Laws, Schmaws...

Bajardi Disclaimer: Please note this image is a fabric patch with the insignia for a motorcycle gang named "The Outlaws", so please identify it correctly when propped on your easel at your next angry City Council presentation. Further, breaking into my house and rooting round in my lingerie drawer to retrieve artifacts for City Council display is illegal, and if I catch you in my bedroom again I'm calling the cops.

While GA is still processing the horror(s) of last night's City Council meeting to regurgitate them on this page, I'd like to post a GA reader email.

This reader, like many of you, paid close attention to conduct so embarrassing that Perry "Best Hair" Belfiore told the new majority with whom he's allied: "You look like idiots up there".

More than that, Perry. The new majority flouted municipal law by refusing to establish parking by ordinance... so call them what they are: outlaws.

Here's what this reader had to say:


i think the interesting outcome of last night (with respect to the corner cars episode) was not the change of direction by all of them about their opinion of corner cars, it's that the new majority has disregarded the legal advice of two corporation counsel attorneys and illegally established parking regulations via resolution since its more convenient to them than doing what every other municipality in the state does in accordance with municipal law and establish parking by ordinance. so the corner cars is merely a medium (the mushroom if you will take my forthcoming metaphor), to take a magical mystery tour straight back to the good 'ol days of corrupt hoboken politics where the city does whatever it wants irregardless of the laws of the state of new jersey.

i can't tell you how much of the legacy irregularities the zimmer administration has "cleaned up" over the past year with a sincere majority supporting the mayor's "vacuuming" in city hall, and now, immediately after transition of power back to the old players, they show that they simply cannot follow the law, they cannot help themselves from putting the city in legal jeopardy, and they cannot get that "this is the way we always did it and stop asking questions" chip off their shoulders.

those who support the mayor are portrayed as arrogant, uninformed, and wasting their time on "unimportant" issues like the future of hoboken's parking and transportation plan. meanwhile, the flagrant manipulation of roberts rules to effect a coup de etat on the council president is not arrogant, the instantaneous breaking of state and municipal laws upon control of the council is not uninformed, and the ~30 people who came to the council meeting last night to support the corner cars ordinance are not important.


  1. UNBELIEVABLE!!! The New Majority of No has no manners, no morals and no clue. What a sad turn of events for Hoboken, to have real progress stopped to a screeching halt. Thanks so very much, Mr. Occhipinti. It's hard to believe that this is what you you signed on for and put your personal freedom at risk for. Well, if they want a war, they'll get a war. We all must work even harder to get these clowns out of office. It has to be an organized, cohesive effort that springs into action right after New Year's day, with regular meetings and blast e-mail messaging. I am looking into the ad rates for the Hoboken Journal, because I can't run the risk of not having my Letters to the Editor published.

    One last thought, the fact that Perry Belfiore was pissed off and embarassed by the reckless, unlawful conduct of the New Majority of No speaks volumes. These are power-hungry fools who don't have the ability to be gracious in their "victory". Let's cut that victory short in May and mobilize to vote these idiots, none of whom have a semblance of a moral compass, out of office.

  2. Voting has consequences. Too many of "our" people stayed home in the 4th Ward on election night. This is just the opening salvo. We have at least 6 more months of this torture and have no one to blame but ourselves. On election night suddenly everyone showed up. It was too little, too late. We have to realize that no candidate is perfect and we might not like one or two (6 wards are up next May)but we all have to get behind them and early. Stop making excuses, organize your neighbors and friends and make sure they vote in large numbers. If you can help me in the 2nd Ward please let me know.


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