stempler on the NJDC Board of Directors to help me slip a 'condemnation' of a political critic in through the back door. No, I don't have those things.

So I rely on your FAIRNESS and sense of DECENCY and any STANDARDS you apply when making UNILATERAL condemnations, to read's vile anti-Semitic content posted below and do the right thing.

I urge the NJDC to CONDEMN on its BLOG.

The vile post I refer you to on Hoboken411 accuses our Jewish mayor, Dawn Zimmer of "botching" the Christmas holiday. The post alleges her administration has thrown out Hoboken's treasured Christmas decorations that line our main street each year.

You see that, NJDC: City Hall (Jewish Mayor Zimmer) "neglects Christmas".

For a raging anti-Semite, that's like catnip to a cat.

So what happens next on Hoboken411?

It becomes flooded with anti-Semitic rantings that are allowed to stay up, turning the thread into a Jew-bashing fiesta. Yes, the proprietor, Perry Klaussen, foments anti-Semitism online by not taking down the hateful posts or demanding civil discourse.

This is DANGEROUS discourse.

This is ANTI-SEMITIC discourse.

Take a look:

click any to read

And here's one I need to thank you at the NJDC for. Your cooperation with Hoboken411 helped make my dream of being a target for drooling misanthropes possible:

Had enough yet, NJDC?

  • Do you feel ashamed that you continue to maintain a link to this disgusting and hateful website?
  • Do you feel after your condemnation of one graphic on a Hoboken personal blog, Grafix Avenger, it's appropriate to ignore wholesale Jew-bashing on a Hoboken 'community' web site, Hoboken411?
  • What would your Board of Directors think if they saw these posts and knew you had refused to condemn that hate-site AND remove the link to it?
  • What would your Congressional sponsors think if they knew that you had refused to condemn that hate-site AND remove the link to it?
NJDC, perhaps it is time to let them ALL know. And your donors.

If you would like to discuss the removal of the hoboken411 link, you know who to speak with. NOT ME.


I just contacted City Hall... something YOU could have done in about 30 SECONDS... to ask for the status of the Washington Street Christmas decorations. Here's their response:

We're shooting to have it done by the lighting tomorrow, but if not, by the end of the week definitely.

Is there anything about that you didn't understand, Klaussen? Why didn't YOU do your due diligence and check your 'source' (a.k.a. your imagination)? Oh right, that would have interfered with your smear-merchant activities. We can't have TRUTH on Hoboken411, now can we? Worse, you have fomented REAL anti-Semitism by weaving a fiction about our Jewish mayor prevailing over the destruction of Hoboken's Christmas decorations.

To call you a sleazeball is to offend sleazeballs everywhere.


  1. Hey, NJDC, we rational, reasonable residents of Hoboken call Hoboken411 "Mason411" because her handprints are all over that site. And she just happens to be Jewish!!! The sheer level of hatred towards Jews and Jewish Mayor Zimmer which emanates from that site is truly frightening. Mason411 spouts no-stop hatred of the Mayor because Beth Mason tells her minions who work for that site to do so as a result of having lost two elections to Mayor Zimmer, after outspending her by about six to one. Are you going to call Mrs. Mason out finally???

  2. Thanks, rudydawg.

    After getting their integrity shredded by letting themselves be used in a local political witch hunt, the NJDC continues to maintain a link to hate-site

    The parade of anti-Semitic rantings on there today was truly disgusting. Does the NJDC pick and choose who they condemn (enemies of donors, like Beth Mason or Larry Stempler) or do they condemn without bias?

    Let's see what happens next.

  3. Perry has since updated saying that his post embarrassed city hall into hanging the somehow recovered decorations.

  4. ha ha ha ha! Is that so, Cheese?

    Well, I won't tell you WHY, but Perry will be PROVEN a LIAR when the decorations are hung... and that's ALL I have to say.

    Ha ha.. so they've been "recovered"?

    Too bad Klaussen's integrity won't be.

    So we've learned that Perry is an avid GA reader; he keeps up with the truth here so he can backpedal on his odious cyber-rag.

  5. Didn't Bajardi say at the last council meeting he would he defend the Mayor if she was attacked; attacked for being Jewish? So will we see a Bajardi easel performance condemning H411 aka Mason411 at the next City Council meeting? I'm not holding my breath but the hypocrisy of Mason, and those she employs in one way or another to do her bidding (Bajardi, Novack and the NJDC) is at an all time high. I stand to be corrected but again, I'm not holding my breath.

  6. Those offensive posts remain and you get an honorable mention too (I emailed the screen shots to you). What a plague.

  7. When you really think about all of this horrible drivel that appears on Mason 411, you have to conclude that Beth Mason has no problem with anti-semitic remarks and comments directed against her perceived political enemies. What a horrible thought! Who, other than an ethically-challenged individual, could engage in this odious behaviour? Answer: Beth Mason, and Lane ("I have no pride; I just need the money") Bajardi.

  8. Yes, rudy. Shocking that Mason doesn't call on Klaussen to take that anti-Semitic hate down and rebuke those posters.

    Truly shocking. It shows the extent of her debasement.

    And I can tell you the NJDC has been warned numerous times that the site they LINK to promotes prejudice, is a political operation, and NOW... foments anti-Semitism and is a place that welcomes anti-Semitic postings.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Hi, Larry? Yes, it's Bet. We have a problem..... lol

    Looks like Hate411 put up a bunch of generic posts to bury his handiwork from yesterday. Not that he would ever apply any editorial admonishment to his anti-Semitic posters. He apparently isn't getting much in the way of comments these days but boy his hater audience sure showed up and let their voices be heard on this.

    Rumor has it, Perry Klaussen was just issued the Iron Cross of Censorship award for killing free speech and protecting hate speech. I think you have to go to a federal prison in Colorado to collect it from the Aryan group that gives it out annually though.

    Congratulations to Beth Mason and her Mason411 ghostwriting minion - you guys are all class for your work on Hoboken's one and only hate site.

  11. What did you expect? Fact checking is always second to smearing. Facts, we don't need no stinkin' facts! Happy last night of the evil Jewish holiday and of course Merry Christmas to 411 readers.

  12. Hello! Just a thought, maybe it would be helpful if we put "a little something" in the kitty to keep this latest injustice in the papers.

    Oh for goodness sake, found my checkbook, but now I can't find my rate card for justice. Shouldn't have left it laying around. Must be here somewhere.


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