A Scene We'll Never See


Hoboken411.com ghostwriter and Beth Mason confidante, Lane Bajardi, is selective about which online content he publicly decries as "Anti-Semitic". The test is how politically expedient it is for Beth Mason, who is a Jew (like GA) and whether or not it facilitates their coordinated political strategy.

So don't be surprised to hear the sound of crickets at the next City Council meeting, when Bajardi doesn't defend Mayor Zimmer from the hateful anti-Semitic postings permitted on Perry Klaussen's web site, Hoboken411.com.

If you recall, he promised to even defend Zimmer, his nemesis, from anti-Semitic online attacks at the same performance where he attacked GA.

And of course, expect silence from Beth Mason, who with her fundraiser Larry Stempler, planted a hit-piece LINKING TO Hoboken411.com on a Washington PAC blog (NJDC). As I've repeated ad nasueum, Mason donated $1,000 to the NJDC, and her buddy Stempler is on their Board of Directors.

Mason is vigilant about prosecuting 'anti-Semites" who are critics, but will she give a pass to anti-Semites she does political 'business' with?

What do you think?


  1. Nice job, GA. Very appropriate.

  2. Indeed, that little hypocritical Weasel with an Easel!

  3. Perry posted about the new Pommes Frites place today, I guess they're not run by jews.

    You should send those posts to Perry's advertisers. I'm sure Taco Truck doesn't want to be associated with bigots. It'd be nice to get a screen shot with their ad next to someone calling the mayor out for being a jew.

  4. I wonder if anyone's contacted the Anti- Defamation League yet?

    About this despicable thread:


  5. You know me with the silly questions. Just had a quick thought. Who is paying to have GA screenshots enlarged to large sizes on gatorboard for presentation at council meeting? That can't be too cheap. Fair amount of legwork too. Then there's the research, copy writing, editing, rehersal. Is that all pro bono? Just wonderin., because as I remember there didn't seem to be any official sponsership for the presentation. Odd. Maybe it was an oversight. Anyone fill me in?

  6. You can extend your 'who's paying' question to include Bajardi's suit, tie, mortgage, food, bills, etc. as his Boy Friday duties appear to be his full-time job.

    Of course, it's not polite to ask such questions. But when he appears in a public forum under the pretense that he's a 'member of the public' -- not an employee or consultant or whatever title he's got, there's something that's at a minimum unethical. The corporation counsel needs to speak on the legal aspects.

    But it's pretty obvious that he is executing political strategy for Mason... While he was preparing his presentation, she was shopping my graphic around to all sorts of Jewish organizations. And the NJDC was the ONLY one that BIT and they are a Washington PAC; she is a DONOR and her fundraiser, Larry Stempler, is an NJDC Board Director. As you know.

    Money talks and it smears.

    I don't know how such despised people think they will hold onto the reigns of power in a democracy. Without cheating, that is.


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